For some and more, this is gone
but not forgotten.

The following conclusions represent hundreds of hours of research. The average person's gut reaction and wishful thinking based on ignoring information will not reverse the conclusions. It is amusing as when an uneducated person told of his cancer says the diagnostician that he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Jeremiah Considerations: Gone with the Wind

The National Academy of Sciences reported to the White House this month [June, 2001],
concluding the Earth's temperature is rising, mainly because of human activities,
and saying dire climate changes could occur this century.

These scientists do not have the local warming model within their supercomputers. The "dire climate changes" will happen faster which would not surprise other scientists. Would not surprise this writer to find a significant drop in the human population or worse in the next few decades. Our world will little by little die, not long to last, but we must never forget what the lying politicians did to humanity. Get It Boys Address. Of course, facts-fixing petrophiliacs in the Bush Administration want us to simply live with global warming.

What is happening to the countries suffering local warming and dessication from oil field CO2 plumes is a pre-show to the big show: global warming.

  1. The price of gasoline at the pump is merely a downpayment. The final cost is yet to be reckoned as the environmental costs from climate changes have not stopped.We have not finished paying for the gasoline purchased in the 1980's. The full cost comes out in unending higher prices for water, food and shelter.
  2. In human costs--time--the time-savings of oil requires more time to be worked each succeeding days for the installment payments of borrowing time from petro--floods, food, taxes and insurance. Generating polluting petro-electricity reduces natural hydroelectricity--Western states pay with higher costs and lower revenue. The consequences will tax us more than it would cost us to tax ourselves--tax me please! The oil plans of the Bush Administration are like a smuggler's instructing the occupants of a sealed shipping container to run around to find a way out of the oxygen-depleted, CO2 richer box. On-site electricity generators are a Saltwater solution to a thirsty drought victim.
  3. If you think it is funny that a gallon of water or milk in the store costs more than the pump price of a gallon of gasoline, you will laugh yourself to death when you don't have enough money to buy water or milk in the future because today you raged for your cheap petro-soma. People rioting for cheap gas are like smack addicts demanding more horse. (Of course, like those dissatisfied with public education and unwilling to fix it, politicians will be found who will initiate tax-credits for those dissatified folks who want to buy private, bottled water. New Jim Crow laws for re-segregation: Separate, but equal, water fountains and educational founts.)
  4. Individuals operating gas-guzzling vehicles need to admit and accept that each time they put the pedal to the metal they are stabbing mother earth in the heart ... murdering the future of selves, children and grandchildren. America's highways and roadways are a venous system grangrenous to the biosphere. What are you bequeathing your heirs? Take the hottest, most unbarably humid day and multiply it. Unfortunately, your children won't have AC into which to escape for the electricity will be rationed.
  5. What the veggie crowd could not achieve in decades the oil cowboys achieved in a few weeks. Unfortunately, we have a Vietnam on the farm, burning the cattle to save the cows.
  6. Politically and militarily, the inability of China to recover gas in the rapidly developing Tarim Basin (Western China) is creating a net loss for China's economy. China's energy problems have been labeled the number one threat to U.S. security in the long run by the D.O.E pg 17 As it destroys its environment and economy with pollution and droughts--see China's Future --China's leaders will blame foreigners for not allowing or sharing. Already the drought has initiated a migration of people into cities which will generate unrest--010701. The 1930's Dustbowl drought caused the largest dislocation of people in America except for the Civil War. It, too, was caused by oil fields..
    For world peace, the U.S. gives money to safeguard Russia's nuclear weapons and to N. Korea to stabilize its drought-ravaged country (downwind from China's east oil fields). The rich industrial and oil nations should initiate a crash program a la the Marshall Plan to maximize China's gas:oil recovery with the caveat of reduced overall production. This will, of course, require a progressive, multi-year reduction of consumption by the industrial nations, particularly the United States. The alternative is international conflict with a return of the nuclear fears.
  7. There is no way that California will ever have more energy without causing expensive losses in droughts, food and water in the Western United States. Are Montanans willing to suffer and die for Californians?
  8. Failsafe may already have past. It may be too late to prevent the atmosphere initiating a self-sustaining cycle that will leave the Earth with a Venus atmosphere devoid of oxygen, life and people. Once an oxygen molecule is bumped into the planetary trail it is gone forever. Rising sea levels from the greenhouse effect won't bother anyone.
  9. If humanity can rationally resolve the energy over-dependence without resorting to international warfare, it will be a first.
    • Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to have free hand in exploiting the oil of South East Asia to end the oil shortage from an American-led embargo.
    • Britain developing protectorates in the Mideast for its oil supplies.
    • Germany attacked southeast Europe to protect it's Romanian oil sources as well as have a launching stage for Russian and Mideast oil fields, e.g., its failed Iraqi coup of 1941.
    • China, Vietnam and the Phillipines have fired more than a few rounds on the open seas to contest the oil possibilities of the Spratley Islands.
    • Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, 1991, and US response. (The US did not get involved in Central African civil troubles until significant oil was discovered.
      Why fight for oil? It is a very signficant time-saver. And, if one gets use to it, withdrawal is worse than a cold turkey's nightmare.
  10. As global temperatures rise, human tempers will rise exponentially, for the riots of recent memory occurred in the long, hot summers. Not only the days hotter, but for many places the humidty is higher without rain. Longer, hotter summers mean more street riots and road rage. Humanity is OD'ing on oil. Hot humidity with cool humor.
  • Do global warming critics consider microbe breeding rates?Ask a brewmeister what a few degrees does to yeast fermentation. Rising ocean temperatures have been considered as a cause for changes in marine life behavior, e.g., the beaching of whales. Rising temperatures have caused drop in phytoplankton, the building foundation of all ocean life, has dropped 30% in the last twenty years. Outbreaks of encephalitis in New England from mosquitos have been blamed on global warming. Mold has become a problem in homes (no insurance), in schools (CNN & RTD) and on the farm. Allergy sufferers will like the increased mold counts over more days--ask Erin Brockovich. As people suffer, productivity will decline.Foot and mouth disease is nothing compared to isolated illness that global warming will culture in a world-wide petri dish. These diseases will be supplemented by the ultimate terrorist who creates mutant variations in the lab to remove the scourge of all living things. Worries about international airline travelers bringing bugs from abroad is nothing compared to monster dust storms transferring microbes--SaharaTexas Express.
  • Scientists blame the rise in, to wit, of born-again and missionary diseases to global warming. With rising temperatures, and like a person leaving meat out of refrigeration, the frequency of new natural diseases--illnesses of immaculate conception--will eclipse the losses and costs of foot and mouth diseases--see Bush Nile Virus. Can you cruise away from it all? Not on always on Disney or Amsterdam. Global warming is a catalyst to disease development. Evolution in the lower animal and plant kingdom is speeding up. Lifeforms survive that otherwise would not survive in a process akin to the immunity developed by bacterial/HIV species to treatment. Amoebas will kill more kids as summers get hotter. Deadzones from CO2 are both environmental and mental with a probable role in the rising rate of Alzheimers disease. Nature is ambushing mankind with the help of the Legacy of the Bush Family Dynasty: We all Die Nasty.
  • For Americans, a massive lifestyle change is happening. Mother Earth is not going let the rest of the world match our level of environmental suicide. Nor will, or should, the rest of the world let America's 5% of the world's population destroy spaceship earth. What would you do if you found someone punching holes in your life raft? What will the Chinese do when the facts tell them they can't increase BTU production while the US produces eight times as much?
  • The solutions to our energy problems will never come from the politicians who sell out to the highest briber, passing laws that respond to the greed of the bribers. The anti-human bribers think they can use the ill-got money to move away from the problems they create. Globalization eliiminates refuges.

Why? Oil-dependent, election-addicted politicians with a special irony for West Texas.
Why? Greedy oil people who pollute elsewhere and elsetime.
Why? Consumerism: Shop till you drop. Wasto ergo sum .

As we now look back with disgust on the barbaric invaders of the past civilizations, so will future generations look back with greater disgust toward those past people who destroyed the human civility of unborn generations. Compounding the problem in California is issuing public debt bonds to finance energy use today! California is spending more money each day on subsidizing electricity than it does on higher education. Future generations will not only be stuck with the polluted environment but the cost of the pollution!

Geo. Santayana: Those who do not learn from the history are doomed to repeat it.

The California energy crises was inevitable, but political fraud and corruption caused it to occur sooner. If oil fields cause drought then California has to reduce enegy consumption further. How? Block half of the freeway lanes?

Efforts by the Texas Oil Cartel to increase energy and to lower prices will increase existing environmental and economic hardship. The purported economic costs of CO2 are not in the future, the costs are in the past, growing each day. The plans to increase oil production in the U.S. and China will only lead to more economic hardship from droughts and international strife.

The exponentially rising economic hardship and population dislocation as evidenced previously in the Dustbowl and Africa droughts will lead to internal political turmoil. The two leading producers of CO2 are America and China. Chinese and American habitual politicians have and will resort to foreign distractions that will escalate with each day of drought.

An editorial in the People's Daily, the Communist Party newspaper, called on residents to harness the paisson they showed over the standoff and apply it to building China's future, "Turn patriotism into national strength," the newspaper said. AP

Several solutions exist for the energy and drought crisis. One is a worldwid economic depression would reduce oil demand and drought results. However, the impact on humanity would not be good under our present economic and political leaders. The solution rests in the system of analysis that brought the oil-drought connection to the discoverer's attention: timism. However, the solution is without value if the problem is not widely understood. Imagine an energy source in which a thimbleful would power a car for a year. Without economic and political reforms, the Timonthy McVeighs of the world would not destroy a building in Oklahoma City. They would destroy Oklahoma state.

Coming scourge of diseases due to thresholds of sustained replication of agent. Jump-starting old motor cycle. analogy or removing stuck lid on a pandora's box of illnesses. Frog jumper analogy on illness rather than intelligence. West Nile Virus or, more appropriately, the Bush Vile Virus?


  1. 020621  Study Links Warming to Epidemics
    "A wide-ranging survey of world ecosystems shows that warmer temperatures have sparked a host of epidemics in plants and animals, suggesting that global warming could ravage the planet's ecology and accelerate disease in a number of species--including our own."

  2. 020813 Most Deadly of the Natural Disasters: The Heat Wave
    "Heat waves come on subtly, raising summer temperatures just a little higher than normal and then receding. But they kill more people in the United States than all other natural disasters combined." Ibid

  3. 020801 The hidden, human cost of heat waves

Rising temps & Prions (mad cow disease)like industial lighting and pineal gland impact on puberty ... denaturing proteins


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