Free will reflects the ability to make choices without constraints of persons or igknowance.

Free Will:

Freedom, Rights and Liberal

Does a slave have a free will? Did the young kids whose parents enrolled them in the Hitler Youth have free will? In a world of many provincial, non-global religions, does the child indoctrinated in the parents' religion have a free will? Does the cute little kid walking in a parade with a "No new taxes" sign have a free will? The answer in all cases is "no" if one accepts that the basis of rights and freedoms is creating more time by solving a problem.

In following his master's will, the slave cannot exercise his will freely to solve his own problems. Nothing symbolizes the lack of a slave's free will more than the fact that he is listed in his master's will when master dies. Master's will continues even after death in his written will.

Was Hitler a solution or a problem in the scheme of human freedom and suffering? Those who willingly joined without coersion were exercising their will. As history showed, it was not a free will to promote freedoms. Based on explanations after the fall of the 1,000 year reich in only 13 years, many said they joined out of economic necessity; that is, they were gutless, immoral economic whores who sold their bodies and minds for pieces of silver. In the end, they showed the historical justice of Ben Franklin's "Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither." In the end, those who exercise their will as part of evil end up with neither freedom nor security as evil evolves its evilutistic path.

Given how young people almost wholeheartedly adopt the religious beliefs of their parents in a world of so many different religions, it is hard to state the young people have free will in this matter. They are slaves of religous masters who all too often prefer an igknowant cancerous follower to a knowledgeable creative leader. Amusingly, the kids who won't let their parents choose their dates or spouses readily let the parents choose their religion.

Does the sign-wearing toddler who "sees" the quality of education falling with rising crime rates from insufficient taxation exercise his free will? We have educational systems to encourage knowledge by which citizens can avoid problem-filled lives from igknowance. Does a child wearing a sign he does not understand exercise a free will? Does the sign-hanging parent exercise a free will? Depends.

Depends on whether the action creates more time and freedom. That is the basis and qualification of free will. Free will is not black and white like chains or no chains on a person's body. One's free will corresponds to one's level of education about the facts of life--not the frauds of lies. The quality of one's free will is on a continuum from igknowant knee-jerks to the problem-response of 100% at each step in solving a problem.

One's ability to be free and to be right reflects the quality of one's free will.

Minds that do not question their parents' values to exclude the parents learned and repeated lies are doomed to repeat their parents mistakes. Igknowant, lazy people do not have free wills--they have gut reactions. They are DDD, evilutionists and funny mentalists. Like alcoholics schooled in cute cliches of why they are not alcoholics, these "no-will'ers" daisy-chain meaningful words in meaningless ways that appeal to those with economic, political, moral and out-right Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. They don't have a free will, for their actions do not solve problems to have more free time nor do they right any wrongs.

One can make the association of quality of free will with quality of living. Did "free-will-denied" slaves have as good a life as they might have had if they lived in slaveless society? While the aftermath of the US Civil War has had long-term examples of blacks not doing as well as they did on the plantation, the rule is that both before and after the Civil War blacks prospered very well, thank you, when given an equal chance. The First Family in the White House after the 2008 US Presidential election is an example of the rule that freedom and equality are catalysts to achievement. The more free will one has in deciding how to solve the problems of his life, the more and bigger problems are solved. Important is the role of problem-solving knowledge as qualifier of free will to have a better life.

The unquestioned life is not worth living--Socrates

If one wants to have a higher quality of life and a greater free will, one must actively question the values imposed upon one's youth by one's pater familias, that is, by one's family. Anyone who believes they were raised with 100% truth are self-liars who will torture themselves and others with their doo-doo lies. It is of some significance that the Greek origin of liberty, liberate and liberal contained "life"--eliferos. Contrary to popular opinonated conservate talk-show hosts, the quality of life is tied to one liberating oneself from the errors of one's parents. Thus, by questioning all values, a true person will have an honest free will is a product of both conservation and liberation. The truths, reaffirmed or discovered, will set you free from the time-wasting problems of those before and around you. You will have a happier life.

The relation of truths and quality of free will is captured in the maxim the truth will set you free. The fewer truths one has as a basis of one's world views and values, the less freedom one will have from the problems of life. If you cannot truthfully defined the problem, what is your batting average going to be when you swing at solving the problems in your life? Your lies will set you less free.

How can you have free will without knowledge? Without truths, one has the will of an idiot or a slave, not the will of a mind free of igknowance. True free will goes hand-in with freedom from igknowance.

A nation that defends the will of ignorant people catalyze the Hitlers of life. A nation that has an unqualifying, knee-jerk defense of people foaming at the mouth as they speak is a nation heading toward less freedom as the igknowant will self-enslave the society to an ever lower level of civil discourse, e.g., the 2010 U.S. mid-term elections. (You ain't seen nutin, yet.)


  1. A person with a higher free will has a right and duty to encourage those with lesser free wills to question and to learn around the principle of freedom and rights. This encouragement should not be construed as a justification for the pied pipers of sex exploitation. By encouraging younger minds to grow, e.g., public education, one increases their means to be meaningful persons who will not become the meaningless mean problem-prone scumnuts plaguing civilization.
  2. The working middle-class of America does not have any free will in creating a pension and savings since Wall Street exercises constraints that are mental, intellectual and financial chains enslaving the worker to false  hopes and promises.
  3. Friends who have near absolute free will are the best friends for they are best at freeing you from your problems.
  4. A person who is emotional, illogical, irrational, religious or mentally ill does not have a free will. The key to having a free will is being a problem-solver who frees the time of self or others from time-wasting problems. The solution of problems requires exclusion of irrelevant information in description, prescription, organization and motivation of the problem. Any one of the cognitive limits listed above means the problems will be ill-defined or ill-prescribed while the problem-solvers will be poorly organized and motivated.
  5. Acupuncture Morality is common sense which increases one's percentages in the Four-Steps of solving problems thus increasing the quality of one's free will which increases one's ability to fulfill the meaning of life.
  6. Sadly for the questioning truth-seekers, they must suffer the collateral damage to the unquestioning self-liars who have knee-jerk responses to issues essential to the life's problems. These knee-jerk responses keep self-liars living beyond their mental, emotional and financial means--the collateral damage of those who live within their means. Is a knee-jerk response an expression of free will? An indication of knee-jerk self-lying is the rising crescendo of repeated platitudes by the knee-jerkers, e.g., when contradictions are noted in the Bible, funny mentalists start chanting over and over, "the bible is the word of god." Mental knee-jerkers are moral goose-steppers.
  7. Faith versus Knowing : The more you rely on faith because you don't know the less free will you have ... and the less freedom will you have from problems.Faith is an index of not knowing. Naive people can learn. Igknowant people chose not to know and, thus, will not learn.
  8. Ugly Igknowramuses have less free will and more problems (for self and others) as they indulge in the bliss of igknowance until the igknowed problems can no longer be avoided. No matter how fast one runs, one's problems will run faster. No matter how much you igknow your problems, your problems will not igknow you.
  9. Doing Right: You must know as well as have the calculus of morality.
  10. Free Thinkers : Free thinkers have the greatest free will, and, vice versa, one's free will reflects one's free thinking.
  11. An igknowant person who igknows learning cannot know himself. Instead, he imagines himself which makes him an idiot in nature and name.
  12. An igknowant person igknows the maxim "the truth will set you free" which means his free will is less than he assumes and claims. When his self-enslaving will blinds him to problems which lessen his life, he igknowantly claims that the events are god's will rather than is limited will.
  13. Free will is quantifiable on a continuum based on one's problem-solving knowledge to free one's life from time-wasting problems that enslave one to a life with less freedom. The more stupid, naieve, or igknowrant one is, the less free will one has. Opposite of free will on its own reverse continuum is a person being wrong-willed, that is, one's actions causes wrongs. Wrongs are allowing or causing time-wasting problems. A person who lives a life of lies does not exercise free will but does exercise a wrong will. Eviluting religios who igknow reality are wrong-willed fools.
  14. If a person lies to you and prompts you to act on that lie, are you exercising free will? Or, are you a victim of ill-will? Eviluters ill-will multitudes into acts of terrorism, e.g., the Christain crusades or Islamic jihads.
  15. When this writer was homosexually raped at the age of seven, he did not object, complain or report because he did not know that it was wrong. Besides mommy's friend, a church elder, was buying little gifts and food in exchange for silence. In being an economic whore, was this writer exercising free will by being gagged in more ways than one? No. Free will is based on problem-solving/prevention knowledge exercised to free self or others from time-wasting problems. My childhood pervert took advantage of my willingness but not my free will since I lacked the building blocks to will my freedom from him. Over time, I have felt less guilty--dirty?--because of the those events which I survived, a feeling akin to how a chocholat person should feel triumph, not shame, in his ancesters surviving slavery. [But I will never forgive my prolitter mother who allowed these events which wrecked and limited the lives of eight children.]
  16. Libraries: Who has greater free will and freedom from problems?
    1. A person whose library of read books consists of one religious book?
    2. A person with shelves of books on many, many topics?

      1. Pictures or videos of liberals are more often with book-filled shelves while conservatives have homes or cars in the background.
      2. "Bible" means "little library."
      3. Atheist score higher on knowledge of Christianity than Christians by twice as much. Obviously, if religios questioned their faith they might find they have no faith.
      4. A Chapel Hill professor of Bible history asked his 300 freshmen students the following questions:
        1. How many of you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God? Most raised their hands.
        2. How many of you have read the "Da Vinci Code?" Most raised their hands.
        3. How many of you have read the Bible completely? Only a few raised their hand.
          (Source: "Misquoting Jesus in the Bible - Professor Bart D. Ehman" YouTube vid)

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  1. Acupuncture Morality is common sense which increases one's percentages in the Four-Steps of solving problems thus increasing the quality of one's free will which increases one's ability to fulfill the meaning of life.
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