Conclusions: History of a End-time Timist

Timeline of Previous Conclusions

2006 Conclusions: Food Riots 2010 ... Government Collapse 2012/13 ... --see The elephant in the room (Global Dying)

Gloom and doomer? I don't like being a doom or gloom person. However, I do like doing a good job whether I choose to do it or I have to do it.

I do not predict. I conclude.  I am not a prophet . Prophets are like lottery ticket buyers. They only report when their guesses have been lucky while chosing to ignore the greater number of useless lottery tickets or useless false prophecies. As prophets would study the bones, entrails, or spit, so do lottery ticket buyers study useless books on how to outgame a dynamic system bases solely on chance.

Predictions are based on often illogical gut reactions. Conclusions are logically based on facts. One future vision fosters reality while the other is unreal. I am a matter-of-fact man not a matter-of-opinion man.

Predictions are the preserve of the illogical. Some guess right with history failing to record the predictors who were wrong. There have been over 200 instances of Christians predicting the end of the world  since Christ was born. Do the illogical aliens who occupy the pews on Sunday morning weight the history of Christian predictions against the promises of the moneytheist in the pulpit? No. As scumnuts , religious pew nuts want something for nothing rather than seeking the truths that will set them free.

It is like the average person who plays the lottery and talks about all his winnings but never talks about his greater losses. Like victims in a nation of 300 million with a reported total of 1.2 milllion victims based on personal claims, lottery winners are the everyday norm with no one ever losing if one listens to the lottery players. Predictors are like the televised big jackpot lottery winners. History and politicians remember them while ignoring the greater masses of losers and suckers who waste their time and money on playing and hoping that that they can gamble their way to prosperity. The lottery is a tax on those who don't know math while Wall Street is a tax on the middle-class who ignore math.

Conclusions are logical,  based on the data and facts. Of course, if the the latter are wrong then the former will be wrong. It is a variation the 4 steps in solving a problems, that is, if the description, prescription, organization and motivation are not each 100% then the problem solution will be less than 100%. Conclusions, unlike predictions and their ugly blow-ups (prophesies), are unemotional and matter-of-fact. Predictions are matter-of-opinions which do occasionally and luckly mimic a conclusion like lottery players and blind hunters.

Emotional, illogical, and opinionated people cherry pick predictions to formulate views of and values for their world. With each passing year this thinker has sought to be a better and better concluder by elevating his iCube, that is, his integrity of intellect and intelligence--see Magister Ludi. Toward this goal, he has developed tools to keep his thinking as fact-based as possible--see Daily.bat , EditIdea , and Eintime . Being logical requires accepting that some conclusions were wrong and accepting that ugly truths that destroy beautiful lies. Fortunately, ugly ducklings become real beautiful swans.

A logical person can formulate conclusions which can be labeled prescience, that is, Pre Science. Since science it Latin for knowledge, a prescient person is one who knows knowledge before it is common knowledge. Note, this knowledge of fact not matter of opinions. A racist preaching hate to an ever larger audience is not prescient. Such people often show their ignorance when they say their opinions is based on their conscience. Excuse me. Since when is ignorance, the willful act of ig-knowing, from or with science, that is, con science? Another example of the semantic dishonesty practiced by the illogical aliens , e.g., war is peace.

In reading the following, if you react that my future conclusions are merely my opinions, you might be right. Actually, I hope you are right and I am wrong. But most of mine were and are logical conclusions. In most cases, however, your claiming my conclusions is an opinion is a reflection on you, not me. The reader's rating of my conclusions and writings on a option/fact continuum tells more about the reader's manner of judgement than my deductions. It is like respect. If you don't respect me, it is a reflection on your integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) to re-inspect a respectable person. Your wearing yellow rose-tinted glasses does not make me jaundiced.

Some question my self-confidence. Others disdain it. Too many are marathon trippers . My track record of conclusions are my objective affirmation and validation. To base one's self-confidence on the opinions of others is a subjective reductio absurdum. It is like a politician who panders to his base. He and they hear what they want to hear regardless of whether reality or lies. Nowhere is this absurdity more apparent than on Sunday morning when masses of people embrace the belief that everyone's different view of God is right ... as long as we don't question the other person's faithfulness. If we can have a trinity of three-in-one why not everyone is the one ... me too.

An interesting thing about being a lucky concluder who comes up with simple solutions: You see the emptiness in the visions of others which means you have a better vision.

Conclusions on the Future
In general,
  1. Without better problem solving, what needs to be done to prevent the death of life on earth will not be done.

    1. Preamble:
      1. You cannot save yourself without saving your community.
      2. Your community cannot be saved without saving your nation.
      3. Your nation cannot be saved without saving all nations
    2. Prologue: Human population will peak and decline rapidly as the ecosystem fails from rising global warming, thawing...
    3. Preposterous problem-solving: False Hopes
    4. Profitable problem-solving
      1. Better Democracy
      2. Better Capitalism
      3. Better Values than Illogical Alienism , DooDoo Digestion, Evilutionists, Funny Mentalists , etc.
  2. Everyone wants something for nothing except for the wise man. Why? Unlike the scumnuts , a wise man knows free things are paid for in other ways that incur higher costs than if the "free" thing was directly purchased.
Personal Prep for the Future: Simple Solutions
  1. I became a gardner to prepare for the day when food production and distribution becomes too expensive for the average person.
  2. I consistently lowered my home thermostat not only to save money and the environment but to be comfortable when energy delivery problems makes cold houses the norm. I won't suffer system shock when the house is 35 degrees because I know how to comfortable at 30 degrees. My luck will come from preparation. We need to begin elementary democracy to build basis of community stability in the face of impending disaster of global dying.
In general, with each passing year,
  1. the percentage of people considering and committing suicide will increase
  2. the percentage of people considering and committing infanticide will increase
  3. the percentage of people considering and committing paricide will increase
  4. the percentage of people considering and committing fraticide will increase
  5. the percentage of prostitutes will increase
  6. the percentage of people supporting global humanasia will increase.
Reductions after establishing of Manheaven Commission.
Year CO2
1 25% 50% (3.5 billion)
2 10% 25% (1.75 billion)
3 1% a10% (700 million)
4 0% 5% (350 million)
5 -5% 3% (210 million)

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