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CO2's Hydrophilia(water-loving): The simple, molecular "smoking gun" of droughts, fires and floods.
The link between rising CO2 and Climate Hell
  1. CO2 likes water more than water likes itself whence carbonated beverages having up to 27% CO2 of volume.
  2. Increased atmospheric carbonation soaks up more ground and atmospheric water (FRQs at 34:1) causing droughts and fires.
  3. Subsequently, downwind "soda bottle shakes" of the aggregated FRQ's into atmospheric rivers cause destructive deluges and floods.
  4. As transparent globular cluster of water, FRQs may act like a drop of water on a leaf which concentrates sunlight into a heat sufficient to burn the leaf. This possible phenomenon may explain the unprecedented 2022 heat waves.
If one doen't understand electricity and chemistry, one is flying blind in understanding climate change. Documenting and projecting climate trends is not understanding climate change. Members of the American Meteorological Society are like the doctors who can predict your death, but because they don't understand the underlying cause they cannot diagnose the disease so as to stop your death. I do: (Unique qualifications).

Historical events (Oil Droughts) buttressing the CO2 hydrophilia thesis: Important to note that each barrel of oil on the average has 140 barrels of natural gas whence blow-outs at oil wells. Most oil field natural gas has no commercial value since it cannot be profitably transported so it is burned off. Saudi Arabia daily burns about 7 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

  1. Horn of Africa: Downwind from Saudi/Kuwait/etc. oilfields, the drought began and grew in 1965. During the 9-month OPEC oil embargo of the mid-1970s when Saudi production dropped 95%, normal precipitation returned. Since then, the social, economic and political chaos has worsened.
  2. Brazil/Amazon Forest: Brazil developed massive oil wells off its east coast: 50,000>100,000 barrels per day. As the wells developed, burned-off natural gas metastasized a growing downwind drought envelope expanded in Amazon rain forest reversing its CO2 sequestering into CO2 generation.
  3. US Dustbowl #1: Began late 1920s with upwind massive East Texas oil fields burning off vast amounts of non-commercial natural gas. The CO2 traveled as Texas Panhandler across the Mid-West. Ended in 1939 with beginning of World War II when production dropped by 65%. Blaming the farmers was mis-placed blame.
  4. US Dustbowl #2: Began after WWII with development of West Texas Permian Basin. Ended in 1956 when cheap Arab oil flooded market causing massive drop in US production.
  5. Hurrican Katrina and subsequent East Coast creeping drought: Hurricane Katrina destroyed many Gulf of Mexico oil and gas pipelines from massive GOM wells (50,000>100,000 barrels perday). Repairing oil lines first and burning off (illegally) the natural gas, a drought envelope expanded up the US East Coast. (VaTech almost canceled 2nd semester do to lack of water from extended drought.)
  6. Afghanistan Chaos: Upwind Caspian Sea oil field burnoff reduces downwind Afghani precipitation by 85%, insufficient for wheat but enough for opium (the main revenue source for the Taliban).
    (Fifteen oil drought events are documented in Global Dying.)

While the burned-off natural gas can be curtailed, the following closed loop is probably unstoppable.

  1. Drought due to atmospheric CO2 soaking up water,
  2. Forest Fire (massive amounts of CO2 released from burning wood),
  3. More Droughts,
  4. More Forest Fires,
  5. ad infinitum.

Consistently, CO2's Hydrophilia has caused precipitation changes (too little or too much) leading to social, economic and political chaos grounded in universal, acclerating inflation from less food and more mouths, e.g., Syria is the midst of 900 year drought.

Additional ramifications are detailed in Carbon Dioxide--The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.

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Western fossil fuel foolishness festers forest fires further fostering farther floods. This map from New York Times (August 24, 2021) shows the above sequence and consequences previously documented in the 2012 droughts and deluges. The drought/deluge sequence was originally detailed in Timism's Oil Droughts (1982). Petrophiliacs knew this back in the 1950s. And, the granddaddy of climate change predictors was the physicist/mathematician Fourier who in 1824 said industrialization from burning coal would have "greenhouse" effect. Or, maybe Benjamin Franklin in the 1760s.

For every dollar of infrastructure lost to forest fires, the downwind deluges destroy hundreds if not thousands of dollars of past human effort.

  1. Forest fires release monstrous amounts of CO2 that soak up water which further prevents local rainfall while causing downwind record-breaking downpours, e.g., Colorado River basin going dry as Pacific moisture is absorbed by fossil-fuel foolishness for long-distant discharge.
  2. This is a self-sustaining, self-worsening, trans-national, jetstream-delivered closed loop on Planet Earth. Examples:
    1. California moisture deluges Texas, South, East Coast or New England depending on prevailing wind pattern (see above map).
    2. Amazon fires as source of different national impact based on seasonal wind patterns (UK Climate Bombs, Belgium/Germany floods, Texas, East Coast, Panama Canal limitations, etc.).
    3. From Hurricanes for Dummies
      1. Satellite images of hurricanes making landfall show the mid-ocean "donuts" becoming ripped "," (commas) or blastomas.
      2. The lower left quandrant pulls in human-sourced coastal CO2 that strips water from particulates thereby forming transparent FRQs.
      3. As the hurricane rotates over the ocean, the CO2-stripped particulates re-populate with ocean water as the in situ CO2 is saturated.
      4. Satellite video images show the development of "cloud pimples"  in the right quadrants that expand like bacteria in a petri dish until a solid cloud mass re-appears. (This process also generates contrails and ship tracks[really cool, showing human-generated CO2 on Westcoast FRQing moisture with a distinct boundary, gradated by human density ... far out!].)
      5. Thus, cubic volume for cubic volume a FRQ'd hurricane contains more moisture than a non-FRQ'd hurricane, i.e., greater intensity and precipitation.
      6. Hurricane Gaston, 2004, stalled half-way over the mid-Atlantic Coast, showed this constant merry-go-round of stripping and pimpling.
      7. This visual circularity of stripping/pimpling/dumping has a linear counterpart in the jetstream causing international and inter-continental drought/deluges.
    4. Others are listed in Timism's websection Global Dying.
  3. We are witnessing a hockey-stick accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown which gives us a few years at most, not decades, to reverse the CO2 rise: The list of countries increase each week with record numbers of droughts, fires, deluges and floods .
  4. Possibly, if not probably, we are experiencing de facto global, atmospheric Chernobyl chain reaction in which we have only months rather than years or decades. More fires means more droughts which means more fires ad infinitum. Millions died in the German Holocaust from Zykon-B. Billions will die in the Global Holocaust from CO2.
  5. Since the 1990s, I have said the Northern Hemisphere would suffer an ELE (Extinction Level Event) in the form of a non-ending heat wave that would destroy the foodchain (see Polar Timebomb). I think it has begun, e.g., the untackled Siberian wildfires are greater in area than the rest of wildfires on Planet Earth. What needs to be done will not be done.
  6. Climate Criminals:
    1. If Europeans understood the molecular how of climate change, they would demand a termination of Nord Stream 2 pipeline which will worsen the pendulum of European weather extremes.
    2. Likewise, after climate change disasters, the concrete-dependent rebuilding speeds up climate worsening inasmuch as concrete production is the second highest human source of CO2.
    3. The same can be said for Biden's $3.5 trillion infrastructure pork-barrel project--an unprecedented climate cancer. (Timism's Manheaven Project is a climate cure to reverse climate hell.)
    4. In all similar cases, the cure is worse than the disease as politicians win the battle of re-election while losing the war to save life on Planet Earth, the Primary Moral Imperative.
    5. Cancel COP26: A Climate Cancer of Academic and Non-Profit Hypocrites.
    6. TV weatherheads are universally climate criminals as justified in "Why won't US TV News say 'climate change'?" (Guardian, Sept 2, 2021). This writer has suffered repeated closed-door responses, e.g., Al Roker, WWBT-NBC, and WCCO-CBS. (Press Releases since 1982)
    7. Putin's Pyrrhic Ukraine Victory (Spring 2022) ... Winning battles, losing wars. Soldiers should be fighting Siberian forest fires.
    8. Polar time-bomb
      In Winter, 2022, the U.S. experienced a record of weekly or twice-weekly winter mega-storms. Per the Hydrophlia model, the source was the mega-forest fires in Siberia. The mega-tons of generated CO2 swooped across the artic region sucking up moisture and coldness with a downward jetstream target of North America. Whatever hope humanity had before February 24, 2023, to reverse Climate Hell, it was decisively diminished with Putin's Ukraine invasion: More destruction, more refugees, more CO2. Russian troops should have been fighting the Siberian fires. The closed loop of CO2>forest fires>CO2 was worsened by Putin. The worst climate criminal in the world behind the global holocaust of CO2 is Vladimir Putin. It is likely he will have his Yekaterinburg moment ... perhaps by one of his sugar babies. Or, he will have a successful July 20, 1944. Russian leaders: Are you really willing to risk Putin's threat of nuclear war to pursue his narcosistic psychosis ... to risk your children and grandchildren to suffer hell on earth?
  7. Based on more many historic droughts (listed in Global Dying), a perusing reader will see how we could reverse the droughts, fires and deluges in a few weeks. This is no time to fight the climate war with political igknowance and greed of prior wars on poverty, drugs, unemployment, crime, corruption, etc.

I hope you do your part for the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate hell. You, the reader, have a duty to open the mind of humanity not only to a better understanding of climate change but to a more dire dread of humanity being on deathrow.

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Bob Barnett


Final Thought: It is too late to reverse climate change. What needs to be done will not be done. We are all on deathrow. There will be no commutation of our death sentences. Blame your habitual politicians. More importantly, blame yourself. BOKYAG.

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