Haiti Disaster Cancer

Haiti is more than poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is, based on the international response to the 2010 earthquake, a poster-chilld for what not to do in a disaster. It is a sad example of how the road to hell is paved with false intentions. Haiti's number one problem is too many people. Half of the its population are children. This problem was not addressed before or after the earthquake. Therefore, Haiti problems will continue as will the problems of life on earth from human overpopulation.


  1. The first lesson is that from misguided unhelpful help, Haitians were encouraged to live beyond their means, to have kids that they could not have afforded without pro-litter charity. The second lesson is that, overnight, the  real cost of living beyond one's means is driven home by a disaster with more loved ones dying from the lack of resources and organization. The Manheaven Project offers organisation from elementary democracy upwards.
  2. Another lesson to be learned which has been evidence elsewhere in disasters is how the first responders disappear to take care of their loved ones with their tax-subsidized resources. Haiti's police disappeared. There was not security infrastructure until US military arrived to impose some order. The security disappeared in the weeks and months afterwards tje departure of the US service members with a rise in violence and rapes.
  3. To all the pro-litter activists, when are you going to admit that your values are killing life on earth? Your lack of requiring procreational responsibility of those that you help only magnifies the basic, underlying problems. Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help.
  4. Haiti should have been quarantined for a year, that is, its borders should have been closed with no seaborne traffic in or out. Except for a quarantine, there is nothing humanity could do for Haiti that did not speed up global dying.
  5. Haiti, like Hurricane Katrina, is another example of how humanity needs to use the internet to re-organize and reform our institutions of survival so we handle disasters to prevent the death of life on earth. Haiti, in particular, is an example of how to speed up the recovery point beyond which there is no point of return or of how to increase the number of people who do not escape the death row of global dying.


  1. Given the elephant in the room of global dying, the response of the world community to Haiti's earthquake, a land of overpopulation that has for too long lived beyond its means with pro-litter policies and religions, is akin the crew of a sinking ship worrying about paint and polish instead of manning the lifeboats to save rather than entertain passengers.
  2. To all the entertainers, donators, doctors, etc., who shed tears and time for Haiti:
    1. thank you for speeding up the death of life on earth,
    2. thank for violating the primary moral imperative,
    3. thank you for the future images of more starving children and more unwanted children sold into the sex trade
    4. thank you for paving the road to hell on earth with your malvalues.

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