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Plebiscite for Depopulation

Also see Humanity Referedum to Save Life On Earth

In order to avert complete social, economic and political breakdown which would prevent any sufficient effort to save life on earth, controlled depopulation is necessary. Better that individuals die independently and peacefully than for families, communities, regions and nations fight and war over disappearing food. Either nations reduce their population by controlled depopulation or nations will see ABC warfare eliminating their population in one fell swoop.

In order to have peaceful controlled depopulation, the democratic polling (plebiscite) of the populace must be conducted to avoid resentment and retaliation by those who are excluded from determining their fate. A. Lincoln's statement of "no man has right to govern another without the consent of the govern" so is it the necessary case that no man has a right to euthanize another without the consent of the euthanized. Timism provides means to priorize and legitimize peaceful controlled depopulation using brainbees and votetime.

Generalities and guidelines have been listed for prioritizing sequence of controlled depopulation. In general, are you and yours part of the problem or the solution:? Are you and yours time creators or time cancers ? What is your track record as a CO2 sinner? The primary moral imperative of saving life on earth trumps all other considerations, laws, regulations or contracts. The primary moral imperative--the logic of Mother Nature who is God's accountant on earth--trumps people's wants and egos.

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