No man has a right to rule another man without the consent of the ruled.
A. Lincoln (paraphrased).

Humanity Referedum to Save Life On Earth

Also see Plebiscites for Depopulation

To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, global dying is imposing harder choices that require broader brush strokes to quickly paint the non-survivors of Controlled Depopulation. To reward the arsonists of humanity who started the fires of global dying by commuting their death sentences is like giving a pedophile the keys to the childcare center. Who is to get off of deathrow must be determined by public referendums and plebiscites. Toward this goal, the tools of timism were envisioned decades ago with development over the intervening times: brainbees (1989), lifehours(1979), and

In many ways, global dying is a magnification of the nazi holocaust gassing millions only the global holocaust from greenhouse gasses will kill billions. During the same 1940's period, another historical event lends insight into why we need controlled and popular determination: Dunkirk. The British and French soldiers crowded in an ever smaller beachhead did not riot as the means of getting off of the beach dwindled with German forces pressing them. Logically, they knew if discipline and self-controlled that fewer would be evacuated. Calmly, they waited their turn. As Churchill said, the evacuation was not a victory as such but a needed step to falstall complete defeat.

Dunkirk is a model of what needs to be done if we have not passed the recovery point. Calm, logical choices. For the population at large, this can only be achieved if they have a say in who gets off of the beach that is the deathrow from global dying. Those who do not abide by the democratically prioritized decisions must be summarily executed to prevent widespread chaos. Otherwise the necessary means of organizations, lines of communication and logistics of support will disappear. The terms of the previous sentence point to the human organization that has the means to respond to the greatest disaster faced by the planet earth--its death. That organization is the military  of all nations organized to save implement the will of the people.

If the militaries do not put foremost the primary moral imperative over nationalistic oaths then they and their families will die. Only global referendums of the people, by the people and for the people will facilitate militaries shifting their national allegiance to a global necessity. The necessity is the Manheaven Project using the tools of timism to define the means and future.

In summary, using the tools of timism, we can implement controlled depopulation to save life on earth.

  1. Lifehour accounts to document supporters who help implement the inevitable Manheaven Project.
  2. Brainbees to prioritize who gets off deathrow as part of controlled depopulation because Mother Nature cannot afford 7 billion voracious, defecating human ants crawling upon her face with lifekilling values.
  3. Votetime to allow people to vote on the prioritized items

Sadly, the use of brainbees in determining who lives and who dies could be called the democracy of death.

Like the soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk, your best chance of getting off the beach of global dying is to calmly wait your turn. Then, if you escape, you must become part of the effort that focuses on primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. As the evacuated soldiers abandoned many unnecessary items so must the remaining humanity focus its effort on eliminating the CO2 sinning from the businesses of wants, waste, worries and lies that are part of the cost of humanity. Again, brainbees are the answer for people to prioritize the banning of all unnecessary goods and services.  Of life's necessities, brainbees will be used for re-timing necessary goods and services to reduce the CO2 sinning therein. The sooner the inevitable Manheaven project is started, the more people will get off of deathrow and the better your chances of living till the end of a normal life.

In a sense, until the Manheaven Commission is guiding global actions to save live on earth, you must observe the inevitable, necessary rules to save life on earth. Your reward? Accumulating lifehours that can be used for healthcare as well as nullification of any lifehour-based euthanization.

Taken all together, the tools of timism to save life on earth constitute a needed human referendum on the fate of humanity.

Also see Depopulation Polling

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