Healthcare: Community Service (treatise written in the early 1980's)

Healthcare Retiming

Claims that America has the best healthcare system in the world are claims made by people with a conflict of interest: healthcare executives, healthcare PR, healthcare lobbyists and healthcare politicians. All too often, healthcare is like constitutional rights--you don't have it when you need it. There would not be the healthcare controversy if healthcare was everything the executives, PR, lobbyists and politicians said it was. The solution is not national healthcare based on deficit spending which is economic suicide from inevitable hyper-inflation.

As a necessary service to save life on earth--sick people don't work as well as healthy people--healthcare needs to be retimed. As one part of the wholeplan, retiming healthcare requires other parts of the plan.

  1. GALCO (insurance retiming) is needed to lower the cost of insurance.
  2. Education retiming is needed to reduce the cost of healthcare providers and products.
  3. Lifehours for community services
  4. is needed where by a simple hierarchy based on elementary politeness upward from which more complicated services are provide: high school, district, state, regional and national. Please note the service centers parallel the education centers
  5. By having healthcare grounded in the local community, disaster response will be better.


  1. With community service based healthcare, people can continue to receive healthcare independent of employment.
  2. Businesses can eliminate all healthcare considerations as people earn healthcare separate from the workplace.
  3. Communities benefit from the service of citizens solving common community problems prioritized through brainbees

Health Care Costs and Community Service:

If a person volunteers to help the community, the community should be there to help the person during illness. At the minimum, the expansion of the money supply should be through reduction of the volunteers' health care costs. The medical system should be revamped so that people who work in the community should be provided with health care. With a reduction in the workweek (RU424N4),  people will have more time to earn community health care credit. The only way to address the health care crises due to HMO depleting the capital basis of the health care industry through high buyouts and executive bonuses is through the lifehour.

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