Enablers of CO2

Because of far too many immoral values and views of the world, many, far too many, people are enabling others to be worsen their CO2 sins. Instead of delaying the date of the recovery point, the enablers and co-enablers are speeding up the arrival of the day when it will be too late to save life on earth--the recovery point.  In reflecting the accounting of God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature, the inevitable Manheaven Commission will quantify the CO2 sinning of both sinners and enablers into deathhours for determining the sequence of Controlled Depopulation. The sins of a person burning logs to heat a hut are far less than the talking head and support team that advocate buying new cars with bigger engines.

Characteristics of enablers are as follow:

  1. Encourage play pathos over work ethic.
  2. Encourage the economics of wants, wastes, worries and lies as cost of humanity.
  3. Encourage petrophilia and CO2 sinning.
  4. Encourage people to live beyond their means.
  5. Encourage anti-life lifestyles: Ugly Igknowramuses.

As Nazi concentration camp commanders could not initiate and continue the holocaust without janitors, cooks and secretaries, so are all subordinates co-enabling the top CO2 sinner to be found equally guilty. Examples are teleprompter programmers and speech writers as well as the aforementioned which is not a complete list. There is no Nuremberg Defense, that is, "I was only following orders." Equally odious is the claim that one's paycheck means more than checking global dying.

The nullification of monetarism and trumpcard should give one enough security to do the right thing. If not, well, the general condition that ignorance of law is no excuse will apply. Mother Nature does not care about individuals.

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