Legislation of Freedom and Rights

A society or political system legislates rights or freedoms which are how citizens should act to optimize a problem-freer country. Individuals can or cannot exercise a right or a freedom. (Do you mean "legislate" rather than "exercise'?  Individuals can exercise rights that have been legislated by society.)  Legislation can and should provide opportunities, clarity and encouragement for people to do the right thing for increased freedom from the problems of life. Consider the history of slavery.

Historical review of slavery in America

At one time, blacks could own slaves. This included both black and white slaves. At one point, there were so many white slaves with bad attitudes from the British Isles that the Anglos were priced at one-tenth the cost of a black slave. If you were a slave-owner, would you prefer to buy known white trash with a criminal record or a captured black hard-working family man as was the case with most African slaves? This is akin to how the Nazis executed criminals while populating their slave factories with captured family members. Through a series of state and national laws in the United States, blacks had their human and civil rights reduced under claims of sovereign and states rights. The fourth civil rights movement  in the US in the 1900's would be better named as the Civil Rights Recovery.

The driving force behind this de-civilization of blacks, from African homesteads to American plantations, was economic greed by "work thieves" who seek private gain by stealing the worktime of others. Work thieves de-privileges the latter of their rightful ownership of the sweat of their brow. Work thieves could not deprive others in mass were it not for the corruption of the public policy-making process by habitual politicians legislating and legalizing public laws for private gain. Corrupt politicians make corrupt legal laws.

The de-civilization of Africans in America in the South progressed to the point that blacks were reduced to animal status, housed and breeded for economic gain as well as for massa's alternative to barnyard bestiality. One of the bugaboos of slavemaster mentality in defending the peculiar mentality was the need to keep the white and black races separate. Yet, over 90% of the mixed race Americans were in the slave states on massa's plantation. The "state" of Virginia had more mulattos than all the free states combined--Lincoln's Chicago speech on slavery in 1858. In word, work thieves say one thing while they clearly were doing something different in bed. Prima facia, the claim of not wanting to waste good white blood by mixing it with black blood was not a daily safety refuge in the lives of slaves. Then, as now, the self-proclaimed compassionate conservatives were passionate hypocrites.

De-civilization accelerated as blacks' access was reduced to civil institutions and civil self-improvement. Blacks were barred from learning to read or write. In some states, the manumission of slaves was forbidden. As Lincoln said, not only did the South want to keep slaves but they wanted it expanded to new states. Most importantly and disgustingly, slaveowners wanted to be approved and applauded by Notherners. Go figure.

The words and actions of Little Giant, Sen. Stephen Douglas from Illinois, shows the greed-driven, convoluted illogical thinking of those wanting to legislate immorality as legal law. Like a counterpart a century later, Strom Thurman, the Little Giant was not a rabid racist as much as an election-addicted habitual politicians wanting big campaign contributions. (Another reason for term-limits and zero-cost primaries.)

Buttressing massa's illogical corrupting of the public law process for private gain were the pulpit preachers. It was a preacher who rallied Georgian voters to repeal its Constitutional ban on slavery--the only state originally chartered with a slavery prohibition. Presciently for the Civil Rights Recovery, it was the churches--society's only common, consistent and regular communal mass meetings--where the religious work thieves preached sermons calling for further degradation as well as for civil war, if need be, to keep slavery in the South. More than one holier-than-thou preacher was caught in bed with a member of the inferior, subhuman species of which he shouted to the heavens.

Most religious pulpiteers are not moral leaders--this writer's homosexual rape at age seven by a church elder is not a rarity as evidenced by non-stop global sexual abuse Revelations within the catholic church. These religious immoralists consistently paper over their repeated violations with excuses that mimic and rival the alcholics quick responses of why he is not an alcoholic. Religious pipers are habitual politicians whose income depends on weekly re-election by pandering to the financially influential among their flocks. Southern preachers, now and then, preferred to sell-out the human community rather than move out of the community.

One of the best examples of religious bureaucrats selling out was the King James version of the Latin bible. The committee of religious scholars tailored it to the king's request to emphasize that the monarchy was God's annointed representative on earth. While politicians pass laws, it has been the religious immoralists who have daily and weekly shaped the winds that blow minds toward good or evil, that is, right or wrong. The bible contains God's word along with a lot of human greed. One of the reasons that life on earth will not be saved is the failure of the bible-thumpers to question what is godly and what is greedy in the bible. It is important to note that the claim that the bible is God's word did not originate until the 1870's in a conference at Niagara, New York.

The American Civil Rights Recovery provided the wind to propel the ship of civility which was turned from its errant course by the US Civil War. The proclamations, legislation and amendments of the 1860's did not change the voters' hearts in their daily lives. Politicians can legislate but men's hearts initiate. Men driven by self-defeating immoral codes will not be changed by legal laws, e.g., bank robbers and Klu Klux Klan. Consistently, despite the claims of man needing religion to be moral, these codes have failed, e.g., conquistadors, inquisitions and religious wars. Only a logical, pragmatic morality will buttress legal acts, that is, the morality of more time which shows the greedy how they are really harming themselves by their short-sighted greed.

The history of slavery is an example of people wanting something for nothing , that is, they want the worktime of another. Anyone who thinks slavery economically helped America has not read George Washington's conclusion that slavery was an economic drag compared to what the slaves would have produced if given freedom, a freedom he gave in his will. The history of slavery is an example of how legislation encourages or discourages people from doing the right thing for more or less freedom. Government is in all of its actions a time-shaping body which encourages the populace to be either time-creators or time-cancers .

Unfortunately, as a time-shaping institution, America's legislative bodies have legalized economic slavery by laws that benefit a private few, that is, capitalism for a fewer few. The destruction of corporate pension plans by 401Ks has benefitted the corporate insiders with their self-given flood of stock options the purchase of which does not help the Ameican public--see Bastard Stock Options.

The drive to legalize economic privileges in exchange for re-election money has resulted in many destructive forces within the US economy. These forces encourage people to not work. Like tax-advantaged preachers, tax-supported sports announcers blare out the greatness of the play pathos to the detriment of the work ethic. People are not only encouraged to play and to gamble but to hold in the highest regard the player, e.g., the national discussion of LeBron James. This is akin to how the slaveowners not only wanted more slavery but they wanted the general populace to hold the slaveowners in high esteem. As a result of cheapening the legislative process--legisflation--people waste more time in not doing what is right. They have less freedom because they do what is wrong. "And, it's legal."


  1. If leaders cannot change the hearts of their followers to do the right thing then they are not leaders in fact, just in name. If an individual's heart cannot be changed, all the words on paper after paper, law after law, will not change human interactions. After the Emancipation Proclamation, the civil rights of blacks were constantly denied local, state and federal laws, e.g., Jim Crow, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Massive Resistance, etc., which reflected the hearts of evil men whose mantra was segregation now, segregation for ever. Stopping racism by law is ineffective without cessation by example. It is akin to how the laws to stop the economic meltdown from Wall Street (2007-2009) will not work if the individuals' hearts are not enlightened, for the MBA's and quants behind gambling with our economies and future changed to new fields from which to steal the fieldhands' earnings with new symbols of sweat.

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