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Re-Timing Humanity's Needed Goods and Services
to Reduce CO2 sinning

To save life on earth from global dying--the primary moral imperative, we must reduce and reverse our CO2 sinning. Toward this goal, there are three requirements.

  1. The major one is to reduce population for each human being is a source of CO2 sinning--there are no innocent victims.
  2. The second requirement is to "de-time" or eliminate the human activities that support the cost of lying, that is, our fickled wants, wastes and worries. Every purchase of an unneeded product is a CO2 sin.
  3. The third requirement is "re-timing" needed goods and services that are part of the human cost of living--not lying. One might use the word reform or restructure or reduction. However, the best tool for evaluating reforms is time, thus, like tuning a rough running car engine by re-timing the engine, we must re-time our economic engine.

Life on earth is facing a crisis without precedence. Comparison can be made to massive die-offs of species in the distant past. More recently for humans, the Black Plague in the mid-1300's killed about 50% of Europe's population. The social and economic chaos took 150 years to recover.  Then, legalities were made on the fly to deal to the vast amount of property and assets that had no claimant as whole families, villages and towns died in total. One aspect of the Manheaven Project is preparing to manage the physical and financial assets of those who die. A special eBay/Goodwill service will list the personal assets, e.g., stock, bonds, home, car, appliances, clothes and funishings. As the trickle of personal assets become a flood, the CO2 sinning of manufacturing new cars, appliances, homes, etc., will be eliminated as existing assets are re-timed as recyclables.

Without the Manheaven Project the social and economic chaos of the existential meltdown magnified by the elephant in the room is a one-way trip to an end of life on earth. The whole plan, if implemented soon enough, can reverse the death of life on earth.

In a larger sense, the first thing that must be re-timed is our values. If we do not value saving life on earth, saving everything else does not matter. It is like education and the work ethic: If we don't teach the work ethic first and foremost, other other learning is useless and wasted. Also in need of re-valuing or re-timing is our understanding and implementation of democracy and capitalism. What needs to be done will not be done without better democracy, capitalism and disgust.

The following list of retimed businesses constitutes parts of the Manheaven Project. They must all be observed, that is, the whole plan or no plan. Via elementary politeness, retiming agencies have have brainbees for electing needed individuals and clarifying issues.

Please note refinancing is on a sliding scale from zero interest upwards based on when one signed up:

The interest will be used to fund the cost of the re-finance program. It will be raised or lowered as necessary, that is, the cap may be lowered to 2%. Since most of the workers will be fulfilling their community service, the loans' administrative costs will be low.

Retiming Guidelines
Generalities Public Business Private Business Physics
  1. Optimal Dynamics
  2. Efficiency Is A Must
  3. Level Rights
  4. Debt Refinance History
  5. Impediments to Retiming Humanity
  6. Wage-Takers: In Your Hands
  7. WorkWeek Length
  8. Objection to Refinancing
  1. Assets, Public
  2. Disaster Quarantines
  3. Education
  4. Military
  5. Parenting
  6. Privatization : Public vs. Private
  7. Taxation
  1. Capitalism
  2. Debt
  3. Food
  4. Healthcare
  5. Insurance
  6. Pensions
  7. Assets
  1. Speed of Light
  2. Symphonies
  3. Rivers
  4. Oddities
  5. Dynamic Density
  6. iCube
  7. Sense Evolution
  8. Meteorological Mentality
  9. Billard Balls

Reservice Table