Work-Theft Cancer

Throughout history as economies have grown, a certain cancer metastasizes within the economies that invariably destroys the economy. The cancer can be understood best if one recognizes that

  1. all activities create or destroy time like the difference between work and play,
  2. one's goods and services are products that have a time content (positive, zero, or negative), and
  3. the time content can be positive (doctor or farmer) or negative (murderer or rapist)

The work-theft cancer shows a sequence by which a worker creates time as a problem-solver with the possibility of the worker using excess time (wealth/money) to start stealing, legally or illegally.

  1. A worker saves money.
  2. Becomes a businessman when he starts a business
  3. Hires an accountant to avoid paying taxes (a cancer)
  4. Hires a lawyer to maximize his long-term wealth (a cancer)
  5. Buys a habitual politician to shape legal laws for privileges of paying less taxes, aka, private monopolies or oligarchies.
  6. Subsidizes tenured economists as academic streetwalkers to justify the economic privileges in the eyes of the voting public, e.g., no death tax , privitization/deregulation , 401ks, etc.
  7. Buys media outlets to spin his cancers into miracles if he gets one more tax break with mediacs reading the lies on a teleliar screen.
  8. Popularize decapitalism destruction of the wage-earners , mediacs are paid to present the desired spin.
  9. Funds public demostration in support of cancerous economic politcies harmful to wage-earners by hiring unemployed Jack and Jills to organize demonstrations in support of decapitalistic propaganda, e.g., TEA party.

Like all cancers, the work-theft cancer can be seen as a primary or contributary cause of economic collapse. It is one of the reasons that what needs to be done will not be done to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The wage-thieves will individually or collectively seek to keep stealing. In their hands ....

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