2 Milepost Roadmap to saving life on earth,

the primary moral imperative

Vote Support at One-Minute Democracy

  1. Refinance all loans and debts into lifehours with profit-sharing re-payment.
  2. Replace business-paid healthcare with community service healthcare in solving real problems.
    Business healthcare discriminates against seniors and women.

Convert personal cost savings into reduced workweek to create job vacuum on career ladder:
Either we share job time or jobless crime with inflationary costs of un-, under- and mis-employment

By better empowering humanity to recognize and resolve global warming with the above reforms,
we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and funds
for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world--24in4.

Summary Press Release

A. Lincoln said that he could not get ahead of public opinion. Many a doctor has told the patient that treating the illness required several steps that were dependent on the patient completing each step. The solution to a problem has four steps which each must be completed 100% before the problem is solved. The Timistic Roadmap to saving life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--consists of several milepost which must be passed before successfully reaching the end of the journey. The Primary Moral Imperative is not a marathon in which runners can cheat by catching a bus.

Unending are the habitual politicians who pontificate on their vision for the future. Unerringly are the outcome of these visions which are shallow, substanceless or blind. Invariably, these visions are nothing but a collection of electorate wants which are packaged as political promises.

In general, a vision is the second step (prescribe) of the four steps necessary to solve a problem: define, prescribe, organize and motivate. As with all steps, a vision can be 0% to 100% in relevance to solving the problem. For example, a male says he is horny which is a common 100% description of a common biological, mental and emotional problem. He has a vision of seducing all the homecoming queens in the world. Fat chance with a zero percent of solving his problem. Most habitual politicians have visions that are similarly all screwed up which is why they never achieve the third or fourth step necessary to solve a problem.

If one has described the problem(s) and has a collection of viable 100% solutions then one has a vision provided one has organized the solutions into a roadmap. If one has a roadmap of prescriptions then one must organize and motivate the problem-solvers to drive down the road of life to success. Habitual politicians problem-solving approach is to throw tax dollars at problems without qualifying whether they are solving or worsening the problems.

Politicians think in terms of funny numbers on funny paper rather than the real source of wealth and worth, that is, what do we do with our time. One of the best example of this funny mess is the advent and promotion of various forms of gambling, e.g., lotteries, casinos, and 401ks. Can we play, game or gamble our way to prosperity as a nation? The hype behind gambling is based on greedy hypocrisy by the promoters who prove, once again, the road to hell is paved with good advertisement based on bad values.

The brand "Timism" is different than politicians and political parties that sway with the winds of sound bytes. Timism has a roadmap listing the destructive potholes along with the repair vehicles and the funding to fix our common problems. It is important to note that this singular effort aided by others along the way began in the late 1970's. This roadmap is not a last minute concoction to dazzle the dazed. The majority of the writings defining were written in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The 1980's were spent learning computer skills to promote the two main reform keys, better democracy and better capitalism--see news article, Self-Starter. An effort was made to implement these principles within the work place, AESOP and Managing w/o Managers. A telecommunication program was developed which worked not only worked on computers but on credit card machines as an infrastructure to a new, honest functional currency, the lifehour. Dysfunctional currencies are delivering the coup de grace to the world's economy. A key to better democracy is the brainbee which was first tested in 1989 on a touch-tone phone system--Miev Va Heak was the first brainbee winner. During Ross Perot's Presidential run, I offered through a Dallas Morning News ad the Tools of Timism. My reward was a nasty phone call from one of his campaign workers.

In summary on the timistic roadmap to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, a roadmap has been constructed over four decades based on the morality of more time. History shows that economic and political systems based on the morality of religions always collapse into chaos and suffering. Religions are half-efforts at achieving the morality of more time inherent in timism--thus religious adherents are viewed from timism as half-goddists. Why religios proclaiming great afterlives are involved in daily secular problem-solving is one of the many reasons why they are illogical aliens who will never solve the problems on earth. It life on earth is saved, it will by logical earthlings.

Like a doctor offering a lifesaving surgery, this timistic doctor will not waste time on the endtime miraculous cures without the patient observing new diets and exercises. The needed steps to better earthly health are the milepost on the timistic roadmap.

The Roadmap is not a last-minute political gambit but is the product of decades
of defining, prescribing, organizing and motivating (4-steps in solving problems)
an effort not without great personal sacrifice, suffering and, insults.


  1. 130113 Visions are like opinions which like one's behind: Everyone has one. And, as history has shown, the more or bigger the vision, the more or bigger the opinions and behinds.

    Visions are fancy ways of listing, wrapping and sharing one's wants. Roadmaps, not visions, are what count. Needs, not wants. Visions are like bitching which constitutes only the first step in solving a problem, that is, describe, prescribe, organize and motivate. Many think they have their duty as a problem-solver by bitching or visioning, e.g., Limbaugh, O'Really, preachers, etc.

    Visionaries are piedpipers promising people something-for-nothing as they lead flocks astray by distractings false maps. Consider Steve Job who convinced Americans that 24/7 self-distraction is self-actualization. Facebook Zuckerman desecrated the word "friend" by enouraging people to manufacture and counterfeit "friends." The highest density of visionaries are in politics with the highest density of ignorance being in their blissful followers. False gods beget false goods.

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