"Get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights." Hubert Horatio Humphrey, 1948

Level Rights: When human rights and states rights are one and the same.

To make things right, the right to power must be at the right level, that is, the duty and responsibility to solve problems efficiently and optimally must be apportioned to appropriate level of human activity from individual to global.


  1. To optimally solve problems, one needs to complete the necessary four-steps of problem-solving, that is, define, prescribe, organize and motivate.
  2. Required for optimal problem solutions is the rightful assignment of power to the level of life, economy or politics best acquainted with and living with the problem.
  3. Part of the Manheaven Project to save life on earth is an internet-based reorganization, retiming and re-leveling of political and economic power so as to optimally solve the problem of global dying.
  4. If optimal efficiency is not observed in reversing global dying, the number of people who will die under controlled depopuation and duties to die will be greater that if power is apportionally rightfully.

With optimal level rights we will have lifesaving democracy as opposed to the present fossil politics.

For more details and elaboration, see Level Rights: The Rationale of States Rights

The following are essays explore aspects of level rights.

  1. Personal Responsibility (Respond to one's ability)
    1. Carrot Or Stick? Honey or Vinegar?
    2. Disaster Re-Timing: Quarantines ... Individual Duty and Rights
    3. E Pluribus Onus
    4. Brother's Keeper
    5. Sins of Father
    6. Mayor Bloomberg : Delegating Duties and Responsibility
  2. Elections
    1. FTP Primaries and Contacts
    2. Overview FTP Democracy
    3. Global FTP Democracy
  3. Manheaven Commission,
    1. Elementary Politeness
    2. Hierarchy of Demes for better democracy: Global, National, State and Local
    3. Level Launch Table
    4. Nominal Levels and Departments
    5. Reforms ,  Level Rights
    6. Taxation
  4. Concepts
    1. Lifehours, Levels and Determination
    2. Rights and Freedom
  5. Taxation
    1. Manheaven
    2. Profitable
  6. Touch Tone Manager : Infrastructure for New Lifehour Currency based on Levels

Also see Optimal Retiming of Existing Businesses


  1. 120102 When the individual is optimally appropriated this duties and powers to solve his individual problems then all levels above the individual are optimally sized to the smallest cost to the individual in his time. In other words, if the individual takes his time to solve his problems then the problems don't grow where attempts to solve the problems by family, community or nation take more of the individual's time in taxes or inflation to address the problem. See Carrot/stick