Disaster Responses: Overview

It is important to recognize that disasters of all kinds are happening not only more often but are much larger--see Global Dying Lottery. Instead of enlarging to meet the costly challenges of larger disasters, financial resources to respond to disasters are diminishing and disappearing. Oh, the habitual politicians are quick to promise encompassing aid, but once the disaster is off the front page, the promises go missing. The latter indexes the growing disaster in public policy-making (government) that includes the political stability in all countries. The combination of failed economic and environmental policies (the elephant in the room) is behind the rising rate of failed states.

Economic instablity is accelerating with political parties entering and leaving office faster than ever. This is a political disaster regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative. If the habitual politicains' self-serving re-election focus increasingly dominates the mindset of politicians, no long-term planning is possible. All in all, the political disaster is the catalyst to the other disasters behind the existential meltdown: When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Fools, morons and igknowramuses can be readily discerned each time the media parades out a disaster victim who says "The government isn't doing anything ...." Intentionally or igknowantly, the mediots are again enterntaining us to death rather than educating us to live. To solve a problem it is not enough to merely complain as is the de facto modus operandi of the media by showing victims saying "the government."

Governments can do nothing more than what the people empower them to do by action or inaction. A population that is tax-adversed should not be surprised when the government has no disaster relief resources. Likewise, Third World nations which spend billions on nuclear weapons should not be surprised when they are not prepared for a natural disaster, e.g., Pakistan. Fools, one and all.

Hard choices are required to reduce the impact of disasters so as to execute the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The below essays address the options. They all boil down one option: Quarantine Disaster Areas like they have a plague which, in reality, they do have. This quarantine needs to be applied to all levels of right where the decision-making is self-disasterous.

Like the recovery point, a point will be reached where the cost of the disaster is greater than the global, national, state or local government can handle. Then the population will  really suffer from not being prepared.

  1. The best and only option is to do away with all disaster relief organizations, public and private.

  2. The best and only option is to declare a disaster area and define an area quarantine.

When disasters are quarantined--no travel in or out for a period of time--then other disaster-proned areas that will start preparing on a personal, neighborhood and local level to handle disasters. With the elephant in the room, all areas are eventually winners of the global dying lottery.

The duration of the quarantine will be based on the response of the disaster area. For instance, if a tornado destroys a town of 200 in the Midwest, the quarantine time will be less than if an earthquake flattens San Francisco or Los Angeles. The small town might be quarantine for one month while the earthquake are might be quarantined for six or more months. The key is how quickly the disaster area self-responds to the disaster which will depend on the pre-disaster preparation.

Areas that do not prepare will take longer to rebound like an individual who lives day-to-day as an over-spending, time-wasting materialist who has no emergency savings or supplies. Given the need for Controlled Depopulation, quarantining the disaster areas will accelerate depopulaton of those who are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. People without survival values have suicidal values. It is like a person on a sinking ship who does not take time to find his life jacket only to find no lifeboats. He will drown. Only a fool would try to help a person who ignored the learning where of and use of a lifejacket. Life on earth cannot be saved if habitual politicians continue to try to buy votes with deficit spending to help those who have a long-record of not helping themselves.

There is not going to be outside help some day. Better to have reality training on a small scale of quarantining small disasters before Mother Nature quarantines life on earth. Quarantining disasters may include riot control via military mass murder. This akin to how rows of houses are blown up to quanrantine a fire that is raging out of control and threatening a whole city.

A plague is present in all areas at all levels. A plague of people wanting something-for-nothing . A plague of people living beyond their means--financial, emotional, mental and religious.

In summary, the best thing in the long run, that is, the calculus of morality, is to not only do nothing but to ban others from helping the victims of disasters. Then people will start preparing for the real disasters like the little piggy who built a brick house. The tools of timism provides means for self-defining, self-prescribing, self-organizing and self-rewarding the enlightened.

As this writer said decades ago, if you want stop seeing pictures of starving children, stop feeding them and their parents. Otherwise, the leg-spreaders  will keep littering the overpopulated global landscape with more mouths to feed that make good photo ops for moneytheistic  charities.

Index of Disaster Essays and References

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