A political paradigm shift
In the history of representative democracy, voters have had to gamble on politicians who promised to have a plan or vision to solve the voters' problems. Consistently after each election, the habitual politicians hang their re-election speeches in the closet until the next election. Habitual politicians jointly forget their election promises in their corrupt common promises, that is, their compromises echo the cliche of "honor among thieves."

The tools of timism offer voters a new political paradigm.

Habitual Politicians of Hell on Earth Timists of Manheaven Project to Save Life On Earth
Unenforceable Promises The forward mission (pro mission) is the raison d'etre and framework for the primary moral imperative.
Unfulfilled Visions Specific, sequenced on-line vision unfolding as supporters flourish and armadas float.
Corrupting, campaign payments Lifehour accounts for changing public.
Donate precious dollars Barter units for timism services: jobtime and healthtime
Expensive election campaigns Zero-cost, on-line primaries with lifehour rewards.

Instead of your supporting habitual politicians' empty promises and blind visions, support a vision of change by self-nominating for participation in zero-cost primaries to select and elect people who support the same paradigm. The vision herein offered to you began in the early 1980's with four books on needed reforms. And, another timistic change made possible by the tools is that instead of giving money to the political parties and process, timism offers lifehours for participation and achievements which can be used as "barter" units for services from timism, e.g., jobtime , lifeboats and healthcare.

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