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To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, humanity must eliminate the economics of wants, waste and lies so that the cost of humanity is only the economics of living. Humanity is suffering an existential meltdown that is increasingly accelerated by global dying and monetarism. The simplest and most important index of the existential meltdown is inflation of the cost of living, particularly food.

The cost of humanity is the cost of unsolved problems, that is, it takes time to solve time-wasting problems. If humanity focuses its problem-solving time on non-essential problems of wants, waste and lies then less time will be spent on the cost of living: Inflation will result. All inflation boils down to its semantic suggestion of cheapening, that is, cheapening of human time. Money is merely a symbollic representation of human time. Humanity has known inflation without money: In barter societies as food becomes scarce, the amount of bartered goods or services for food increases, e.g., "I want your daughter to clean my house." becomes "I want your daughter and wife for a threesome." 

Monetarism is an economic system that promises something for nothing but in truth is a wealth transferring system. Those who control the money charge increasing amounts of money for the use of money. Monetarism is an expensive system that fuels the money-changers wasteful lifestyles that drives up the cost of living because money-changers are not engaged in producing goods and services needed for life. Rather, they take their over-payments as money-managers to hire people away from the basic services which metastasizes shortage inflation (aka, sinflation).

The global economic crisis at the beginning of the 21st Century is due to monetarism. It is being worsened by monetarism, that is, pay me money you promised even if I overcharged you and even if you don't have it. Give me your money or your loved ones. Pay me in funds or pay me some fun. Monetarism is strangling human commerce: Either we kill it or it will kill us.

If the global politicians are to save their skin, they need to implement the Manheaven Project. Make no mistake of it, and has been shown repeatedly in both historical and contemporary times, bad policy-makers end up dead. Habitual politicians are living on borrowed time because they have not the wits nor wills to solve the problems behind the existential meltdown and global holocaust. They will use police and military to protect them from angry citizens until the existential meltdown starts denying the first responders the basic needs to live. Then Praetorian Guards will kill the emperors who fiddled while life on earth burned up: Burn, baby, burn).

To save life on earth (and their skins), habitual politicians need to implement the Manheaven Project.

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