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Chaotic Depopulation

The following is list of human economic units collapsing as a result of increasing problems that can be traced to the effects of global warming on the foodchain--the elephant in the room. First higher prices and then no food. They represent the dynamics of global warming as the microcosm of local warming downwind from major oil fields where non-commercial natural gas is burned off, cancerizing massive plumes of high-ppm CO2 that dessicate and destroy the foodchain.

  1. Somalia, Mogadishu
  2. Darfur
  3. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Gaza/Egypt
  5. Pakistan
  6. Afghanistan

More and more areas will experience Cannibalization and Babyback Ribs.

All of these areas, with more being added without addition herein to the list, are places where chaos is increasing Depopulation by violence. This is chaotic Depopulation. None of these areas will be part of the needed global effort, the Manheaven Project, to save life on earth. These are examples of why we need controlled depopulation.

As chaotic Depopulation accelerates, the probability decreases of fulfilling the primary moral imperative. What needs to be done will not be done. We will pass, if we have not already, the recovery point beyond which there is no hope.