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Caveats for Seed Bees

  1. Checks written to V.A. (in Richmond, VA, for startup 2013 seeding bee)
    There has been no VA contact to approve or disapprove targeted checks which it can cash or trash. This Cave Gardner does not want to hazzle with business or tax forms. Setup costs are small compared to nationwide seeding bees for a cheaper, safer and saner world in which to live. After the last Seeding Bee, the checks will be delivered to the V.A. volunteer service.
  2. Germination Rate: Seeds should germinate at a rate of over 90%. Thus, one should buy at least two seeds with an extra seed for each ten. If you are going to buy more than ten seeds, you might consider buying a whole seed pack, keeping the extra seeds for the next year. Any claim that seeds are useless after one year ignores how seeds from the Egyptian Pyramids have germinated after thousands of years as well as the global seed repository. Germination rates will decrease gradually, but not all at once.
  3. Markers for Seed Types:You can keep track of your seeds by using plastic picnic knives or similar cheap, functional items, e.g., plastic eating knifes--far cheaper than boutique labels purchased commercially. If using an egg carton, you can mark the seed on the lid.
  4. Oodles of Unused Seeds: If one buys seeds for starting plants, one rarely uses all the seeds. One ends up with ooldes of unused seeds.

  5. Plucking Seeds: At the seeding bee, you will move down a row of labled small containers of seeds in the order of the order forms. On an honor system, you pluck the seeds to place in your tray cells. A pencil or pen is good for punching a small hole for your plucked seed. (Seed Plucking Process)

  6. Problems: As a start-up process, bugs are inevitalbe. Hopefully they will be none or few. Please keep the overall goal in mind, that is, re-creating areas of human activity that were central to building of human societies and sanity. Should ordering of seeds be miscalculated, participants in the seeding bee can choose other seeds--all effort will be made to have surplus seeds. If a seed is unavailable, a similar seed will be substituted.
  7. Tray Acquisition: Purchase seedtrays at most hardware store. Water up before attending Seeding Bee. Bring a pencil to punch the seed holes. (Be sure to purchase a packet of bug-repellant Marigolds to plant in and around your pest--see Best Marigolds.) For the future, you can travel your alleys during the spring planting to find trays for next year as this gardener has done.

    See SeedTrays for more information.

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