Free Markets

  1. Free Markets only exist when the human action results in more freedom for all people. Free markets are like all other rights and freedom, e.g., free speech and free trade. Wall Street is not a Free Market, for at an accelerating rate it is a market enslaving humantity to less freedom.
  2. True free markets are the proverbial rising tide upon which all ships, large and small, rise to a higher level of freedom, liberty and prosperity. Slave markets are economies in which the life-sustaining liquidity of the many is drained to support a few, e.g., China draining its western lakes and ponds to transport the water via rivers to the industrial east. The western farmers have lost their freedom and prosperity to elevate, temporarily, the prosperity of the East. What happens to Eastern China when all the water is gone and the eastern provinces are bloated with the population forced to follow the water and jobs from west to east?
  3. Free Markets are capitalism per capita not capitalism for a fewer few, that is, not decapitalism.
    1. A free market only exists when the market transactions increase freedom per capita. If a market increases freedom for a few by deprivileging the many, that is not a free market but a slave market.
    2. What kind of country you live in depends a great deal on how you define freedom. Do you want to live in a country in which freedom is defined as might makes rights, first come first master, and anything goes? If you do, then you are a person who is willing to gamble with your personal freedoms and liberties; the marketplace will determine who is free and who is not free.
    3. A free market only exists then it increases freedom from problems per capita.
  4. Free Markets increase freedom for all time, not just for a moment:  the cradle-to-grave calculus of morality. It is  like the difference
    1. in feeling good after eating a good meal (free market) or after mainlining heroin,and
    2. in having a good long-term business plan or in having an obsession for quarterly results for stock option sales.
  5. A Free Market exists only when the created wealth is appropriately apportioned--true profit-sharing--among the market participants. Free Markets are the physicality of profitability.
  6. Wall Street is not a free market:
    1. Racketeering on stock transactions: The five-minute quickie screwing workers--see Day Traders .
    2. Triangulating disparities in funny paper values: LTCM
    3. 401ks--workers are forced to give their pensions to the M&M's of Wall Street--mansions and mistresses.
    4. Dishonest advice: In a Senate hearing, a Las Vegas Casino manager said the difference between gambling in Las Vegas and Wall Street is that the odds of the former are fixed and public while the latter are hidden and variable.
  7. It's not a free market if it is organized by corrupt politicians legislating privileges (private laws) for their friends and family. It is a legal thieves market. Slavery.
  8. Slave-traders wanted free markets to buy and sell humans. Can a slave market be a free market? Wall Street has replaced ferrous chains with financial chains to enslave those who work for a living.
  9. Figures don't lie but liars use figures. Markets are nothing more than figures of funny numbers. Thus, markets don't lie but liars use markets.
  10. Free market in economics is used the same way states rights are used in politics. Both are used for legal human theft and human wrongs.
  11. Some people treat the phrase "free market" like the phrase "The Bible is the Word of God." The Bible contains the Word of God wrapped in the secret agendas and money greed of many humans. The greedy agendas enslave the unquestioning flock into wasting time and money for words of men not the words of God, e.g., the King James Bible. Likewise with "free markets" which are mostly slave blocks wherein unquestioning wage-earners waste time and money. Moneytheists control both Wall Street brokers and Main Street pulpits.
  12. Amtrak used to have free movies then a private firm was allowed to open "RailMedia" in major stations with DVD rentals at $20 or more. This was called free market as passengers competed in the coaches to see who turn their RailMedia players up to the loudest volume. Most car attendants simply did not have the nerve to confront rowdy passengers despite repeated complaints from other passengers.
  13. Amtrak stations removed water fountains with replacement by bottle water machines. This was called free market enterprise, yet, where previously free, unlimited water was replaced by $2 bottle water.
  14. It is ironic that habitual politicians protest calls for an end to their fees for speeches under their right to free speech. If their speeches were free why the fee?
  15. Richmond's baseball stadium, the Diamond, had three water fountains outside of each of the bathrooms. None of them work--July 15, 2010. But $3 bottle water was available. This is like the slave master who said it was a free market to deprive a free man of his freedom for the bondage by the slavemaster.
  16. Google used to provide free telephone numbers if one entered a name and address. Now, one must pay. So much for free markets where phone numbers were free but now one must pay. So much for Google's motto, "Do no evil."
  17. Google is the number one place where the word "free" is used for bait-and-switch. Google is like the Hooter's outlet that verbally promised the waitresses a free Toyota to the one with the biggest monthly sales. In the end, the winner who busted her butt and wiggle her pumpkins received a small Starwars statue of the Jedi master, a toy Yoda. Google's motto should be "Do only evil."
  18. Televisions progression from airways to cable-only mimics the Enron-organized deregulation/privatization of electricity markets.
    1. HDTV was offered as a better form of entertainment.
    2. People were forced to buy HDTV converters which stopped working after one year.
    3. Replacement HDTV converters did not work as well as one's that stopped working.
    4. Over the air signal quality became inconsistent.
    5. People were forced to buy cable in order to have service.
    6. TV stations were able to eliminate cost of air wave transmission by using cable only
    7. Consolidation of public information into fewer hands with a higher cost per household
    8. This is called the hidden hand of the free market. No, it is the greedy hand of a corrupt market.
  19. In all cases where previously publicly free things were replaced by expensive privatized items, benefits were proclaimed from having a free market. What happened was, once again, habitual polticians using the public policy-making process to privilege a few by de-privileging the many.

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