EFT: The Double Edge sword: Allows more and faster legal theft but also also allows multi-tiered currency to eliminate the disparity that are the basis of the theft, e.g., LTCM.

Goals ... Observations ... Principles ... Questions

Thoughts on the Lifehour

Goals: Top

  1. Reduce the number of hours of life necessary to survive, that is, earned a daily living so as to increase the number of free hours of life, that is, the quality of life.

  2. Stop theft of time through currency

    1. by some being overpaid relative to the honest worth of their time in solving problems thus meaning some are underpaid, that is, denied an honest wage for an honest day of work--see Ancient Lifehours.

    2. by others stealing from today through currency manipulation and political corruption--see globalization

    3. by selves stealing from the future--Living beyond means form of inflation/ cancer , deficits, individual/collective

  3. Increasingly localize problem-solutions (goods and services) so as to reduce costs, especially energy use that creates a future problem--see cost of gas.

  4. The lifehour will be tied to the average income per hour, that is, the average problem-solving per capita.

  5. U.S. foreign aid will be redirected into trading lifehours between ecopos.

Principles: Top

  1. Multi-tiered lifehours per level of democracy: Global, Nation, State and Locality

  2. Variety of lifehour accounts at local level (timetax, food, housing, retirement, healthcare) which are hierarchical from need to want.

  3. A Timetax based on natural castrophes, e.g., fires, floods and hurricanes as well as acts of wars.

  4. Payment for goods and services increase by 10% as one goes between local to global levels .

  5. The private workweek will be adjusted so that all capable people are gainfully employed in private enterprise from 20 to 24 hours per week. Timetax adjusted based on community needs.

  6. Community service is required of all capable people on a regular basis to accumulate lifehours for the hierarchy of lifehour accounts, a Timetax.

  7. Community service will be increased during time of emergencies, e.g., hurricanes or floods.

  8. All transactions are taxed at a rate to meet the on-going cost of government.

    1. Product transaction tax
    2. Lifehour
  9. Authorized NUSA work is paid for in lifehours adjusted to the local economy: Initial pay is comparable to similar work.
  10. All lifehours in lifehour accounts are earned lifehours. Lifehours cannot be bought with anything other than hours of life at solving community service with the exception of LBO lifehours These are lifehours acquired before formal legal acceptance of lifehours.
  11. Business transactions will be reviewed to see if a true profit relation exists--see true profit.
  12. Government will automatically tax wealth that is created.
  13. Currency needs to be created in proportion to the time-savings from solving problems.
  14. Increasing taxes through symbols rather than organizing people to directly solve their problems raises the cost of living, that is, indirect problem-solving is not as efficient as direct problem-solving so people have to work longer to hire someone to a job which the people could solve faster if better organized.

Observations: Top

  1. Someone in a non-lifehour transaction is being cheated out of their time, either the buyer or the seller. This is increasingly true as globalization and the internet speed up the transfer of goods and services faster than adjustment in the relative value of currency.
  2. Inflation/Deflation:
    1. Monflation: If symbols double
    2. Sinflation:
    3. Coflation: If people paid who are not solving problems: Competition from people with wealth who are not solving problems, that is, producing a needed good or service.
  3. 1913 and IRS/FedRes as example of taxing part of time created.
  4. By getting more people to work, the cost of living for basic necessities decrease. As unemployment rises, the cost of living increases because unemployed people introduce new problems into an economic system--see Currency Thefts
  5. With NUSA health care, # of hours solving total problems will increase. Business overhead in costs (direct and time losses) will decrease with healthcare tied to public problem-solving. We will solve costly public porblems that currently unsolved.
  6. The value of an ecopos lifehour relative to other lifehours will vary based on the relativity of the time rewarded for solving problems. If National, State, or Local politicians reward people with lifehours for doing nothing or worse, then, like all currencies, the respective lifehour will be worth less relative to all other lifehours. This symbolizes the substance of the hours of life per capita in the particular ecopo.
  7. Cost of living is higher or standard of living is lower in
    1. Proletariat ecopos--time wasting. Beyond a certain size, a land cannot profitably support over-population.
    2. Obese societies--time wasting. Beyond a certain size, a land cannot profitably support an obese population.
  8. Calculation of the lifehour will be done on a regular basis reflecting demographics.
  9. Products are priced in lifehours with exchange occurning through the hierarchy of lifehour ecopos--global, nation, or state.
  10. Congressional Districts need to be redraw to have economic parity of lifehour costs of living.
  11. As taxes increase, the value of an hour at work decreases. With a TimeTax, taxes at work will be less. Also, productivity will be hire for the blackhole of bureaucrats will be less and people will be learning more skills rather than stagnating 40 hours on the same work. If you could have a better standard of living with guaranteed basic healthcare and retirement, would you be willing to work a 24 hour workweek in private and volunteer 8 hours to community service?
  12. Lifehour: Individual Average vs. Individual Adjusting v s. Exchange between Ecopol
    1. Determination of existing average lifehour in an ecopo is different from adjusting individual lifehour compensation for each hour of life spent solving problems.
    2. Adjusting individual lifehour compensation is different from developing an exchange system between ecopos for honest currency exchange.
    3. If individual compensation is honest then ecopo exchange will be honest.

Questions Top

  1. If people cut worktime in half, value of lifehour drops or increases?

  2. If population doubles, lifehour does what?

  3. If people don't solve problems and government prints unlimited symbols--symbols worth nothing.

  4. If people solve problems and don't have currency: No trade with outside problem-solvers.

  5. What kind of world do you want to live in? Part time or insufficient time to possess the basic necessities of life?

  6. How do you determine lifehour per capita? Related to productivity per capita.

Notes: Top

  1. Children acquire a community obligation at a certain age which increases with each year. This community service reduces the child tax exacted on parents.

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