Brothers Keepers Morality

Through the cost of living, we are our brothers' keepers. If our brothers work and produce the necessities of life, the cost of living goes down. If our brothers play and waste the necessities of life, the cost of living goes up.

The real cost of living is not funny numbers on funny paper but is the cost in one's time needed to acquire enough necessities to live. Would you rather be paid a billion dollars an hour in an economy where a loaf of bread cost a trillion dollars, or, be paid a dollar an hour where bread cost ten cents a loaf?

The cost of living is the time cost of unsolved time-wasting problems necessary to keep one alive. If one's brothers or neighbors are problems, that is, time cancers  rather than time creators, the time losses show up in one having to work more time to acquire the necessities of life.

Because we are our brothers keepers through the economic system, we are either meaningless or meaningful in our responses to mean people who live beyond their means as time cancers instead of time creators. When we allow or encourage others to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, we self-defeatingly increase the cost of living to ourselves and our loved ones.

Whether welfare or wealthfare, one's well-being suffers. Of the two forms of wealth-theft, welfare has been an on-going nagging irritant to real wealth-creators. Wealthfare (Wall Street greed and theft) is a greater destroying of life and liberty. The working middle-class has had its (2008) living standard crash because of wealthfare, not welfare. The cost of living has skyrocketed because we have not kept our brothers honest.

We are our brothers keepers through the economic system. If we play and encourage the play pathos over the work ethic, we should not be surprised when we drown in higher waves of inflation before food shortages kill us. All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitute and departed.

We are our brothers keepers. We have a duty to require the work ethic. Failure to do so saddles one with the living cost of others who are allowed to live beyond their means. Each person who lives beyond their means is a source of inflation for those who try to live within their means. It is a zero sum world : One cannot get something for nothing except by taking from another. The source of the underprivileged is the deprivileging by the politically privileged, that is, habitual politicians cancerously give more and more wealth to a fewer few until the economy collapses.

There are no Gods who answer prayers with manna from heaven. Wealth is not funny paper with ever funnier numbers (thousands, millions, billions and trillions). Wealth is taking the time solve problems rather can cause them. Habitual politicians stimulate play over work, theft over protection and cancers over creation.

As the final time shapers or time managers of the economic participants, habitual politicians determine whether the real cost of living goes up or down. If they legalize illogical laws that encourge the best and brightest to be sports players on Main Street or paper players on Wall Street, the cost of living will go up and people will suffer. One can see that the worst economic crisis since the 1930's Depression has hit hardest those individuals and nations that encouraged paper playing: Iceland, England, Ireland, Hungary, and the US.

The cost of living will increase if the habitual politicians try to deal with economic problems by throwing money at the problems rather than change the time choices of the economic participants. Economic stimulus packages that do not wisely differentiate between the cost of living and the cost of lies cannot be spent "wisely" for institutionally the spending will be wasted on the play pathos. Rewarding the most corrupt paper players with billion dollar bonuses will only increase the shift from essential to non-essential business activity which will increase the cost of living.

The players receiving millions and billions won't care about the cost of living while the millions and billions of humanity who cannot work enough to afford the necessities of life will, in the end, kill the players.

We are our brothers keepers. When we allow others to keep the sweat of our brows, we are not keepers of our future but losers.

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