Lifesaving Democracy for Reversing Global Dying

(Compare to Fossil Politics of Habitual Politicians)

Global dying from greenhouse gases is an indictment of habitual politicians and fossil politics. We are experiencing a global holocaust from the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. To reverse global dying requires a global project that eliminates from the cost of humanity the lies, the wants, and the wastes. To reverse global dying also requires a total focus of human "busyness" on ending carbon emissions with non-carbon energy production focused on sequestering carbon dioxide. In other words, we need to both de-time and re-time our activities for optimal efficiency gauged by CO2 emissions not by hot air economists. By the calculations of this timist sine qua non, the sequestering of atmospheric carbon dioxide released in the last 100 years will take several hundred thousand years. CO2 levels will be reduced at a rate infintessimal of the current daily release. One can equate the greenhouse gas emission per second with number of years that human beings must labor on only one activity beyond out basic needs: saving life on earth, the primary moral imperative.

Global dying is accelerated by inefficiencies in problem-solving. Every unsolved problem wastes time and energy. To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, we must methodically use the primary math that is used by God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature. With timism, every dynamic system can be quantified in its time impact on a continuum from creation downward to cancer. As the morality of more time, timism reveals cancerous time-shapers: religios, politicians, economists, educators, parents and individuals. Timism is objective.

To say we are suffering an existential meltdown in our problem-solving institutions is another way of saying we are cancers to ourselves. We are running out of time. Time-wasting problems are worsening as time-saving solvers are fewer.

To save life on earth requires greater productivity per capita, that is, people creating and saving time rather than greater reductivity (cancer). As is, our economics of wants, waste and lies are spinning our wheels faster and faster on a slippery slope above the chasm of extinction. As the phrase "work ethic" suffers semantic slippage when used in humans playing for wages so is one a liar who uses productivity to describe any activity within the necronomics of wants, waste and lies.

Productivity is pro duce, that is, forward leading. Is it greater productivity when one serial killer murders ten people a year compared to the person guilty of only one homicide? Is it productivity when the number of slot machines increase so people can gamble away their lives? No. Please recognize that the word gamble comes from game. One does not work at games, one plays. To save life on earth we need creative productivity not cancerous reductivity. We need to realize we cannot gamble or game our way to prosperity.

Because we have divorced the symbols of our time from the substance of time with dysfunctional currencies, humanity labors under the misbelief that problems can be solved by throwing more funny paper with funny numbers at problems. Which will be a healthier society? One in which the government gives everyone a million dollars to fight obesity or gives everyone an hour a day to exercise?

There have been many historical analyses of human progress that focus on diverse reasons, e.g., religion, resources, sea power or politics. All of the analyses can be translated into the simple quantity of free time per capita. If humanity is save life on earth we must focus on reversing CO2 levels and increasing the value of the human lifehour which is synonymous with free time per capita. As the cost of living in workhours decreases to buy life's necessities, one has more free time. That free time should not, as has been the case most obviously in play-obssessed USA, be allowed to

Free time per capita has a direct relationship to the real cost of living, that is, the time needed to acquire the necessities of life. Whether one looks at Weimar Germany (1920's) or Zimbabwe (2000's), one sees that the people have more money than they ever had in their lives. As a result of inflation, everyone in Zimbabwe is a millionaire where the most common currency note in early 2007 was ten million. In hyperinflation Germany, everyone was a billionaire for a few days before they became trillionaires. In both cases, the free time per capita was decreasing as the time required to acquire life necessities (the cost of living) increased to the point that there was not enough work time in the day to prevent famine, starvation and death.

As you listen to politicians' health care reform, listen to how the candidates promise more money for health care but no more healthcare providers, that is, no more increased time available from the healthcare system. Throwing money at problems instead of time-shaping for more producers is just plain old inflation. Those who have saved money for health care will find their healthcare costs going up as the politicians give money to everyone. This unearned money will compete with earned money to generate coflation , that is, competition inflation.

An important note which shows the unity of timism as a tool of understanding is the role of free time per capita not only in economic prosperity but in chosing your friends. As friends, do you keep people who increase or waste your time, that is free up your time as a person? The origin of the word friend in English is "free." Those who increase our free time from problems we called a freeing person or a friend. Habitual politicians and tenured economists who increase the cost of living by cancerizing human activity are time-shapers who are no friends of humanity.

Better democracy is needed to save life on earth, that is, lifesaving democracy. Fossil politics will not save life on earth. It will not save your loved ones or you. Fossil politics has a historical track record of making disasters  worse. This track record will be broken by global dying which cannot be worsened. Humanity has the fate it deserves, the desperation, destitute and death of all play and no politics.

Better democracy is lifesaving democracy which will increase free time per capita. As delineated in detail and depth, optimal democracy is the highest form of productivity.

  1. Optimal democracy is fulfilling the "divisioning" meaning that is inherent in the origin and definition of democracy: Division size of voters and division frequency of voting.

  2. Optimal democracy is based on the size of the population and size of the problems.

  3. Optimal democracy is the golden mean between the extremes of despotism and anarchy when it comes to solving problems.

  4. Optimal democracy recognizes the need for level rights whereby the power to right wrongs is assigned the optimal level of human organization, from the individual through the family, neighborhood, community, state, nation and globe.

With optimal democracy, people solve their time-wasting common problems faster with a corresponding fast increase in free time per capita.

With despotism, the opposite happens. One can see this despotism in mass communication where the time-shapers have chosen to entertain us to death rather than educate us to live. The mediacs fill the airwaves with Parisite Hilton, Briefless Spears, Loosely Lohan, and Baby Damnable. Reality shows cancerize rather than create time. Time-shaping mediacs who waste time are not exercising freedom of the press as they divert us from solving our problems to increase free time per capita. Politically, one can see this despotism in the pork, riders and earmarks of habitual politicians as they use the tax system to buy their re-election.

Another important note is how free time per capita is the essence of capitalism per capita as opposed to capitalism for a fewer few . The peculiar institution of slavery (which was legally abolished with the US Civil War) is an example of capitalism for a fewer few, that is, increased free time for some but not all. Not only does optimal democracy increase free time per capita but it is simultaneously optimal capitalism.

Democracy and capitalism are problem-solving twins. With optimal democracy, the legal laws of the land legitimize the logic of the problem-solver having a right to the time created or saved when solving a time-wasting problem. This time ownership by the creative problem-solver using his head (capita) is optimal capitalism. Ideal democracy is the twin of ideal capitalism.

As embodied within the Manheaven Project as the global-to-local problem-solving, policy-making process, lifesaving democracy provides many brainbee applications for prioritizing problems and solutions with lifehours as rewards for the time-saving information shared with others.

  1. Brainbees are like spelling bees to spellout problems rather than words.

    1. Fossil politics brainbees will allow a peaceful transition to lifesaving democracy.

    2. Generic brainbees apply to most human institutions that are suffering existential meltdown.

    3. Most importantly are the brainbees for determining the necronomic human activities that are the necronomics of wants, wastes and lies. These brainbees with plebiscites based on we the people, will determine duties to die , that is, who should die in what order based on guilt in causing global dying.

  2. Lifehours are currency of lifesaving democracy. They are earned from Manheaven Project activities. They have several functions. The primary function is determining if one has a duty to die . As the food chain collapses, a parallel controlled depopulation is required to avoid a total collapse of the policy-making necessary to save life on earth. Better a few die early on a scheduled basis ( tied to the collapse of the foodchain) than to have all die within a few months from everyone rioting, fighting, or waring over disappearing necessities of life, e.g., water.

  3. The number one problem with humanity is too many people, that is, overpopulation relative to Mother Nature's ability to support so many people. The only way to prevent the death of life on earth is a reduction of the population with the remaining people tasked to reversing CO2.  To let the arsonists of humanity (who are responsible for the global holocaust) decide who lives or who dies is a prescription for the final political disaster . People will be more likely to do the right thing of self-euthanasia and humanasia if they have had say in their fate--Lincoln's rule of the governed,  "no man has right to govern another without the consent of the govern." Troops who are asked to die in battle without fairness are a mutiny waiting to happen. Life on earth cannot afford riots over unfair duty-to-die for the innocent by the igknowant and guilty.

Without lifesaving democracy,

  1. we will fight and die together rather than work to save life together,

  2. we are the last generation of life on earth, and

  3. your loved ones and you are dead.

  1. Brainbee for Lifesaving Democracy

  2. Index of Government Departments of the Manheaven Project

  3. Do want survival by despotism (cronyism, corruption, violence) or by democracy?

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