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Fires In Russia

Russia, 2010: Pissing in the Wind

In Summer, 2010, Moscow suffered its first 100 degree day becoming another lottery winner of global dying. So much farmland was destroyed that the Russian government banned grain exports. It was emblematic of the massive future drought and heatwave. The biomass equation has suffered another, accelerating shift in the ability to sequester CO2 (decreased) while billions of tons of CO2 have been thrown up in the atmosphere by this series of preventable fires. (This Russian fire probably indicates we have passed the recovery point in fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth ... the point of no return.)

Notice how the prevailing winds are from the west where Russia exports its gas and oil. God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature, is balancing the Mother Russia's environmental book. Exporting fossil fuels that are burned upwind from one's agricultural areas is like pissing in the wind. The unpleasantries of being drenched in one's own urine is nothing compared to being droughted or deluged from elevated atmospheric CO2  that destroys one's food crops and burns one's home. The Russians, not God, have themselves to blame for being winners of the global dying lottery.

In early August, 2010, Russia announced a ban on exporting grains. Will Russia stop exporting its fossil fuels which are the cause of the destruction of more than 15% of its croplands? No, Russia's petrophiliacs and MIC (Military Industrial Complex) will keep the oil and gas flowing even as Russia has to start importing foodstocks. DASE! Like all habitual politicians and military morons, the top decision-makers think they can leave the problems behind like the White Russians did in 1917. But this is not 1917, and the problems are global not local.

How global? The water soaked up by Russians pissing in the wind observed the organic properties of CO2, torrentially being released elsewhere, Pakistan and China record flooding in August,`2010.

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  1. In January, 2011, a deal was announced that Russia would let British Petrophilia develop Arctic oil and gas reserves. The average Russian need only look at how development of Alaskas Prudhoe Bay for the environmental impact.

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