Truckers Blame Yourself:
You Carry The Cargos of Death
for A Foreign Nation

  1. Killer Kargo Kontainers Killers: Economic Caskets
    Non-essentials, Economics of wants, wastes and lies ... Employees of China, not USA, Killing America.
  2. Lifestyle: Big personal CO2-sinning vehicles
  3. Final Holocaust: Putting CO2 in Air.
  4. Like farmers, breathed elevated CO2 too long from your machinery and you are suffering deminished mental powers. And, if you smoke cigarettes, then the diminishing is even worse and faster--see Alpha Trifecta. Your response to the ever worsening problems will be increasingly petty as your ability to integrate problem information to develop effective solutions will be less and less.
  5. Truckers, you are a key reason that I conclude that 90% of humanity will be dead by 2015. Not only 90% of you but 90% of your children and 90% of your grandchildren will be dead because of your wanting something for nothing. You want cheap fuel and high wages while being key killers of life on earth and key failures in accelerating passage of the recovery point, the point of no return.
  6. Flag-waving US truckers who carry Chinese goods have stabbed America in the back for 30 pieces of silver.
  7. You have violated, and will continue to violate, the primary moral imperative, that is, saving life on earth.
  8. You are a key reason why what needs to be done will not be done.

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