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Lottery of Global Dying:
Russian Roulette Before Mass Die Off

While global dying is creeping up faster and faster and affecting everyone with higher prices from the collapsing foodchain, more and more people are finding that they are winners of the global dying lottery wherein the climate changes are condensed in record-breaking local or regional events: droughts, deluge, heatwaves, hurricanes, fires, etc. When one wins the global dying lottery, one's whole life is suddenly turned upside down as fire or flood destroys one's job or home.

If one does the timistic analysis of the time-savings versus the time-losses of burning fossil fuels, one sees how we are in a losing proposition. In other words, all the time-savings from fossil fuels for winners of the Global Dying Lottery were time-savings negated in one fell swoop of a natural disaster triggered by the organic properties of CO2. For humanity and life on earth, time is running out. We are in an existential meltdown.

Since we are all on death row, all us will one day wake up to a world gone with the wind. The biggest and final lottery of global dying will coincide with the unexpected sudden end of the arctic polar ice cap after which massive, continental heat waves of weeks, not days, dessicate and destroy the biomass from which we will suffer "Burn, Baby, Burn." The sudden world-changing effect of the British Petroleum Oil Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in Spring, 2010, is a harbinger of the real world-change coming with Global Dying.

Past Winners (new winners added as reported)

  1. 1965: Annual winners, Nations of Equatorial Africa (downwind from Saudi Peninsula oil fields) where 80% of farm land as become desert since 1965: Somalia, Ethiopia, Darfur, Kenya
  2. 2000
    1. California Drought and Santa Anna Wind Fires
  3. 2005
    1. Australia Christmas Fire where
  4. 2009
    1. Australia Easter Fires
  5. 2010
    1. Feb 6: Snowmaggedon on East Coast
    2. Mar 1: Madeira, Portugal floods
    3. Mar 16: Deluge of northeastern U.S.
    4. Mar 24: Record Dust Storm in China
    5. Mar 30: Rhode Island Unprecedented rainfall and flooding
    6. April 24: British Petrophilia blowout of oil rig in the gulf: Best example of massive economic collapse from petrophilia killing life on earth ... summary of the timistic analysis of oil as a time cancer. Institutionalized downwind deluge lottery from organic properties of methane/CO2 in atmosphere.
      • 100503 Nashville, Tennesee, USA, 13 inches of rain in 24 hours, normally 3 months worth. Record flooding.
      • 100611 Arkansas flooding
      • 100616 Oklahoma flooding
      • 100618 Alberta, Canada flooding
    7. August: Russia Drought and Fires
    8. August: Pakistan Flooding
    9. August: Poland Flooding
    10. August: Iowa Flooding, Ames Worst Ever
    11. December,
      1. California Flooding, worst ever
      2. Europe, Earliest, largest, coldest winter ever.
      3. US monster blizzard
      4. Australia flooding of area equal to Texas or France/Germany.
  6. 2011
    1. April: Record setting number of tornados in U.S.
    2. May: Record drought in Texas/Oklahoma with record rain in Mississippi Valley.
    3. May: Tornados, Joplin Missiouri
    4. June 1: "The 2011 Massachusetts tornado outbreak was a rare (for the region) tornado outbreak in the New England region of the United States ..."
    5. June 2: E Coli outbreak in Europe ... new strain ... more deadly: see AlphaTrifecta on how primitive organism are being stimulated to grow and mutate faster in a higher CO2 atmosphere.
    6. June 20: US fires in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
    7. June 20: China has massive floods where there had been crop destroying droughts. Duh!
    8. August 29: New England Flooding--Hurricane Irene was a perfect donut until it approached the US coast where the on-land fossil-fuel CO2 blastomas were drawn in, not only cloaking the moisture as the clouds disappeared into the FRQ clusters of CO2 but increased the moisture density ... hidden until atmospheric conditions initiated the soda bottle shake whereat all the hidden, cloaked moisture came out like shaking a two-liter soda bottle. It was the absorption of the moisture that reduced the initial impact of Hurricane Irene on the mid-Atlantic and New York City, a reduction that was like smothering a fire with chunks of wood or coal which resulted in a later, larger fire.
    9. Trees falling: Since 2003, this homeowner has removed all the dying trees on his city property, eight in total including a 5-foot diameter massive oak and an 80-foot pine tree. Overall, the cost has been about $10,000. The final three were removed in Fall 2011 by personal effort to save cost and learn more--see Tree Removal . Dying trees in everyone's yard with falling branches or worse is like everyone having a small winning lottery ticket in the global holocaust. We live in the bed we make. Congratulations on your personal, local lottery winnings.
    10. December: Growing conclusion that an ancillary effect of melting glaciers is increased earthquakes:
      1. Earth is a pingpong ball.
      2. Balloon pushing in and bulging out
      3. Whack-a-mole parallel
      4. Chinese earthquakes from filling Three Gorge Dam lake.
      5. Greenland's rising landmass from melting glaciers
      6. Earth's crust adjusting to less latteral pressure allowing faster plate movement whence more earthquakes.
  7. 2011 Trees falling: In one 20 yard by 20 yard space in Forest Hilll Park, Richmond, Va, 6 big oak trees fell within a few days.
  8. 2014 Drought causing earth's crust to rise: Loss of ground water--Mother Jones 1408