The following was emailed to 1900 Virginia school principles, almost 130 school superintendents and the VEA as well as numerous media outlets.

Subject: Flipflop 4-day workweek for teachers allowing two monthly four-day weekends: MTWT ....TWTF .. MTWT .... TWTF

You are encouraged to become a "Plebisciter" candidate for the Virginia 2015 November election. Cost: $0.73. The educators' flipflop 4-day workweek will result from three needed reforms to address larger issues.

  1. Re-finance all loans: A one-time refinancing of all loans (student, credit, car, home, etc.) into an bundled "lifehour" loan of zero-interest with payback being 50% of disposable income beyond the cost of living. There are numerous examples of state and federal programs in which lower interest is charged to those who control the politicians' legislation: Fannie Mae, Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac, Industrial bonds, Historical tax credits, 529s and 401ks. Loan principle remains intact.
  2. Share job time or jobless crime: Require interest rate savings to be converted into reduced workweek. The average worker directly or indirectly pays 8 hour of work in interest fees. By reducing the workweek to 32 hours, we create a 20% job vacuum to pull in the un-, under- and mis-employed workers: Many evidence the maxim that idle minds are the workshops of the devil while addled minds are the workshops of economists. Benefits besides reduced crime is reduced taxes, inflation and insurance rates with current workers moving up the career ladders to fill the higher vacancies.
  3. Community-service Healthcare Funding: Take the cost of healthcare out of the business equation by substituting meaningful, productive and quantifiable community service which can be used to pay some or all of one's healthcare cost. This community service will center around and upon the education system. Teachers will see an influx of classroom assistants and tutors. Some will work during teacher days. Others will do the teacher-off Fridays/Mondays as tutors or field trip supervisors.

24-4: By better employing our human resources, we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

Not only will educators have a four-day workweek but it the workday will be shortened as community service volunteers fulfill their healthcare requirement by starting and ending the students' day for the teachers.

What can you do to make this and other simple reforms possible? Become a "Plebisciter" for your Senate or House district. You will be surprised how easy it is. Timism will pay the costs as well as award your district, your school and you a significant gratuity for completing the simple steps.

Plebiscite claiming limited to Principals until Friday, June 5, 2015. Then is opened up to anyone who wants to organize a petition signature drive party among friends. Five friends, relatives or neighbors who are registered voters can collect enough signatures in four hours for House or eight hours for Senate.

Be sure to review the Caveats: No principal then no Timism benefits for principal and staff. This includes refinancing and healthcare as well as global Homesteading. People can signup, but on LBO day data-mining will begin to find those who could have but did not help timism.

If you pursue homesteading a Plebiscite candidacy, please contact and encourage other principals to do the same. While it 100+40 would be great, 51+21 will do on November 3, 2015, election day.

Last minute action: A school principal could have a full-court press on Monday, June 8, with at staff collecting signatures after work with notarizaiton on Tuesday and delivery to the Vote Registrar before the 7pm deadline.

You will need to complete a few simple forms:

  1. Certificate of Candidate Qualifications
  2. Declaration of Candidacy
  3. Statement of Organization Candidate: Easy, mostly, "n.a., n.a.," since you will be doing no campaigning, no organizating and no money raising.

The "Economic Interest Form" can be completed if you get on the ballot.

Remember, you will not have to do any campaigning or cash raising. In Timism 's pushing the public awareness of the 3-part Roadmap and other issues, you will be voted into office to vote the Plebiscite, stop Dominion gas pipeline, and then returning full-time to your educational duties. If you want to run in the special election to replace you after you re-sign, you can. Ideally, Virginia will have 140 special General Assembly elections in 2016.

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