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In several ways, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to implement better democracy and capitalism--see Overview. One of the ways is FTP Primaries wherein election of officials is done at a lower level with higher officials automatically nominated from the lower office holders. An example is the U.S. presidential process in which candidates are FTP retrieved from the District level for the Regional level. There are approximately 50 districts in each Region. The retrieved districts candidates are randomly emailed to voters observing the no favorite son principle. The candidates with the top seven vote count are then emailed to all voters with voters ranking the seven. The top two are then voted on in a general election or by email. Because states are anachronistic, archaic accoutrements, they are bypassed or skipped in the selection process. Truly, if life on earth is to be saved (the primary moral imperative), there is new meaning to the old phrase of the states withering away.

FTP democracy is also used for communication from the lower levels for efficiency and equality. One of the biggest problems with private financing of public elections is the sale of access: If you don't get the ear of the politician, then your problem will never be addressed. With brainbees and FTP democracy, we can not only have zero-cost elections but end the corruption of campaign contributions which constipate Congress as a public problem-solving nature. Likewise with the judicial system, if you don't have money for a lawyer, the judge will not hear your case like the in the song the Sounds of Silence--"people hearing without listening."

FTP communication has several foci in addition to fair and free primaries: Questions and Watchdogs . Judicial entities have a docket brainbee  wherein the dockets are created 49 at a time by the litigants. Also, links for Chatrooms and Bulletin boards are provided. It is important to note that submission of questions, requests and watchdogs are at the lowest level with brainbees qualifying the upward migration of people's submissions. History links are provided for each brainbee.

Level Rights describe how a goal of better democracy is a need of the Manheaven Project wherein the responsibility (ability to respond) is assigned to lowest level possible as the most efficent and effective means of solving problems. This is level rights, that is, the duty and responsibilty of the best level to right or prevent a wrong. The global democracy of the Manhaven Project has levels from the global to one's block. The lowest level of level rights is individual responsibility. More important than national or states rights is universal human rights which will be achieved with better democracy and better capitalism based on the level rights of the Manheaven Project.

Level continuity and skipping describes how some levels are skipped for optimal democracy and minimal corruption, e.g., states being skipped in presidential primaries. With FTP democracy, there is the uplink and downlink where the uplink retrieves information from  the downlinks as items for the brainbees of the upper level. In the presidential primary process, the regions are the uplink with the districts being the downlinks. In general, a level is skipped in all FTP retrievals. This not only reduces possible corruption and collusion but expands the educational value of the brainbees to reduce paroachial and provincial bias. Each brainbee list the uplink and downlinks when applicable.

For instance, consider how initially at the startup of Global Democracy ( the District is used to elect a slate of officials for the various functions using brainbees.

For fossil politics

  1. For state offices, an FTP program automatically retrieves the names of the District office holders for a state brainbee of the corresponding function, e.g., presider, treasurer, legislator.
  2. For national offices, the regional officers are automatically nominated for brainbees in which all citizens receive an email ballot. Final voting is done via the VoteTime software.
  3. Part of initial duty of the District presiders is to define lower units based on public education institutions. In the USA, seven to nine public high schools will be chosen as the High districts. Once defined, brainbees will be held for the officers of the high units. Once elected, the high presiders will select seven to nine elementary schools to be elementary units which will hold elections. The creation of subunits will proceed accordingly through wards, areas and blocks with brainbees being initiated when the geographical boundaries are established.

Unfortunately, since fossil political units were established based on issues of the time, the initial FTP primaries will not be as clean as Manheaven primaries. The original USA colonies reflected the charters from monarchs who played favorites in authorizing different sizes of colonies, e.g., Virginia versus Rhode Island. The same is true of many other political subdemes of other nations. Even worse in modern day, US Congressional districts have not been defined for economic well-being but for re-election of habitual politicians-Link, e.g., gerrymandering-link.

For the lifesaving democracy of the Manheaven Project, the progression of levels is simpler and more equitable since the geopolitical units are similar in size.

Saves time and money.

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