Impediments to Retiming Humanity

Reform and retiming is unlikely because

  1. Americans want something for nothing , e.g., good government without paying for good government.
  2. Americans want to be a thief which is another way of saying
  3. Americans want to to play rather than work which is another way of saying ...
  4. Americans want to live off the past like cancers rather than create the future which is another way of saying.
  5. America has too many Jack and Jills who want to play instead of politick.
  6. America is controlled by the wage-takers who can't see the forest for the trees--see "In your hands"
  7. Americans want to believe in Santa Clause and Insanta Clauses with the latter being the faith tenets of the illogical aliens who are funny mentalists , evilutionists and doodoo digesters.

Americans, sadly, not only have the government that they deserve but deserve the existential meltdown and global dying that is dominating more and more the media and minds.

In general, the biggest impediment will people prefering to rely on their ignorance as the basis for not having to question and make logical decisions, that is, we have too many Ugly Igknowramuses. Humanity may not have sufficient integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) to save life on earth.

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