IQ of 164

I think I am at least twice as smart as Geo. Talker Bush whose IQ seems to be 82 and falling. His MBA from Harvard is not a reflection of his intelligence but of how Harvard is the gas-guzzler of diploma mills: If you have the purchase price of an SUV sheepskin, it's yours for the buying. Then you can go down the road of life damaging humanity's road to survival and polluting intellectual discourse while maiming, mangling and murdering many mortal men.

This IQ of 164 assessment was confirmed by buying a box of Cracker Jacks and counting the pops which was 164. Clearly, this is a monumental parallel that cannot be anything less than a divine miracle. That I stopped counting at 164 is inconsequential like Cincinnati, Ohio, which stopped counting hills at seven so as to claim to be like Rome, a city of seven hills. Like many doodoo digesters, it is the truth I sought from a gut-reaction that is more important than any experimental documentation that can be repeated and verified by independent review. Even though we all talk in tongues, each of our tongues is valid, for no one can understand our babels to disprove that we are not talking the lingua franca of beyond the grave.

I'm ok. You're ok. You're sins are forgiven if you forgive mine. There are many truths with your truths being truer than mine as my truths are truer than your truths. That our truths, truer each moment than the moment before without need of objective, independent reason and confirmation is one of God's greatest miracles: He is our personal slave who makes each of us smarter than He! Damn, what a great religion that lets each of us be as smart as we want and claim to be. The miraculous solution to our earthly, secular problems can be seen in the faith-based achievements of our greatest God-fearing President to ever occupy the White House and Iraq: Geo. Talker Bush!

A more empirical basis for the claim of IQ164 is the questionable, probably a marketing tool, of an on-line intelligence test that I took in the 1990's. Wow. 164! If it had been 169 then I could have counted a few more Cracker Jack pops with an exacto knife assisting in shaping my IQ. And, more importantly, I could claimed another devine miracle: the first and last letter of my diminutive when converted to numbers and multiplied together comes up to 169! Besides claiming a high iCube (i3)--integrity of intellect and intelligence--I could claim an I2 of 13 which is the numeric of "B" in Bob--13013. God has a purpose for me if I observe the secret of wanting the world to believe what my guts and emotions tell me is best for me. Like Geo. Talker, if it is good for me then it is good for the rest of the world even if it kills more and more people.

People wanting to sell you something by hacking at the backdoor of your ego probably inflate the value of their loss leader. Unlike grandmas who always over-praise your achievements, institutionalized flattery (a.k.a. advertising) want something from you not for you. Now I can claim to be a deviant because the standard bell shape curve only goes to 3.5 standard deviations, or, about an IQ of 140.

If one's IQ exceeds 140 then one must be a deviant which brings to mind: Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at? Likewise, being a deviant is like capital: How are you deviating or what are you capitalizing? Humanity needs more deviants who capitalize life rather the all-too-common decapitalists who metastasize life.

If you are lazy and judge people by the cover rather than the content--MLK's beautiful re-statement of the essence of democracy--judge me by this number, but please don't bother me. You probably have little to add. Of course, you can reference my other listed quantifiable achievements if you don't want to take the time to learn and judge timism. To say you know someone with a high IQ does not increase your intelligence. Even worse, respecting someone without taking the time to re-inspect them is a recipe for being a meaningless, igknowant victim of life.

More important than some arbitrary numeric value, whether quantifying money or mentality, is the integrity of intellect and intelligence-iCube or i3. Worthless money like worthless genius has no time value. The value of one's current life and one's life currency is synonymous: How much time have you created, not stolen, that is, the morality of more time. In this regard, I hope that I can meet someone who has greater i3 than I do because I prefer to follow. Otherwise, I wish to be left alone for one cannot lead the igknowant and unwilling.

In summary, the real measue of IQ is the time creativty of the measured mind. While I don't have the highest IQ nor the lowest, I have each year raised the more important measurement, my integrity of intellect and intelligence. While I don't know everything nor know how to save the world, I do know everything necessary to save life on earth. In this regard, I have found no peers without clay feet and muddy minds. The benefit of the timism, the periodic table of existence, is that I can analyze a problem-solution's impact on the other levels of existence to see if  it metastasizes more time loss long-term than it initially saves, that is, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The calculus of the timistic clutter cutter shows if and when the purported solution starts bleeding time. For instance, a barrel of oil saves time today but causes the loss of time and life on earth--see timistic analyis of oil. Another instance is the pulpit propagandist who claims the world is going to end with people needing to increase tithing to buy salvation on judgement day. The real, no imaginary, world goes to hell taking along the false-believers, agnostics and atheists.

P.S. The cluttered first half of this treatise is my reaction to most people justifying their existential intelligence, aka, faith, with a daisy-chain of convoluted, contradictory conclusions wherein they find great beauty because it is so absurd that it must be beautiful ... a personal grosse luge . Flotillas
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