April 7, 2022

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My challenge: How to share 50 years of independent research constructing a Theory Of Everything (Timism) without you concluding the opposite of what Timism is. Hope you accept this greatly under-priced offer: Why Cheap.

  1. Academic and career achievements: Maybe sharing these will have you withhold final judgement. Cum laude at an university with 29,000 students in just over two years. One period of seven courses, 24 credit hours were ace'd. (transcript). As an overload, a year of pre-med organic chemistry was completed in two months. In the US Navy, the highest on the final comprehensive electricity/electronics exam was recoded.  I am gifted with a mental sponge. My resume has many top-shelf achievements in different areas. When I became successful after 3-5 years, I moved onto a new intellectual curiosity and challenge.
  2. Favorite reference: Maybe this from the gatekeeper, an intellectual giant who was considered a key player in prompting journalism to redefine and rename as mass communication: After five years of friendship and hundreds of hours of his gratis editing of my writings, I asked David why he had me as a friend. His response: "In my life, I recognize five people smarter than me. You are the only one still alive."
  3. MEGO--My Eyes Glaze Over: This communication references a half-century of integrating research into a T.O.E. To do so required juxtapositioning of existing perspectives into a common framework based on time. Time was secondary for Einstein when it should have been primary. More often than not, MEGO catalyzes the mental blur into a rejection of the information. One can see this self-obfuscation in igknowant people possessed of conspiracy theories because they cannot or will not take the time to learn the facts that reject the conspiracies. This human process is behind big historical conspiracy--Racism--which derives from a bigger conspiracy of igknowance. To foster OJT defenders of Timism in group meetings, parenthesized numbers indicate a person's focus based on one's last digit in national ID, e.g., social security number. Thus, in group meetings, this specialized focus will increase the level of understanding and of defending Timism.
    Infrastructure Services for 150 Nations:
    Offers and Deadlines
    1. DBaaS: Aiven, AWS(RDS)
    2. Banks: Iceland vs. Finland
    3. Accounting: BDO
    4. Servers: Digital Ocean/Upcloud
    5. Adline: Tabasco vs. Lodge
    6. Zoom and ETF FIFO
    7. Signup: See for yourself

  4. Research on climate change(0,1,2): Maybe this will prompt you to realize that I am uniquely qualified. Better than the 9-to-5 weatherheads, I am an asperger autist with a 24/7 obsessive passion to not only know better than others but to know what needs to be done to stop climate hell: the Manheaven Project echoing the crash WWII Manhattan Project.
    1. Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
    2. Oil Droughts (1982): Directly and indirectly causing social, economic and political chaos.
    3. Must read: Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'how' of droughts, fires and deluges
    4. Must read: Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
      (also Global Dying: 15 major droughts of last century due to oil fields burning off unsalable natural gas)
    5. Hurricanes for Dummies (2002): Bigger and more.
    6. Alpha Trifecta: Increased CO2 increases Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers as well as allergies and asthma. (2007)
    7. Polar Timebomb: Doomsday Tape (2002)
  5. Brainbee Power(3,4,5,6): Maybe you will see that brainbees are the next big thing in interpersonal communication. Brainbees are like spelling bee in which problems people spell out and prioritize in an automatic meritocracy (Index).
    1. Overview: Twenty Perspectives ... Parameters ... Brainbee Cycles
    2. Must read: Civility Brainbees
    3. Must read: Grassroots Gerrymandering
    4. Must do: Watch a brainbee working
      Brainbees, Types

      # of Submissions

      Election, One winner(forced), No Run-off 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Primaries
      Election: Run-off, No Winner with 50%+ 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Primaries
      Citizen Legislation(Polls): Seven Finalist 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Citizen Legislation, Class Actions, Pardons
      Rankings: Top 49 submissions 49 ... 343 ... 2401 Commissions, Surveys, JobTime, MarketTime
      Global Grassroots Gerrymandering t.b.a.
    5. Super-Brainbee: To wit, "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." (details)
    6. Brainbees will re-time several buggy-whip industries in which the majority of people monthly pay up to 32 hours of wages.
    7. Note: Individual coding modules have been tested and re-tested. However, final fine tuning of one could bug another module. Report bugs at Bugs@Timism.com.
  6. Lifehour Power(7,8,9), A shovel-ready new barter-currency: Maybe you will see what's wrong with currencies, especially phony currencies. Timism's lifehours are tied to the problem-solving worth of individuals as in "What is your time currently worth."
    1. Must read: Simple Overview and Rationale of Lifehours
    2. Must read: Lifehours vs.barter-currency: Needs vs Wants

    3. Main Street commerce: Trading Lifehours ... Dutch Auctions ... Mom-and-Pop Signup ... Purchases: Food or Goods/Services. As with brainbees, lifehour works in any economy like a printing press. See lifehours in action, Signup Guidelines.

  7. Idea Lotteries: The mode by which the insights of Timism are shared with supporters who receive one lifehour for the payment of one lifeminute. At one million supporters, seven supporters are randomly selected to receive big bonuses. Seven reporters per each national state critiquing the idea, pro or con, receive upto 50 lifehour rewards. Thus, in the USA with 50 states, 350 journalist can earn lifehours (Idea Lotteries). This publicity should viralize Timism.

  8. Global Simplicity: Maybe you will see how Timism is ready for any country. It has the simple complexity of a snowflake rather than sordid mess of a garbage dump.

  9. Simplication of Vaccinations Will a vaccine simple model, applicable to any high school in any country, prompt you to take Timism seriously? See Vaccine Jabber Democracy. It would yield $1.6 million per high school (24,000 in USA).

  10. Cash flow: Will high potential income warrant positive consideration of Timism? The average person will annually pay one hour of wages to receive the benefits of Timism, e.g., $30,000,000 per one million supporters in USA. (Cash flow)

  11. Theory of Everything: Maybe you will understand, respect and appreciate my 50-year life's work, i.e., Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence. Every event=entity can be quantified in two time variables (clock and impact) wherefrom the quality of the event-entity's existence.
  12. Timists: The Party Of, By, and For More Time. Dedicated to creating a global political party to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative by implementing better democracy thru brainbees. (Principles)
  13. Spokespersons: Topics (Brainbees, Lifehours, Hydrophlia, etc.)
  14. Twitter Milestones: Simple individual actions to reverse Climate Hell at 1, 2, 5 and 10 million followers.

In summary and conclusion, I know what needs to be done to reverse climate change. More than the money you can make, you should expedite your support to create a global decision-making process (Grassroots Gerrymandering) to implement the needed steps for the Primary Moral Imperative. If I die tomorrow, it will not matter to me, but, climate change will matter to you.

Thank you,

Robert S. "Bob" Barnett

Visions without reason are treason to reason.
Visions without roadmaps are stop signs.
Individuals define. Committees refine.
Travel alone to think farther faster.

Ego sum. Ego creo.