Entitlements: Rights or Wrongs?

One often hears that too many people believe they are entitled to public or private benefits which they don't deserve. "Entitled to" is synonymous to "right to." A timistic analysis shows that a right creates time while a wrong cancerizes time. Likewise, the morality of more time clarifies entitlements.

  1. If one seeks time ownership equal to or less than one creates then one is entitled to that reward of time. In other words, one is living within one's means and is meaningful. One is right in his entitlements.
  2. If one seeks more time than one creates then one is not entitled. One is a time-cancer . One is living beyond one's means. One is wanting something for nothing, aka, scumnuts . One wants to be over-entitled.

Like inflation and other political word-games, a problem with entitlements is a matter of semantic honesty . Entitled people are not existentially the problem. Rather, it is those who are over-entitled, that is, legally claiming more time, wealth or resources than they deserve.

The time-creation and time-ownership relationship in determing entitlements is the same in determining whether a person has a profit in a business transaction. Recall the simple equation of time equals money and money equals time. Profits exists when all participants in the transaction go forward proportionaately to the share of the newly created wealth within the transaction ... proportionaately to one's time-saving, problem-solving contribution. That is to say, one is entitled to a part of the profit relative to his time-creativity.

As A. Lincoln noted, people's morality is often dictated by their billfolds. On a personal basis as well as has been noted widely in the media, many people complain about entitlements except for their own entitlements. On a train trip, this writer heard a man complaining about Obama's healthcare plan as another entitlement that would worsen the deficit. When this older, obese person was asked if he was using Social Security and Medicaid, he said that these two programs were different. Furthermore, he said, he had paid for them. If it were true that SS recipients had paid for their monthly checks, neither program would be running out of money. As anyone knows, the vast majority of SS recipients receive far more than they pay into these "non-pay-as-you-go" programs: They have been over-entitled in a political Ponzi scheme. In other words, this train rider thought his entitlements were okay but not other people's entitlements. It is like the man who says taxes are great as long as everyone else is taxed except him.

A social problem with increasing economic implications is bad parenting , that is, parents who think their kids are entitled to a play world without becoming workers in the real world. Relative to 50 or 100 years ago, do more parents encourage sports or non-sports focus in schools? America's decline in the basic sciences is well-documented. America doesn't work anymore because American parents raise their kids to play, not work. For such parents, the following applies in more ways than they will admit: Spare the rod and spoil your retirement.

Play pathetic parents are metastasizing a new class of slavemasters. Slavemasters felt they were entitled to other people working to take care of them. Is this not the attitude of the modern kids raised by more and more parents? These spoiled kids are the new slavemasters who feel entitled to have others take care of them.

The play-pathetic children grew up in an era when the American habitual politicians had everyone living beyond their means via budget and trade deficits. These spoiled kids will have it economically and emotionally harder than their parents. These spoiled brats expect the gravy train to keep rolling and flowing as they try to regain the high of being a sports hero in high school. In reality, they should be expecting to work harder and longer for less and less.

If you are one of the kids reading this, you will probably be pissed at being told you don't deserve what you have and told that you will have less and less. You will think that a messenger saying this will cause this to be. No, the logical fact is that fewer and fewer problem-solvers competing with more and more players means less and less for everyone. If your parents gave you an allowance, bought your a car or paid for your college education, you are emotionally handicapped from being a independent, rapid-response problem-solver. As you complain that you are entitled to eat a free lunch, the early birds will eat your lunch. No one is entitled to a free lunch--it's a self-lie if you think so.

A new category of entitlements has arisen in recent years that were originally the FEMA entitlements. By law--not logic--if you are a victim of a natural disaster, you are entitled to some freebies even if they inflate the economy-killing budget deficits. Since the 911 Terrorist Attack, vote-hungry habitual politicians have opened the public tax-dollar spigot to entitled victims of non-natural disasters to cash in at the entitlement open bar, e.g., Va Tech and BP Gulf Oil. These disaster entitlements merely make the disaster worse by worsening an already deeply wounded economic and government process. Ironically, the master of disaster management, Kenneth Friedman , thinks he is morally helping victims when, in fact, he is coordinating a saltwater solution that is speeding up the arrival of the recovery point beyond which there is no way to save life on earth from global dying.

In political circles, entitlements are the crumbs that habitual politicians toss the average voter from the over-flowing banquet to which the politician's friends, contributors and cronies are invited. This banquet is a pig trough which is full of political pork. Politicians don't speak of pork anymore as they keep inventing new names for pork, e.g., riders and earmarks.

Unfortunately, the little fella who receives the pork crumbs quickly thinks he is entitled to it forever regardless of its cancerous effect on the political and economic system. In this regard, he is not only no different from the rockefellas but is legitimating the rockefellas who feel entitled to far more of the economic system. It is the difference between welfare and wealthfare with the votes of both groups being bought with borrowed tax dollars. In both cases, the habitual politicians have encouraged people to think they are entitled to live beyond their means. As the mathematical impossibility of borrowing money forever becomes a fact, both the over-entitled rich and poor will become mean. The deficits from borrowing for cancerous entitlements are killing our future. They are destroying the only public policy-making process that can deal with global dying, the elephant in the room.

Worse than the habitual politicians 24-7 entitlement game is the entitlement hour . Every organized religion has their meetings wherein their adherents are told they are the recipients of special entitlements. These various illogical and irrational claims are the basis of people believing they can get something for nothing if they believe the claims.

  1. Chosen people: Why would a omniscient, just God choose one of his people over the other?
  2. After-death eternal happiness: Why would a powerful God not give happiness before death?
  3. Virgins galore in paradise after-death: Why would an unmarried God worry about sex? And, why not generate the virgins here and now on this planet?
  4. Prayer works: If the prayer did not work, one did not pray correctly.
  5. Miracles happen: Why didn't God eliminate the need for miracles by preventing the event that necessitated a miracle for the believer to be happy?
  6. Women are inferior: Why would a just God make inferior more than half of his human creation who, on the average, live longer than the male creations?
  7. Ignorance trumps knowledge. Emotions and faith trump logic and fact. Illiteracy is better than education.

The wellspring of the entitlement obsession is the entitlement hour in every organized religion where people are told repeatedly that they are entitled to get numerous things for nothing. The Entitlement Hour is No Victory Hour for life on earth.


  1. People who feel they are entitled--both rich and poor--to a variety of benefits is like the number of claimed victims in the United States. Adding up all the claimed victims in this nation of 300 million, one finds there are about 1.2 trillion victims. One of the oddest entitlements is how people think they are entitled to be a victim. How many of these people focus on claiming to be victim rather than working their way out of the situation?

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