Burn, Baby, Burn:You deserve climate hell

Email PR, Summer 2014

2009 Version

For decades, I tried to nicely share my 1982 essay "Droughts Forever" and subsequent research on how rising atmospheric CO2 causes longer droughts with intervening record deluges.  Maybe mean-spirited, sadistic sarcasm will prompt more public awareness and less private greed. You are the cause of and you deserve your climate disasters as explained and detailed by the following links.

  1. CO2 Matrix: Droughts downwind from major sources of CO2:
  2. Organic thesis of CO2 causing climate change and extremes.
  3. Fission-Fusion of CO2's atmospheric dynamics drive weather patterns
  4. Polar Timebomb: Doomsday Tape
  5. Hurricanes for dummies
  6. Petrophiliacs: Abusing life on earth for petrowealth
  7. AlphaTrifecta: Alzheimers, Autism, ADHD increased due to CO2 increase
  8. Keystone Pipeline
  9. Hockey Stick Endtimes: Existential Meltdown
  10. Scorched Earth Policy
  11. Mother Nature Does not Care
  12. What needs to be done will not be done.

Continuing the sarcasm, I doubt if you have the iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence) to understand let alone act on the above information. So, enjoy your future burning up and flooding away.

P.S. My being perfect would be nicer if lazy scumnuts did not try to claim a higher moral ground by self-revealing pittance like "It must be nice to be perfect." Well, the following shows that I am not perfect but closer than you ever imagined for yourself. Click here for details of each item.

  1. Roadmap: Reversing global warming requires a roadmap, not an empty, everyone-has-one vision. Visions are nothing more than glorified opinions expressed in warm and fuzzy terms for what one pines. Visions and opinions are like assholes--everyone has one.The roadmap of timism has three main mileposts.
    1. The existing financial system is a cancer that will destroy the economic, social and political infrastructures needed for a global organization for uniform action. We need to refinance all loans into "lifehours" with profit-sharing payback.
    2. Either we share job time or jobless crime. The money one directly or indirectly saves by loan re-financing must translate into a shorter workweek so as to create employment vacancies on the career ladders to attract the unemployed. Thus, people will have more disposable time and money in a safer, saner world (24in4).
    3. Healthcare based on community service.
  2. Timism: Morality of More Time
  3. Linear Speed of Light is epiphenomenon of
  4. Magister Ludi  of the Glassbead Game
  5. TED Speech: I do not know everything nor do I know how to save the world. However, no one comes close to knowing how to reverse global warming given my resume and achievement which show decades of research into description, prescriptions, organizing and motivating. (If you do not like my bedside manners and reject my prescriptions, that is ok, for I have a sadistic side which enjoys knowing that most people think their emotional self-importance requires the life-saving doctor to kiss their ass.)

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 > #3 Mother Nature Does not Care ext=XJU http:\\www.youtube.com\watch?v=P7zv0u1qXJU
 > #4 What needs to be done will not be done ext=NCW http:\\www.youtube.com\watch?v=lUCtysTpNcw
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 > #1 Droughts Forever 071101 1982 Oil Drought Paper
 > #2 CO2 Matrix 071101 Global Dying: Summary Overview
 > #3 Organic thesis 100315 Organic Thesis of Atmospheric CO2 Behind Droughts and Deluges
 > #4 Fission-Fusion 140530 Fission-Fusion of Atmospheric CO2
 > #5 Polar Timebomb 100303 Polar Time Bomb: 2010?, 2011?, 2012?
 > #6 Hurricanes for dummies 071101 Hurricanes for Dummies
 > #7 Petrophiliacs 071101 Petrophilia: Loving oil even if it kills us
 > #8 AlphaTrifecta 071101 Alpha Trifecta: Alzheimers, Autism, ADHD
 > #9 Hockey Stick Endtimes 140530 Hockey Stick Hell by 2015
 > #10 iCube 120310 iCube: Integrity of Intellect and Intelligence
 > #11 Roadmap 111226 Roadmap to saving life on earth, the primary moral imperative
 > #12 Timism: Morality of More Time 071101 Morality of More Time: Timism, The Threads of Time in the Fabric of Existence
 > #13 Magister Ludi 121020 Magister Ludi of the Glassbead Game
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< #1 FissionFusionOfCO2 140530 Fission-Fusion of Atmospheric CO2
< #2 BurnBabyBurn 091216 Burn, Baby, Burn!

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