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I am an ascetic who does not want to be bothered by doo-doo digesters, an appetite I find too often and repugnant in how most people compile and validate their views and values of the world, that is, from their gut reactions. I know of no public figure who is not a doo-doo digester, or, as we say in polite company, a shit-eater. With each year the level of public integrity of information and intelligence has descended from the brain to the bowels. In 2008, a poster pal for pitbull pablum platitudes was Psarah Palin, a pudgy pathological peniochio. Mass communication has become verbal diarrhea. The corporate dictators of television, radio and print enforce entertaining us to death rather than educating us to live. The only liberal thing about the so-called liberal media are the few castrated liberals who are kept as straw horses, red herrings, and foils.

What we "feel" is more important than what we "know." Igknowance based on feelings trumps scientific fact. The more we feel it the more truthy is that feeling ... even if that feeling contradicts what we felt and knew in our last pontification. As America's number of PhiDos has increased, the quality of a PhD has descended faster so that the critical mass of the PhiDo  thinkers is not of docs but of dogs. The highest form of grade inflation in America is a PhD that uses "Doctor" in interacting with others. I remember in grade school over fifty years ago talking about how, "He/She is not really a doctor." Disrespect for education begins early in the lie of educators being doctors. How pitiful and pathetic the toys of insecure people in education and government which is why I abdicated academia.

Therefore, it is only with great regret that I must open some lines of communication via "ascetic" FTP interaction. As the Manheaven Project expands, my FTP program will poll a list of websites. I will poll as often as once a day and as little as never. Answers will posted on and announced by twitter@24in4WorkWeek.  You may also poll by simply downloading and installing this list in your directory.

I am a great problem-solver because, besides the tools of timism, eintime , and iCube , I don't waste time pretending that I like you. I also don't waste time taking or posting pictures, watch TV, or obsess with play--just think how much more you would have as a person if you did not engage in these forms of mental masturbation ... if you can think. Or, worse, wanting you to like me.

If you are a respectable person, you will respect and like me. Today, fewer people will like me than would have liked me a decade or a century ago because if you fulfill the meaning of and origin of the word respect, that is, re-inspect. Americans are not as respectable as they once were. They don't have the mental tools to inspect or re-inspect.


  1. When I graduated from high school in 1968, the average grad had a vocabulary of 25,000 words and the US was in the top ten nations in math and science.  Now, the words are less than 7,500 with a greater portion of four-letter profanity and the US in the 20's or 30's. But, we have sports in school--the only nation in the world that mixes sports and education. We have the highest paid athletes in the world. We rank #29 in funny mentals, evilution and cretinism. Are Americans are too blissfully igknowant to reverse their decline?
  2. More and more Americans confuse their self-denying and self-promoting with respectability. The Occupiers personify what is wrong with the average American: Wanting something for nothing while taking no blame for their plight. If one re-inspects the Occupiers, one arrives at the point where one realizes the Occupiers' lifestyle choices individually and collectively brought hell upon them. Occupiers are precursors to the hell on earth of the existential meltdown. Occupiers lack the integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) to stop digging the hole into which they have allowed themselves to stuck.
  3. How bad is America? Our elections are the laughing stock of the world. We proclaim democracy but have the 2000 President selected by the Supreme Court. In 2012, the Republicans put up a serial decapitalist (Mormoney Romney) and religious hypocrite (Rick Ayatollah Santarium). Both would bankrupt American faster and initiate a second American Civil War over which religion would the American state religion after having elected a President who claims the need for more religion in government: Mormon or Catholic?