[This was a press release which summarizes the steps to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative 131103.]

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Subject: Independent Candidate for House provides roadmap to refinance loans to zero-interest: Student, car, credit, car and business

Habitual politicians' re-election addiction requires the mother's milk of politics: money. For Fat Cat cash, they legalize public laws that are really private laws, that is, privileges that de-privilege the tax-paying middle-class. One rich-only privilege is to trade poor debts or assets for more wealth thru public agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae, TARP and the Federal Reserve. For many months, the Fed has printed $80 billion from thin-air to buy up bonds.

A question: Do privileged bond-holders sell good bonds or toxic debt? A bigger question: How many bonds have you sold to the Fed? The biggest question: "Why isn't the middle-class organizing to elect policy-makers who will legalize a middle-class loan refinance agency?"

The answer: We shop and work from home using the internet, but we do not govern from home. A better answer: We can only have the best government of less government if we better self-govern. The best answer: Candidate Bob Barnett created the internet "tools of timism" for better democracy and capitalism for a needed roadmap.

Loan refinancing is the foundation of a road to a better America.

  1. Refinance loans with the workers' money savings converted into reducing one's workweek by the workhours corresponding to the dollar savings which will,
  2. Reduce unemployment from the newly created job vacuum of current workers working shorter workweeks which will,
  3. Reduce the cost of crime (Either we share job time or jobless crime) which will,
  4. Reduce needed taxes for the unemployed, underemployed and mis-employed which will
  5. Increase community service and education which will
  6. Create a better, safer, and saner world.

This is Bob's simple, logical plan to help you, yours and Bob live a better future.  Of Bob's expressed self-interest in this plan, he improves upon a historical plea: Ask not what your country can do for you or you for your country: Rather, ask what we can do together to go forward together. As morality without practicality is immoral so is proclaimed political altruism just another political sheepskin hiding a greedy wolf. Me doth think the habitual politicians protest their altruism too much. Do they intentionally confuse the preposition "for"  and "to" when they say "I'm doing this for you."

Bob is motivated by one over-riding concern, global warming or climate change. In 1982, he wrote Jim Duncan at WWBT-12 that rising CO2 levels would harm mankind first by precipitation changes with longer droughts and worsening downpours. These accelerating rain changes are destroying the food chain which cause civil and political unrest. Behind the strife in and terrorism from the Mid-East and Africa is the disappearance of croplands. For decades, Bob has been motivated by the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth. Refinancing loans is a small part of a larger whole plan: The Manheaven Project to reverse global warming.

Bob is proud of not having a vision. People with a vision have not or will not put the sweat, time and effort into creating a roadmap. Bob had a vision in 1982. Now, Bob has a roadmap! Bob has many simple solutions that have repeatedly earned him the accolade, "DIBs"--Deserted Island Bob, the person you would with you on a deserted island. You decide if Bob is lucky cartographer--achievements, resume, and 2013 Richmond Times-Dispatch Q&A.

Bob's roadmap recognizes how more of  our worktime supports the jobless. Why are we so dumb as to hog the work which means we work for others in a world of increasing jobless crime and taxes? Duh. One cannot outwork the costs of keeping others out of work. Civil unrest, riots and terrorism are the endgame markers of bad job laws. Foolishly workhogging is a vicious cycle that can only be reversed by Bob's roadmap which offers you 24-in-4: By better employing our human resources, we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

A good roadmap lists the hazards that distract, injure or kill the travellers.

  1. Decapitalism: How Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite decapitalize production (bankruptcies) and decapitate jobs (unemployment). Capitalism is not failing. Wall Street is not being capitalistic.
  2. 401ks: The biggest bank robbery in history, robbing workers of their savings, pensions and retirements.
  3. Twitter IPO: A $10 billion rape of savings and pensions via 401s by a bankrupt company pretending to be worth $10 to $15 billion dollars.
  4. 529s College savings are a Ponzi scheme.

These hazards result from how the road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values. Better democracy and capitalism are the good values we need for a road away from hell on earth. Bob's roadmap contains the tools of timism to construct this needed road.

  1. Brainbees will create zero-cost primaries to eliminate the money dictators who determine who is on the ballot. We need full democracy. Now we have despotic primaries followed by election day democracy in which voters have to chose between the lesser of two evils--Twiddle dee or Twiddle dumb. Brainbees are objective, fair, and educational.
  2. Citizen legislation is for the Presidents, Governors and Mayors with tax-credits for problem-solver who are prioritized for the Einstein moments.
  3. The Super Brainbee will let America export democracy. Whether at home or abroad, if we help people solve their problems then our cost of living goes down because the cost of living measures the cost of unsolved problems.
  4. The Super Brainbee interfaces with and feeds into VoteTime which is a simple, inexpensive universal voting system that allows the voter to create and mark the ballot at home before visiting an elementary school for quickly scanning the ballot before receiving a receipt.
  5. Paytime is a simple, universal payroll program designed to interface with timism to coordinate shortening the workweek.
  6. CaveGardens.com: How to double your garden food production.
  7. How to reverse global warming, aka, climate change. If you review my 1982 Oil Drought essay, my resume and my achievements, you will realise the validity of the following statement: I do not know everything nor how to save to world, but, I am alone in knowing how to reverse global warming. The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists who started the fires are in charge of putting out the fires.

With these tools and the roadmap, we can prove that when politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Of the incumbent for the 69th District, what comes to your mind that she has done for you? And, how proud is she of her political achievements? Her campaign posters say it all: She does not say "re-elect" but "elect." Me doth think she is trying to pass herself off as a newcomer.

Apathy on a sinking ship is suicide. Apathy can be reversed if people see a light at the end of the tunnel that is not a rapidly approaching train of destruction. Bob wants your help to help both of us.

  1. Forward this email to SignupB4Nov5@Timism.com to receive a free account for brainbee participation and five lifehour credits. Otherwise pay a minimum of one hour of wages..
  2. Email seven friends or relatives that live in Richmond, especially if they live in the 69th district.
  3. Print ten copies and give to your neighbors asking them to vote for the roadmap and tools of timism by voting for Bob. Even if you are not in the 69th District, write in Bob Barnett as a protest vote. Or, visit Protest Incumbents to find a write-in candidate that Bob drafted from school superintendents around the state.
  4. Regardless of what you do, Bob will continue his quest to share timism for which he has been repeatedly been offered big dollars if he would remove the people-empowerment features.

Composed by and paid for by Bob Barnett, candidate for Virginia House of Delegates #69 District