CO2 Forces

Carbon Dioxide molecules are viewed by many people as little things that can be simply blown around. However, if you understand the principle "You can never step twice into the same river" and how it applies to CO2 masses generated by humans burning fossil fuels, you realize that a hidden monster is all about us destroying our lives. The tenacity of CO2 when faced with hurricane winds--see Bonnie Smoking Gun--indicates why CO2 is a force greater than most people including the experts in meteorology don't get the impending catastrophe that is about kill all life on earth within a few decades. (Only a Global Manhattan Project can save humanity by imposing severe sacrifices to prevent unending suffering culminating in the extinction of life on earth--see ManHeaven Project.)

Consider the properties of CO2

  1. Speed of airborne molecules: Clanging together at 7000 to 9000 miles an hour, far faster than a few hundred miles per hour of a Category 5 hurricane. A real life example of how air molecules exceed man's puny air flows is the suction tube in a dental office. Because air molecules move against the in-rushing wind--tacking in some cases like a sailboat sailing into the wind--bacteria from previous dental patients enter the mouth of the latest patient. As it is true that when you have unprotected sex you are also having sex with all the partners of your unprotect partner, so is it true that dental practices that don't clean and flush their suction systems are putting patients at risk. In its movement, carbon dioxide is not like a mosquito that can be diverted by a puff of wind. A better image is blowing into the wind thru which a 2700fps .38 bullet is dead-on your head.

  2. Boyle's Law

  3. Bird's rising on air currents: When a wind is crossing a heat absorbing surface, e.g., a plowed field, vertical currents of air move through the horizontal winds. It is upon these vertical winds that birds and sailplanes (gliders) rise. As sailboats tack into the wind to seemingly go against the wind, this is what birds and gliders do. Within meteorology, this phenomenon is described as cells in storms or hurricanes. These localized vertical explosions of wind and moisture are a result of LevoDextro Shifts

  4. The "carbo-hydrolic" mutual attraction is a greater force than winds on earth. This can be seen in both the cloaking of hurricanes and in cloud sucking CO2.

070630: A reason for record torrential rains occurring in on area day in and day out is the water soaked ground initiates the levo-detro shift that releases the CO2 bound water in the FRQ clusters, the "soda-shake" phenomenon.

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