A note from the writer: I do not make the rules but seek to share them. Sharing that all species are on deathrow is advocating putting people on deathrow. Rather, it is about how to reduce the number of people who are going to die by implementing life-saving processes. We cannot save the life if we ignore the gangrene that requires cutting off one of our four limbs. As the pro-litter crowd is really anti-life so is this writer's deathrow analysis a life roar.

Death Row Analogy of Global Dying

As a result of global dying, we are all on deathrow. Why? Because few of us are not immoral CO2 sinners. There are no innocent victims.. We have all lived  beyond the means of Mother Nature (God's accountant on earth) to support us. Now we must pay the piper. And, the most immoral of us should be the first to be euthanized as part of the needed controlled to save life on earth, the primary moral imperative. Without controlled based on guilt and blame, we will have chaotic depopulation. One way or another, by 2015, 90% of humanity will be dead. If chaos rules then 100% Depopulation will result of all species on earth.

How many and who have their death sentences commuted so as to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth depends on one's quanifiable innocence(lifehours) or guilt(deathhours) in causing global dying.

Thanks to the morality of more time--timism--it is easy using timistic tools to establish one's survivability in hours of life or death. All moral codes, values and judgements can be quantified in time. More significantly, all dynamic systems, beings or entities can be quanified in positive or negative time. Timism is the clutter cutter of clarity.

As the inevitable Manheaven Project becomes the institution of public policy-making from the global to the local level, policies will be establishd by the democratic processes of brainbees and votetime to tap the intelligence and consensus of the polity to determine who gets off the deathrow of global dying. One's egos and wants will not reverse global dying. The policies will observe the following general principles to save life on earth in determining who gets off deathrow. The commutation will be based on hours of life: Those with the fewest sinful or death hours will survive longer.

Not only must you accumulate lifehours within the Manheaven Project, but you must in your lifestyle decisions reduce or reverse your sins against life on earth. Failure to do so will come back to haunt you in your bottomline. If only 15% can be commuted to save life on earth, would you not hate to be in the 16% percentile because you had to go to CO2 sinning event?

Lifestyle choices affecting one's D2D on Mother Nature's Deathrow. Using a timistic analysis based on the morality of more time, do you question whether you are

  1. part of problem or part of solution ?
  2. right vs.wrong?
  3. creative or cancerous ?
  4. a loser or a leader ?
  5. a cheerleader or cheerloser ?
  6. a "and its legal" immoralist?
  7. imbued with work ethics or play pathos?
  8. a logical earthling or an illogical alien ?
  9. an Ugly Igknowramuses?
  10. a pro-litter life-killer ?
  11. a careless carer who enables others to be worse CO2 sinners?
  12. a decal patriot, aka, patriotic chickenhawk?
  13. a time-cancer stimulating the economy of wants, waste and lies?
  14. a tax idiot?
  15. a perpetual petrophiliac?
  16. a habitual politician?
  17. a tenured economist, public or private

Like the difference between the cost of living and the cost of lying, lifestyle choices are either for living or for lying.


  1. In the 1990's, this writer said that if one liked change, it was great to be alive. In 2000, the expression was change to "if you like chaos ...." (In 2001, Sept. 11, chaos reigned supreme). About 2005, people were told to forget about their pensions (which would disappear one day) and were told not to stop working, e.g., don't take buyouts and don't retire. Next people were told to focus on how to get food as prices escalate and supplies dwindle in an unrestrained over populating world. In 2012, the message is to figure how you want to self-euthanize for hell on earth is coming.

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