Local Warming Precedes Global Warming

Can the characteristics ascribed to global warming be expected locally if the wind consistently have a higher level of CO2? Probably. If so, the phenonenom of global warming is happening at a faster, concentrated rate as local warming downwind from oil fields.

In more and more minds, there is an acceptance of rising global CO2 levels leading to less radiation of heat. Less heat radiation means the rising global temperatures behind the Greenhouse effect. Could this global radiation rate be variable based on the concentration of CO2 downwind from the oil fields? That is, not only would there be record droughts but record temperature as the higher CO2 levels prevented heat radiation under the CO2 plume? Gas emissions remain together for great distances as shown by volcanic plumes, Kuwait oil fires and Sahara-To-Texas Duststorms. This would be akin to how on wintry nights, the temperature drops less if there is cloud coverage to keep the ground from radiating its heat into space. The best parallel, not analogy, for heat trapping by increased atmospheric molecules is night cooling/trapping by the absence/presence of clouds.

Consider the following quotations which tend to support simultaneously support the global greenhouse and downwind drought effects: In the year 2000, Dallas set a record of 59 straight days of temperatures over 100 which broke records set in 1934 and tied in 1950 (Reuters, Aug 29,2000). In the previous section on the unusual China floods, higher than normal termperatures were noted. The sadness of these figures is how people will use more energy for air conditioning thus creating the drought/heat waves necessitating more air conditioning ... ad infinitum. Please keep in mind that a drought and a desert do not automatically mean high temperatures, e.g., parts of Antartica.

One reason for this oil/drought connection being obscured is the gas:oil recovery ratio of new versus mature fields. With the latter, money has been invested from initial profits to increase money by recovering more of the gas rather than flaring it off. This is the gas:oil recovery ratio. The ratio is low in newly discovered fields or in fields where money is not available for gas liquification, e.g., China. In light of China's surging energy demands and its lowest gas:oil recovery ratio, this is a big problem for world peace.

The local warming affect may account for the faster spring thaws that are yielding 500-year floods every few years in the upper Midwest of the U.S. The same phenomenon of dropping more moisture beyond the drought enveloped coupled with downwind heat trapping would melt snow faster in the spring, thus the evening news head stories about record flooding on the Mississippi River.

The rising CO2 levels not only portend higher temperatures but require lower temperatures than previously for precipitation to occur. Thus, previously arid areas become more prone to droughts worldwide with the atmospheric moisture being released in torrents when it is released.

In Year 2000,

Heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions jumped 2.7 percent in the United States last year, the biggest increase since the mid-1990s, the Energy Department reported Friday.

The Energy Information Administration said the unusually high increase appeared to be the result of continued economic growth and more use of fossil fuels caused by colder weather and a drought that hindered hydroelectric power generation. [Interesting that, like Brazil, the cause of lost hydropower (dessicating fossil fuels) is being used more to make up for lost hydropower.]

The amount of carbon dioxide released from fossil fuel burning in the United States in 2000 was 16 percent, more than that released in 1990, the agency said.  (NYT)

It could be worth considering that there is an interaction between general increase in CO2 and downwind CO2 plumes which exacerbate both. Prior to the release of this discovery, no models have been considered with local warming. In other words, either model alone projects dire consequences. Together, the consequences are more dire.

The destruction of the Amazon Rain forest which accounted for half of the world's conversion of CO2 to O2 is being compounded by Brazil's pellmell exploitation of its offshore deepwater oil fields.

Long before the impact of rising temperatures from global warming, the alterred precipitation from CO2 binding will kill billions from increasing cycles of drought and flood.

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