Katrina Could Have Been

The preparation and response to Hurricane Katrina, particularly in New Orleans, is another example of why habitual politicians are disaster doublers . Communities ceased to exist as politicians threw money at the problems with their friends and cronies keeping the bulk of the money for themselves. Consider the stupidity of moving the population out and then moving in workers who were often illegal immigrants. What could have been is the following which is part of the Manheaven Project.

  1. Evacuation
    1. Highways being filled only with cars full of passengers, not one or two people.
    2. Cars sequenced out by the last number of their license plates to prevent traffic jams and accidents. Numbers are randomly selected with a broadcast of the next number when the highways start to empty.
    3. People without cars go to their elementary schools where  there are pre-assigned buses and trucks.
    4. Trains with boxcars are provided to move people out of the destruction area before the destruction begins.
    5. Parallel economic units at the elementary school are set-up as "sister-schools" are the destination of evacuating populace. People at the sister school provide bedding for the duration or open their homes to a pre-assigned partner. This is akin to the evacuation of children to country homes from British cities during the WWII Blitz bombing by the Nazis.
    6. All people are expected to have boxes of basic one-week supplies of necessities for self-sufficiency to use during the period of evacuation.
    7. After the natural disaster has passed, people are transported back using the same methods, e.g., license plates. People who cannot live in their homes will reside in their elementary school when school is not in session with communal food being prepared in the school cafetaria.
    8. Everyone will be required to work a number of hours each day beyond a regular job in helping cleanup and repair homes so people can go back to their lives thereby maintaining community integrity. Untrained people will be paired with skilled workers to assist and learn.
    9. For New Orleans and other Gulf communities after Katrina, if pre-planning and pre-assignment of citizens to sister-schools in cities a few hundred miles away, a methodical migration outward would have been followed by a migrational return. Observing the principle of E Pluribus Onus, that is, organize and require people to self-help, Gulf communities would have been rebuilt without deficit-ballooning corruption that did not rebuild the communites. Citizens in the Gulf area would have had their old lives back.
    10. Considering that both federal and state politicians have said that the aid provided after Katrina will not be available next time, that is, each person is on their own. Without the Manheaven Project disaster management plan, the next Katrina will be a greater hell on earth.
    11. In general, if help does not help the helpless to help themselves then the help is not help in fact, just in words. Given that any human activity that does not solve a problem is another cause of CO2 sinning, the failure to implement the Manheaven Project E Pluribus Onus principle will speed up global dying.
  2. Flooded vehicles: Any car that is damaged by flooding due to the owner not moving the car to high ground loses their insurance.
  3. Elementary Politeness describes how the elementary school is the focus of self-organization and self-help. After the creation of the subdemes (Wards, Areas and Blocks), citizens work from the bottom up.
    1. Block
      1. First citizens clean up and restore their blocks.
      2. Then they contact the area decision-makers to see if any other blocks need help.
    2. Area: When all the blocks in an area are cleaned up, the area leaders contact the ward leaders to see if any other areas need help to which citizens go to help
    3. Ward: When all the wards are restored then the elementary leaders are contacted to see where more help needs to be directed.
    4. All time is recorded as District Lifehours earnings.
    5. This sequence from the bottom up applies to all tasks, e.g., cleanup, fire, power, water, etc.

Fire management includes assessment of pumps, creeks, lakes and hoses.

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