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No More Saving Lives

Thanks to global dying from overpopulation, the humanocentroselfish attitude of extending every life as long as possible is passe. Mother Nature cannot afford all of us let alone more of us. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction is the human genitalia. All problems can be traced back to one fact: too many people. Ask youself of each problem, what if the world's population was half, one-quarter or one-tenth--would this be a problem?

As part of the controlled depopulation process to keep intact a public policy-making process to implement the steps to save life on earth--the primary moral imperative--humanity must do an about face on the selfish, self-killing attitude of extending every life. Instead, we need to withhold life-saving measures per the dice thrown by Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth. Those who need high CO2 sinning to live should not receive the life saving measures. Enablers of CO2 sinnners incur deathhours. Like fossil fuel fools , humans who value saving human lives are guilty of killing all life on earth.

Banning Specific Products

Medical personnel who chose to save human lives over life on earth are guilty of CO2 sinning--see Medical Realignment of Values.

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