Home Sweet Home

Some will read the following entries with a conclusion: This guy is off in his own little world. That is true. It is a simple, logical and fun world compared to the world of others. It is the world of an autist who likes undisturbed catatonic sessions and a narcoleptic with unfettered and undelayed naps.

My home and my garden is where I found refuge from the sadness of the existential meltdown which was a paradise compared to my growing despondency from the unavoidable conclusion that we are experience global dying. Without doing what needs to be done, the last generation of humanity has been born.

My garden has been a hospice where I find serenity when troubled by the fact that more and more of us will die unnatural death as Depopulation accelerates by design of mankind or Mother Nature. This is why I hate you all . My willingness to live simply and happy is being stolen by the inflation and crime metastisized by the habitual politicians and the global dying fueled by the arsonists of humanity, the petrophiliacs.

One comforting thought is I saw this coming decades ago so that I dropped out of the rat race to find more happiness each day before the end. Many will die preparing for their wedding without ever asking another for date. As my friend, John Berry, said, "They will be awarded death posthumously." The day has past long ago when I said it doesn't get better than this. Each day since has been post coitus.The winner is not the person who ended with the biggest toy but with the greatest joy. I win.

I call my house "Chatwell" for two reasons. I like to chat well. The name is close in sound and spelling to one of my hero's home who was known for chatting quite well, Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill. On my house and property, I fly a number of flags for a number of reason. Always the American flag is flying if any other flag is flying. While I don't like American habitual politicians and what they have done to my country, to paraphrase Winnie's description of democracy, "America is a terrible place but better than the rest."

I love my K-Mart Blue-light Special home almost as much as I love my wife who has made it a home out of a house. Having experienced many moves every few months because my mother would not pay rent, I am proud that I have lived in the same home since 1978. I enjoy puttering around. I enjoy the garden. I enjoy helping my neighbors. I enjoy passerbys saying they go out their way to pass by my house because they like it. I laughed many times when I saw a group of people standing like tourist in front of a monument while someone with a camera took their picture.

Altogether, my garden totals about 4000 square feet with a several terraces and aesthetic use of bamboo for fences and stakes. My picnic table and hammock reside in the middle with a great tree lined crick. My shinto gate provides a pleasant place for drink and thought. In my garden I have a shed as a reminder of a bright young man who helped me one summer, Alex's Dacha. It was fun being on TV in 2009 because of my tomato plants that grew to 15 ft and required a latter to pick the fruit. Photos of Garden 2010 .

One of the benefits of being a gardener is that it reduces my CO2 sinning by virtue of  "If I am cooking at home I am not spending money eating out," or, "If I am with my wife then I am not in a bordello."

From my garden, I have had the pleasure and fun of canning produce for consumption year round. Canning is like the economics of happiness in buying a good used book for a few minutes of your wagetime. One might read a good book for hundreds of hours of pleasure over the years. The economic efficient of happiness is obvious. If a book costs you ten minutes of your pay time with a hundred hours of reading pleasure, one has a happiness productivity of 600:1. This is quite the opposite of baseball, football and basketball fans who might spend a day's wages for three hours of happiness, a happiness productivity of 3:8 or .375:1. Blessed are those who enjoy reading for they will live more readily within their means as they know a longer, enriching happiness compared to the sports fans.

Canning is analogous to a good used book. Each bite of one's home canned food is like reading a sentence in a good book. As a hundred page book might have 8,000 sentences so can a day of canning have 8,000 enjoyable bites. Happy is the canner who enjoys gardening to raise the food for his table year-round by canning. (Oh, by the way, when I can I also watch DVD movies. The Friday when I did over 30 quarts of salsa was paralleled with Accidental Tourist and Gone with the Wind. As Scarlett might say, "As God is my witness, I won't go hungry as quickly as the meaningless people obsessed with sports." And, I will have more happy moments before I meet my death.

In 2009, I canned about 250 quarts of various vegetables. Few things beat the joy of opening a jar of vegetables self-produced and self-canned. Like gardening, canning is not work if you schedule it right. In 2010, canned 100 quarts by the middle of July, ahead of the 2009 production. I find when I each my garden produce (fresh or canned), Mother Nature is more regular in her visits.

Of my home, the most enjoyable part is the porch which I enclosed years ago as a place for thinking, writing and work. The futon earns its keep by providing a place for a quick, refreshing snooze with music in all seasons and bird sounds when the windows are open. Complementing the birds are children in a neighbor's nursery. A high point of each day is reviewing news on line with a cup of coffee as the sky lightens and sun rises ... with Pachabel's Canon in the background.

On my porch I have a galley of of my role models

Chocolate Heros

Vanilla Heros

But, my golden years in my blue-light house will be fewer and tarnished due to the global dying. No one will be safe and secure in their homes as global dying accelerates. One of the major reasons that I hate most of humanity  is that the individual decisions to live beyond their means comes out of my means.  

(I like my house, in part, because of a story behind its construction in 1925. The first tenet left in 1939. In the late 1970's, my wife and I moved in. In between were the Smiths. Mr. Smith told me that he bought it for $4000 with a downpayment of a silver dollar. Of the original owner and tenet, it was a rich local businessman and politician who built it for his mistress. It precedes the other houses in the neighborhood by 15 to 30 years. One of the great things is how it slopes down to a creek which flows, within a stone throw, into Forest Hill Park which was designed by Olmstead who also did N.Y. Central Park. Cool.)

Working in a garden helps one appreciate global warming from first hand experience. For over 30 years, visitors have commented on how my tap water has consistently been cold. In 2010, the water was warm reflecting an usually long heatwave that raised the temperature of the soil. While I can live with warm water, can the trees and other biomass be healthy if their roots are cooking? No, diseases will affet the trees sooner with dead trees becoming an economic cost and environmental threat. Dead or dying trees are the fuel of massive fires.

Cutting Tree-Cutting Costs

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