Dictator? Only If You Take Diction

As some people have become aware of the bredth and depth of this thinker's creation of timism and its tools, the issue of "dictator" has come up. Some have said they don't like timism because it was created by one person which would give that person too much power . This reflects more on the values of the doubters than on the motives of this thinker.

Since when is revealing a greater truth being a dictator? Since when is asking people to do what is right to save life on earth dictating? When? Ever since failing problem-solvers don't want to give up the power to solve problems to new and better problem-solvers.

As noted elsewhere, this thinker seeks neither fame nor fortune because both castrate viable thinking. His primary value is the creation of time, directly and indirectly, during and after his life, which is summarized in the primary moral imperative. It was hoped that the release of timism could be delayed until after his death, a hope that dispels any claim that he seeks to be "dictator." It is from the necessity of global warming becoming global dying that the release date was moved up before his death, a movement that is existentially repugnant and constipating.

If this writer is hell-bent on becoming a dictator it is from a multi-stage development of better democracy wherein there is no need for or opening for a dictator. The focus of launching Timism is the ManHeaven Project with its flotillas of lifeboats to save life on earth. The Manheaven Project is an outgrowth of the writer's past efforts to promote better demoracy and capitalism:

  1. AESOP: American Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  2. Managing without Managers: A book and software to empower employees as business problem-solvers and bushiness owners.
  3. Brainbees: Tap the intelligence of the citizens who live with and know the problems.
  4. Lifehours: Reward the problem-solving citizens.
  5. Democratic Capitalism: A book on
  6. Reforms: Four books on needed reforms to solve our problems.

This writer does not dictate when each flotilla is launched. Rather, benchmarks are established to the number of people that support and utilize the tools for better democracy, capitalism and values. As the number of people increase who apply brainbees to our problems from the global to the local level, the quality of democracy increases with the quantity of problems decreasing. By the time of launching Flotilla Eight--the Elementary Level of democracy eminating from geopolitical units based on elmentary school districts--the idea of a dictator is both ludicrous and improbable.

The only dictatorship lurking within timism is the diction provided to people who support saving life on earth. If people don't think the diction of Timism.com is valuable in solving problems, then there will be no launching of subsequent flotillas. If people follow and support the dictates of timism, the evolving higher levels of democracy, capitalism and values make dictatorship as unnecessary, unlikely and unuseful as a pope in an orgy of willing adults.

The above reasoning applies to any suggestion that this writer seeks power. Examples of people wanting power are numerous, e.g., Candid Rots saying when she realized she was not a really good piano player that her life goal then became power. As Burke said, "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Burke's words are not idle barroom chatter (where Absolut vodka corrupts sober minds) for a thinker who understands the real wealth and power in life is freetime.

Power is either productive or destructive based on how it is obtained. If one steals a throne, one has stolen power as is the case with robbing a bank, pensions or taxpayers. Oppositely, productive power comes to those who solve problems, problems from which time is created not wasted. As a designed mulit-faceted problem-solving processed based on the morality of timism, the periodic table of existence, much power will evolve out the launching of the ManHeaven Armadas because they solve festering problems that are killing life on earth.

Has this writer elucidated a system to gravitate the evolving power of timism into his hands? Or, as noted above, has he designed a system to apportion the power of and from problem-solving into the hands of the optimal problem-solvers? If a problem is local, the duty and means to solve it should be not merely apportioned to but required of the locality.

Likewise, if the problem is individual, the solver should be individual. It is at the level of personal democracy where capitalism is an identical twin or is the same process. The person who uses his head (capita) to solve a problem is the person who should have a monopoly on the created profit: pro esse, forward time. A rightfully, enlightened freethinker  values free time which comes from being both a problem-solver and facilitator of problem-solvers.

Freetime allows one the freedom to pursue the interest or desire of the moment, the essence of happiness . Working to have freetime is a necessary condition of living. One's freetime is not necessarily increased if one works stupidly instead of smartly. If your worktime causes more problems than your paycheck can buy you freedom from then you are working stupidly. The power of the paycheck to solve problems is cancelled by the power of the problems you cause with your work. This working stupidly is one perspective on why global dying is going to kill us, for humanity has worked stupidly seeking freetime from petroleum driven machines while the CO2 has built a global gas oven that will become a global holocaust.

Power hungry dictator wannabee? No. The launch of timism has been designed to give the power to the problem-solvers so this thinker can have more free time. Anyone familiar with my lifestyle, reading while walking or busriding, knows that I have no desire to manage people. Only when others won't lead will I regretfully step up to the mike to sing the songs of timism provided I lose my voice but not my free-time loving soul.


  1. 090411 An irony is how the decades of seeking to develop the tools of timism for better democracy and better capitalism whereby individual's Einstein moments can be readily shared and rewarded by brainbees and lifehours are decades in which this reformist eclipsed and exceeded the public stage performers who claim to be reformers.
  2. 091008 Dictator? Through the website Timism, I am providing diction delineating the periodic table of existence with analysis and applications to promote better democracy, better capitalism, and better values. If Timism contains needed truth clarification and if people have the integrity of intelligence with the timisitic information to do the right thing, then I am a controlled dictator. If I have been chosen to share the truth, part of that truth is that I don't tell people what to do. All the options are ONO: Optional, Not Obligation.
  3. Lincoln, No man has a right to govern another without the consent of the govern.
  4. Precedence: solomon, solon, sulla, and saladin

    Precdence: Cincinnatus, Washington and Lincoln

    Lincoln  was a great timist.

  5. If America is not willing to make small sacrifices to save life on earth then why should the bigger needed sacrifices be shared?

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