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CO2's Schizophrenia: Organic Thesis of Atmospheric CO2

aka, The Bipolar Ying-Yang of Droughts, Deluges and Contradictions

Unfortunately, no existing explanation explains global warming sufficiently to warrant widespread acceptance and action. As a brand, global warming suffers from hopscotching weathermen who sound like flaky California gurus preaching the latest touchy-feeley cosmic cures. In 2010, more than half  of TV weathermen don't believe in global warming: "More than a quarter of the weathercasters in the survey agreed with the statement "Global warming is a scam," the researchers found. ibid  The brand suffers from computer modeling which dies the death of a thousand qualifications each time climatologists says the computer models are wrong and need revisions.  Meteorologists cannot explain the early-2010 extensive severe cold systems, a seeming contradiction to a world warming up. The same is happening in the Southern Hemisphere, e.g., record snow in South Africa and coldness in South America. The deniers are having a field day with the contradiction: If the world is warming, why is there record-breaking cold and snow? Simple answer, the ying-yang of the organic properties of CO2.

Organic chemistry is based on the properties of carbon as the backbone of a molecule. One of CO2's most common and commercial facts is how it readily soaks into water--the ying. The flip side of CO2 soaking into water is atmospheric CO2 soaking up water--the yang.

Unappreciated within the political debates and computer models is CO2's ying-yang disrupting the historical water cycle. Easily and broadly documented is the decreased precipitation and increased droughts downwind from major sources of CO2, e.g., oil fields. CO2's hydrophilia desiccates and desertifies the downwind land. Ironically, CO2 lives up to its solidified name, dry ice.

Global warming has been occurring as local warming for decades if one analyzes climate changes downwind from major sources of CO2 like oil fields and cities. Global warming is like a cancer that can be detected locally before it becomes globally systemic. Long before rising CO2 levels warm us to death, the organic properties of CO2 will destroy life on earth by drought, deluge, fire and famine.

Historical Droughts and CO2

Before explaining how there is no contradiction between global warming and extreme colds, a few other historical falsehoods about climate change need to be reassessed from the organic CO2 thesis.

Every major historical and current drought since the 1930's US Dustbowl can be found to be downwind from a major oil field where excess natural gas is burned off, approximately 1000 cubic feet per barrel of oil. The list includes

In effect, the downwind local warming impact of CO2 plumes from oil fields is a harbinger of global warming: increased droughts, food shortages, social collapse and failed states.

(2010 Update: The sudden late spring floods in the US Midwest can be tied to the upwind massive burning of gas and oil at the British Petrophilia Gulf well disaster. If people are going to be compensated for losses from the New Horizons blow-out, a lot of Mid-westerners need to contact Kenneth Feinman. 2011 Update: Massive April tornados resulting from CO2 enlarging weather systems in size and duration like adding more potatos to the stew on the stove.)

Drought Flipflops

Doubting Thomases of the organic thesis of CO2 causing droughts might be less doubting by considering three historical instances in which CO2-generation decreased rainfall with an intervening alleviation of drought. One is the East African drought that began in 1960's. The other is the US East Coast drought that began in the 1990's. The oldest examples are the US Dustbowls (1930's and 1950's).

The East African drought began when Saudi oil production exceeded 8 million barrels a day in the mid-1960's. Because of having no market for the embedded natural gas, Saudi Arabia daily flared about 4 billion cubic feet of CO2 generating natural gas in 2008. Space Shuttle images of the burning Kuwaiti oil wells during the first Gulf War (1991) shows the smoking plumes snaking thousands of miles over the peninsula onto the Horn of Africa. Amazingly, the plumes don't readily dissipate as they only expand to a  few miles in height and to less than forty miles wide over the course of almost 2,000 miles. But they are like wiggling vacuum hoses sucking up water from the ground below. The primary cause for social and political turmoil in Equatorial Africa is the desertification of 80% of the arable land in the last 30 years. The flipflop? The East African drought went away for about seven months that coincided with the 1970's OPEC oil embargo when the Saudis cut production by 90% or more.

The Eastern US drought went away when a pipeline system was completed to distribute the natural gas from the monster Gulf Of Mexico(GOM) oil wells. Less than 100 in total, these wells produce 30,000 to 100,000 barrels a day compared to a US onshore average of seven barrels per day, about 25% of domestic US oil production. Previously, the natural gas was burned off which dessicated the downwind US East Coast, causing droughts. Hurricane Katrina disrupted the GOM pipelines, both oil and gas. Naturally, the oil companies first repaired the more profitable oil pipelines before the gas lines. The flipflop? During the six months after Katrina destroyed seabottom pipes, the natural gas was burned off, rather than transported: A mini-drought returned to the US East Coast.

Another flipflop example was the Dustbowls of 1930's and 1950's. The 1930's Dustbowl ended in 1939 when production dropped  by over 65% due to the start of WWII and the end of European exports. By the time production ramped up with the US entry into WWII, gaslines had been built to pipe the gas to the industrial Midwest--a repeat of the GOM gaslines ending the 1990's East Coast drought. The 1950's Dustbowl ended in 1956 when cheap Arab oil flooded the US market, causing a 60%+ drop in Texas oil production.

First Drought then Deluge

Axiomatically, as the water-absorbing atmospheric CO2 becomes saturated, a rapid water release occurs when atmospheric conditions agitate the CO2. Compared to the particulates that bind water into droplets that form clouds, organic water clusters can be released more rapidly. Furthermore, the density of water in CO2 clusters is greater than in water particles because of the water's hydrophobic property which CO2 neutralizes. The carbonation of the atmosphere reduces rainfall in one area while distant areas record deluges. The increase in record rainfall--feet per hour--reflects CO2 binding more water and releasing it faster than the traditional atmospheric water cycle. If one tracks the weather patterns downwind from oil fields, one finds drought envelopes beyond which are areas with increased deluges.

Cloaking Water

An interesting feature of CO2 water clusters is that they are invisible compared to the particulate water droplets. One can see this by watching clouds approaching a large city from un-inhabited areas or by reviewing satellite images of hurricane shapes. On the website, pictures from Dallas, TX, and Richmond, VA, show clouds disappearing as they approach the metropolitan areas which are mega-sources of CO2 from private vehicles and dense housing. As explained later, CO2 organic properties are the basis of high and low weather systems. Given the highs are not rain producing, cities like Los Angeles have caused the decrease in fire-reducing clouds by generating billions of cubic feet of dessicating CO2. Organically, oxidizing a gallon of gasoline binds up and displaces up to 34 gallons of water.

Satellite images show a difference in hurricane shapes based on the presence of CO2 bubbles. Early satellite images of the 1960's and 1970's (when CO2 generation was lower) show donut-shaped hurricanes which over the years became ill-shaped blastomas as they encounter CO2 masses of cities or oil fields. Review two season-first hurricanes,  1992 Andrew versus 2006 Alberto. One can see this deformation by CO2 absorbing and cloaking water in the creation and progress of hurricanes. Initially, hurricanes in the Eastern Atlantic are "donutty" but visibly distort as they approach the CO2-sources of the US and Carribean. One NOAA sequence of a single hurricane (Charley 2004)shows how the shape changes with the side closest to human development having a cloaked section. Another comparison showing the impact of CO2 cloaking is to compare the shape of Atlantic and Pacific cyclonic systems from satellite images. Lacking the CO2 bubbles of the Western Atlantic, the Pacific storms are more donutty.

Hurricanes for Dummies: Ferocity and Formation

Hurricane behavior is affected by the CO2 in many ways. The cloaking does change the precipitation but not wind speed. Like the deluge area beyond a CO2-induced drought envelope, the hurricane will become a deluge maker when it does rain. Furthermore, as noted in the sequence of 2004 Bonnie-Charlie, a satellite-obvious CO2 mass in the Gulf of Mexico caused Bonnie to drop from Category 2  (Cat-2) to a tropical depression in a few hours. Trailing Bonnie by a day, Charlie picked up the CO2 saturation left by Bonnie to jump by two Cats in a few hours. For those at NOAA who could not explain the Bonnie drop and Charlie jump, the answer is the organic properties of CO2. If a hurricane encounters unsaturated CO2, its shape and ferocity drops, e.g., 2004 Frances. If a hurricane encounters a saturated CO2 mass, its ferocity escalates. One reason for increased ferocity is the greater density of CO2 saturated air with more water per volume thus more energy release per volume.

Formation of hurricanes is impacted by levels of CO2. When the fires of the Iberian peninsula were blowing into the eastern Atlantic birthing area of hurricanes, no hurricanes formed. This is because tropical cyclonic systems need a feedback loop involving precipitation to form and grow. As CO2 will stop a hurricane in its tracks (2004 Bonnie), increasing CO2 will decrease the formation of hurricanes. This is the reason that the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was a bust while the less carbonated Pacific atmosphere has been quite lusty. While some people have expressed joy, "So far, so good" as one New York Times reporter stated in late summer 2099, the water tables expect a certain amount of precipitation to remain useful to cities and farmers that use well water. Better to have hurricanes and crops than none and none.

CO2 underlying high and low weather systems

Consider the difference of between a high and a low pressure system. Consistently, a high is clear and dry with higher pressure while a low is cloudy and wet. This difference is not only similar to the organic effects of CO2 on clouds, hurricanes and precipitation but the difference is a result of CO2 spin, that is, CO2's organic behavior defines high and lows. The higher density of clear CO2 saturated air masses is why the pressure is higher.

As overall atmospheric CO2 increases, the size and duration of both weather systems increases. It is like putting more water in a pot and stirring it. As the water amount increases, the time length before it stops spinning increases. Or, similarly, a larger, heavier car takes longer to break and sways further outward on curves--inertia. Recent increases in atmospheric CO2 accounts for longer, harsher weather conditions away from their normal terresterial range, e.g., colder colds closer to equator, hotter hots closer to the poles. The unprecedented Summer, 2010, heatwave and fires in Russia was ascribed to the jetstream traveling further south into the hot, dry tropics before looping back up into Russia. This is analogous to the heavier car swaying further outward on curves. (Undetailed here is how air molecules moving at 7000 to 9000 mph play a bigger role in the formation of highs and lows than the piddling mph of hurricanes and tornados, both are spinoffs of carbon's spin. A parallel is the difference between nuclear and chemical bonds.)

Criticism of Meteorologists

Since 1982, repeated attempts have been made to share the Organic Thesis of CO2 with meteorologists. Almost 30 years later, the attempts continue. What is wrong with meteorologists? In general, as is true with all fields and humanity as a whole, the vast majority are half-witted regurgitators living beyond their financial, intellectual and emotional means. These limitations force them to live within their comfort zones so as not to jeopardize their paychecks, zeitgeist and egos. In general, all fields are politicized--there is little room for a true free thinker with a purist free will.

In general, meterologists, climatogists, and weathermen are part of the continuing, exacerbating trend of public figures relying on teleprompters to convey an empty expertise. In effect, these telepromptees are teleliars. More specifically, like economists, meteorologists use nebulous terms that allow them cognitive and semantic slippage , contradictions and dishonesty. As foils to fool igknowant funny mentalists, tenured economists have inflation, free markets and capitalism. Habitual politicians have patriotism, the American dream and democracy. Moneytheistic preachers evilute faith , funny mentals  and morality: Meteorologists have energy, global warming and heat to jerry-rig their misleading half-truths and full-lies.

Winter 2010 Severe Cold: No Contradiction

When one manually makes ice cream, one adds salt to the ice to make the ice melt faster which lowers the temperature of the cream. Like sodium chloride (NaCl, a salt), carbon dioxide has chemical properties that cause ice to melt faster which increases atmospheric water content and decreases atmospheric temperature. That property is hydrophilia: CO2 likes H2O more than H2O likes itself, hence carbonated beverages, e.g., pop, beer and champagne.

An insightful parallel, not analogy, is the difference between the fog when you open your freezer door and the fog of dropping frozen CO2--dry ice!--into water. The former disappears within a few feet while the latter fog remains intact for 10, 20 or more feet as witnessed on dance floors. Carbon dioxide binds the water into clusters that remain intact longer than particle-bound water.

This explains, in part, how CO2 traversing the polar regions increases evaporation/sublimation of polar ice which is jet streamed to lower latitudes. These atmospheric currents are a reverse analog of how Alaska and England have temperate climates moderated by the warm Pacific and Atlantic currents. While oceanic currents move only a few miles per hour, jet streams live up to their name.

Record cold and snow are the logical yang of these massive polar CO2 fogs rapidly descending toward the equator in a few days not seasonal progressions. There is no contradiction between global warming and record cold/snow. It is the same organic properties of CO2 that explains how the 2009 hurricane season was a bust. Rising CO2 will prevent the birthing of hurricanes by absorbing the water needed to start the cyclonic activity. And, the fact that 2010 has been the warmest on record makes this writer thinks his conclusion of 90% global Depopulation by 2015 is optimistic.

There is no contradiction between long-term global warming and short-term local cooling if one understands the ice cream and dry ice parallels of CO2 chemical properties.

Summary: Longer droughts, bigger fires, greater violence

The global warming protesters are mis-focused. Long before the warming effects of CO2 kill life on earth, the organic properties will famish and burn us to death. As the biomass dries out, fires will become larger and longer which not only throws billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere but reduces the biomass that sequesters CO2. The 2009 L.A. Station Fire, the size of Chicago, is a dwarf compared to the coming continental fires. Sydney Australia's red dust storm (September 2009) presages a red infernal that will eclipse the 2005 Christmas Outback fire and Victoria's 2009 fires. In only a few months, civilization will cease--see March 2006 conclusions.


  1. Organic View, Louis Pasteur:
  2. Cold Side Of Global Warming
  3. The granddaddy and mother of all mass extinctions (1 of 5) on the planet earth was at the end of Permian period (about 250 million years ago) when about 95% of life disappeared in about 60,000 years. The extinctoion has been tied to sudden rise in CO2 that not only raised the ocean temperature but acidified the ocean.
  4. The organic thesis predicts that more rainfall will occur over oceans which had previously fallen on land masses whence smaller snowpacks and dryer seasons.

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