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Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule

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Hydrophilia: The Simple, Molecular Smoking Gun of Climate Hell (2018)
  1. CO2 likes H2O more than water likes itself whence we have carbonated beverages with up to 27% CO2 of volume.
  2. Increased atmospheric carbonation soaks up more ground and atmospheric water causing droughts and fires.
  3. Subsequently, downwind "soda bottle shakes" cause destructive deluges and floods with destroyed infrastructure costs far greater than a few upwind homes.
  4. FRQ's also account for overall rise in temperature as they mimic how clouds at night trap the earth's heat from radiating into space.
  5. Hydrophilia Full Text (If one does not understand electricity and chemistry, one is flying blind in understanding climate change.)

Forest Fires: Closed Loops Forecast Extinction Level Event (ELE)

Seasonal Biphasic
Atmosphere Extremes
from Forest Fires

Forest fires are increasing around the world. The two most important fires are in Siberia and Amazon.

Siberian Fires: Bigger than all the rest of the forest fires in the world.

  • Fall and Winter: Pacific Atmospheric Rivers of rain and snow.
  • Spring and Summer: 2023 Canadian fires ... 2024 Texas Fires ... Prior forest fire prediction: 2001
  • Prediction: Annually worsening Canada and US megafires in Midwest and East Coast
  • Mississippi River Basin historic drought(2023)

Amazon Rainforest: Panama Canal or EU-Derecho ... Brazil's creeping drought from massive offshore oil wells.

  1. Fall and Winter: Central America drought--Waterless Mexico City and less water for Panama Canal
  2. Spring and Summer: Northeast Europes Derechos (ala Bonnie/Charlie 2004)


  • Australia's droughts and wildfires were first explained in 2001 (see Australia).
  • As its CO2 generation exploded, reflecting its increased economic vassal status to China and like the expanding drought bubble in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest, international impact resulted. Traveling with the prevailing winds over the Pacific Ocean that U-turn north of Australia, the Aussies have victimized the Phillipines with worsening typhoons.

More important than supporting Ukraine's defense of democracy
is the simultaneous fight to save life on Planet Earth,
The Primary Moral Imperative,
by reversing the accelerating extinction level event
worsened by Putin's War: A Climate Cancer.

We are all on deathrow. Only better defense of democracy can commute our sentence.
Timism has created the basis for Global Democracy Tax
targeted to the most active defender of democracy:

Global Firefighters Hierarchy: Use Grassroots Gerrymandering to create rapid-response teams based in high schools with an oranizational hierarchy through districts, states, regions, nationals, continental and global foci.

Timism needs Angels for global grassroots gerrymandering of forest fire fighters. Grassroots Gerrymandering of an international hierarchy of forest fire fighers beginning in every nation at the high school level. This writer, having over 40 years of research into climate change, knows some simple, quick solutions to forest fires. Initially limited to the U.S., Timism.com needs five(5) one million dollar loans to implement standardized, shovel-ready software in every nation--can you be an angel?

Historical and Current Droughts Resulting from Oil Fields, Forest Fires and Fossil Fuel Foolish

Oil Field, Forest Fire or
Fossil Fuel Fools


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Year Drought Ended and Reason Why Ended
U.S. Dustbowl-1


1933: Northern Texas Oil boom
1940: European War cuts exports. Texas production decreases below 60%
U.S. Dustbowl-II


1950: West Texas Permian Oil boom
1957: Arab imports cut Texas production. Output decreases below 30%
East Africa/
Horn of Africa


1967: Mideast Oil production above 8 million barrels
1973-74: Abated with 9-month OPEC oil embargo: Most striking proof of CO2 causing droughts.
Most Obvious Proof

For other CO2/Drought matrixes, visit www.Timism.com/GlobalDying/Index.htm: 1970's+ West Africa/Sahel(1970) ... West Africa/Sahel(1970) ... Alaska(1970) ... China/Korea(1997) ...Canada, US & Alaska(1999) ...
Dustbowl-III(1998) ... U.S. Southeast(1999, Gulf of Mexico) ... Brazil(1998) ... Caspian Sea(1998) ... Australia(2001) ... Initial essay on climate change: Oil Droughts(1982).

CO2 Molecule: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule: (2007)
AlphaTrifecta Rising CO2 levels are behind rise in autism, ADHD and Alzheimers as well as asthma and allergies. Global warming is global dumbing.
Bees Dying CO2 soaking up water is a dessicant which dehydrates and weakens bees.
Hurricanes for Dummies (2003) Fewer, but bigger and more powerful
Polar Timebomb (2007) Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable in a few years
Oil Droughts (1982) First essay on climate change. Predicted worsening droughts with downwind deluges.
CO2 Killer Molecule: Full essay: Cloaking Water ... Invisible Clouds ... Fusion/Fission ... Evolutionary Bias ... Wet Bulb Warning ... Infrastructure Inflation ... Hate Crimes ...  Accelerating, Synergistic Existential Meltdown (YouTube)
Flash Droughts, RVA (2023) Friday morning lush grass and green plants. Saturday afternoon: Dry, brown grass and wilted plants.
Why? A hot, dry wind. Luckily, no fire. (Am installing sprinkler system with water reservoir independent of city water system.)
Global Fire Fighters A Grassroots Gerrymandering Brainbee to create a needed global firefighting authority to break the closed loop of CO2>Droughts>Fires>CO2.

Climate Hell: We have met the enemy and it is us.
Climate Cancers Individuals or entities that cheerlead people to worsen their CO2 sins.
  1. Christmas: Near 100% purchases for wants, not needs ... 130 million CO2-sequestering trees cut down for a few weeks of gloryfying a holiday... increased electricity use for personal lighting shows ... TV stations organizing tours of massive Christmas displays ... "Christmas is when white folk give each other things they don't need" Fiddler in Roots.
  2. Black Friday: Massive Malignant Materialism ... Jeff Bezo.
  3. Human genitalia: Daily 350,000 new CO2-generating mouths to feed in a world where climate hell is destroying the food chains. More mouths and less food means accelerating inflation at all levels beginning with more hunger and famine.
  4. Immigration policies allowing low CO-sinners to double, triple or quadruple their CO2-jackboots harming Mother Nature. Skinny people cross the border who within six months have bulging jowls atop protruding potbellies. Angela Merkle's immigration policies mestastasized a climate and political cancer.
  5. Habitual politicians voting public laws for private individuals to garner re-election campaign donations: We need term limits and staggered elections.
Climate Crimiinals People igknowing the long-term consequence for short-term benefit--Saltwater Solutions.
Climate Sinners Generators of CO2 for their wants that destroy the means  for our needs. The devil is in our values and our immorality. We deserve the worsening pain and suffering. Procreating pro-litterers will suffer most while blaming others. They demand rewards for de facto destruction of life on Planet Earth.
Malignant Materialists CO2-sinners possessed of shop-till-ya-drop. Victims of advertisers saying you are a nobody unless you buy things you don't need with money you don't have. Our closets, attics, basements, sheds, garages and rentals are full of former must-have wants to the detriment of our needs.
Pursuers of small CO2-footprints by valuing mental relationships with people or with learning. Reading is the most economic, environmentally friendly form of happiness with rewards that last longer than material wants.

Inevitable Political, Economic and Social Chaos
Disaster Prescription: Less food daily from drought and floods with 350,000 new mouths to feed each day.

CO2 Cost of Humanity to
Mother Nature

Cost of living: CO2 cost for needs of life. Less than 10% of CO2 generated. Only 2% of Americans are engaged in our basic need of food production.
Cost of lying: CO2 cost for wants of a moment. More than 90%.
Our want'isms are killing our future. Wasto ergo sum.

Employment Crisis

90% of human CO2 is for "wants" not for "needs." To reverse climate hell means 90% unemployment, or, reducing the workweek (see 24in4). Each hour of workweek reduction equates to less CO2 being generated. A homeless person generates less CO2 than a weekly 100-hour workaholic: $$ equals CO2 sins. Workhogs will want more funny numbers on funny paper for their quality of life. Workhogs will fight workweek reduction like a jogger in a sealed cargo container saying to the other occupants, "But, I have a right to run as much as I want."

Job Idiots

Global warming test: Grow the economy till we die. Or, slow the economy so we live. To save life on Planet Earth, the optimal workweek needs to be determined with overtime being banned. To those who say, "You cannot tell me how much I can work" the answer is that that is just what you are telling those who cannot find good jobs: "You can't work because I am a job hogger who is willing to be taxed to pay your food, shelter and health costs." Idiots!

Scorched Earth

Chaotic or Controlled Depopulation: Sacrifice our wants to have future needs.

Assassinations and
Mass Killings

Lone wolf murderers of climate cancers, criminals and CO2-sinners will exponentially explode as educated, unemployed bodies seek to punish those whose daily life choices are killing life on Planet Earth. Previously, lone wolves have been isolated persons with personal grudges against peers, e.g., bullies. Climate Hell lone wolves will target one and everyone competing to out-do the previous record. Why? Because Climate Hell is a target rich phenomenon. Mass killings need not be.

Generational Warfare

The National Debt is the cost of freebies that increased the standard of living for previous generations who, now retired, want freebies to continue flowing as workers support for free medicine, healthcare, dentistry, transportation and nursing care. The hopes and aspirations of the next generations are hamstrung by the reparation payments for prior voters. They lived beyond their means thanks to the debt-ballooning promises of re-election-addicted habitual politicians.  The interest payment on the National Debt is greater than the military budget. Generational warfare need not be. The interest payment is a climate cancer: $$=CO2sin.

Nuclear War

We are accelerating to a point where only nuclear war will stop the malignant materialism and want'ism that accounts for 90% of the CO2 killing life on Planet Earth. Humanity can survive a nuclear war but cannot survive Climate Hell. A nuclear war will inititate a Tambora year(s) without summer(1816). A human kill-off of 50% to 90% will echo the 1500s Great Dying. Ninety percent of the New World population died. Rapid reforestration lowered CO2 levels and cooled the earth. The number one climate cancer (Globalization) will cease--no more vast fleets of cargo ships stretching to the horizon waiting to be unloaded.. What percentage of cargo ship containers contain unneeded items? More than 90%! The containers contain our CO2-sins against Mother Nature?! Nuclear war need not be.
Those who know, don't say.
Those who say, don't know.
Those who say and know, die.

A rapist or a racist do not like to be called out. Many whistle-blowers meet an untimely death. Within the 90% of humanity who are climate criminals by virtue of unnecessary, CO2-sinning employment, there are millions of climate deniers who will kill anyone who attempts to terminate their employment as killers of life on Planet Earth.

Stop Climate Suicide

Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger. Sacrifice today or suffer forever. Let us get life on earth off death row. Let's avoid nuclear war.

Climate Essays ... Youtube: Global Dying

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