Debts of Origin in Weaving
the Threads of Time
in the Fabric of Life

  1. Morality: Timism owes much to the morality of a few.
    1. Lincoln
    2. Gandhi
    3. King
    4. Edward R. Morrow
    5. This writer's great women.
    6. As many Christ-followers never knew Christ so did a great Timist, Pete Seger, live the universal morality of more time without timism.
  2. Politeness
    1. Lincoln
    2. Washington
    3. Geo.C. Marshall
    4. Cincinnatus (\Impolite\Cincinnatus.htm)
    5. Heros of Democracy: Nelson Mandela, King Juan Carlos
  3. Ecos Nomos: Timism, sadly, cannot claim economic mentors beyond a dictionary. Most economists have been necronomists, that is, purveyors of laws that necrose the whole economy at the bidding of the money dictators who hire academic streetwalkers as hired guns. In listening to financial PR mediacs defending the institutions and individuals behind the 2008 economic meltdown one is reminded of the doctors who said "the surgery was a success but the patient died" to the newly minted widow. Consistently, one hears that economists proclaim innocence for the economic meltdown while presenting themselves as the cure like the bungling surgeon who wants to fix the damaged heart. The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists want to put out the holocaust.
    1. Adam Smith's hidden hand is that of a thief within a sacrilegious marketplace corrupted into economic slave blocks. Milton Friedman championed moneytheism , theft from a monopolistic monetary system promoting capitalism for a fewer few.
    2. John Maynard Keynes was too keen on stockmarket theft to stop the simultaneous theft by the wage-takers from the wage-earners who create wealth.
    3. Alan Greedman
    4. Ben Barenaked
    5. Henry Paulson
  4. Mentality: Timism integrates reflections on many psychologists and physiologists but one thinker would be enough on which to base timism--Jean Piaget.
  5. Catan: Timism is a synthesis of the following thinkers.
    1. Pasteur
    2. Krebs
    3. Darwin
    4. Watson and Crick.
  6. Spinbarism: Timism is a synthesis of the work of many
    1. Einstein
    2. Feynman
    3. Newton
    4. Davies
    5. Faraday
    6. Maxwell
    7. Tesla
    8. Quorum of quantum qooks.
    9. A special intellectual debt is owed to the US Navy's electronics school, the origin and foundation of what became spinbarism.

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