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If we are to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--we must depopulate to a smaller population. An important thought to keep in mind is the difference between general and specific depopulation.

  1. General depopulation will reflect the cost of living. As the cost of living rising there will be more riots and incivility that are counterproductive to the focus needed to save life on earth. The more we pre-emptively re-time the foodchain for increasing efficiency, the more people can remain alive longer. Given what is at stake--your life--start retiming your lifestyle.
  2. Specific depopulation will reflect the actions of individuals and groups who interfere with the whole plan. They are guility of specific rather than general crime against life on earth for which one will be summarily de-timed upon the establishment of the inevitable Manheaven commission. Beware what you say or do, for the combination of data mining  and proscription will reveal your crimes against life on earth. Given what is at stake--your life--chose your words and actions carefully.

Any proposal to save life on earth that does not involve depopulation is not a solution. The question is whether it will be chaotic or controlled.

  1. If chaotic, bokyag!
  2. If controlled, the question is how to make it least painful so as to avoid the out-of-controlled meltdown of chaotic die-off with no global policy-making body to save life on earth.
  3. If controlled, the simplest first step is to impose severe, draconian measures on individuals and nations that do not set limits on pregnancies, that is, one birth after the age of thirty-three. Part and parcel to this is the punishment of minimum-wage employment for doctors, nurses, and mid-wives who assist in early or multiple pregancies.
  4. If controlled, the simplest second step is a ban or partial ban on all medical treatment including the mass distribution of medicines. Access to the limits should not be for those who are responsible for global dying (pro-litterers, workhogs, etc.) but to those who acquire lifehours in saving life on earth.

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Main Issues

  1. Controlled Depopulation: Why and How (Armada Letter)
  2. Chaotic Depopulation
  3. Chaotic versus Controlled Depopulation
  4. Cost Of Delay
  5. Basic Life and Death Questions : How many? Who will Die? How will they die?
  6. Who Will Tie the Bell on the Old Cat's Tail?
  7. Options for Controlled Depopulation
  8. Cost of Living Reduction
  9. LIFO : Last In, First Obituary
  10. Kill Off of Population
  11. Final Population : No deathhours or deadweight

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  2. Assets, Profit Sharing Allocation
  3. Business Impact of Depopulation
  4. Chain Link Deaths
  5. Data Mining
  6. Double-Decimation
  7. Failure To Self-Euthanize
  8. Medical Realignment of Values
  9. No More Saving Lives
  10. Obesity as an exclusionary factor
  11. Orphans
  12. Plebiscites for Depopulation Polls
  13. Population Tariff
  14. Shared Blame and Punishment for CO2 Sinning