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Mother Nature Applauds Death and Disaster

What does Mother Nature care about in a world suffering global dying? Does Mother Nature care about the existential meltdown which indexes the decline of problem-solvers in quantity and quality in the face of worsening problems. No. Mother Nature can live with the death of all human beings and then start over. Or, do nothing, leaving all live on earth as dead as Venus. What Mother Nature cannot live with is the CO2 sinner. It is the CO2 sinner who is killing life on earth.

Mother Nature doesn't care about why you are a CO2 sinner. All she cares about is the sinners die beginning with the worst sinners, regardless of race, sex, money or education.

Mother Nature does not care if you are on your last breath, first breath or placenta. Mother Nature does not care about mankind's arbitrary child/adult boundary. Those who are CO2 sinners must and will die regardless of age. Without the Manheaven Project and Controlled Depopulation, all babies and kids are going to die. Presently, all of humanity along with all life on earth is on death-row. If the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth is to be achieved, Controlled Depopulation is required. Part and parcel is euthanizing babies and kids of the parents who were the worse CO2 sinners--see brother's keeper and Sins of father.

Some No Cares:

  1. Art: Mother Nature doesn't care about Picasso, Rembrandt nor any human defined artist.
  2. Culture and Heritage: Mother Nature doesn't care about human culture or heritage which is artificial.
  3. Dignity: Mother nature does not care about peoples' dignity. Nor should a taxpayer when scumnuts want to dig into taxpayers' pockets to placate cancerous dignity.
  4. Egos: Mother Nature does not care about your fragile ego, insecure personality or inferiority complex. It cares only about your CO2 sinning. Mother Nature does not care if you have been a victim of human injustice, inequality or injury.
  5. Health: Mother Nature does not care if you have a medical condition that requires higher cost. Mother Nature would have prefered that you not be a victim of heroic intervention.
  6. Human Injustices: Mother Nature doesn't care about human injustices. Her global dying response is Shakespearian: All are punished, both victim and victimizer, both enabler and enabled.
  7. Human Rights: Mother Nature doesn't care about abstract human rights but about the concrete human wrongs from CO2 sinning.
  8. Igknowance: Mother Nature's Sympathy does not exist for she is matter of fact. Igknowance of her laws are no excuse for she will make someone pay for trashing her. If the innocent do not unite to punish the guilty, then Mother Nature will punish both. Case in point is global dying: If we don't punish the perps so as to stop their petrophilia then Mother Nature will punish all of us.
  9. Infertility: Mother Nature would like draw and quarter the Nobel Prize committee for selecting the in vitro man as the 2010 winner of prize in medicine--used to metastasize over 4 million blastomas into CO2 sinners. Mother Nature doesn't care if you are infertile. It's her way of saying that there are too many human beings. Igknowing her will cost you. Some of you will have baby back ribs.
  10. Logical Mom: Mother Nature cares as much about us as we care about her. Mother Nature's nature is objective and logical like the components of her body, the laws of physics. Mother Nature is no illogical alien .
  11. Mental cases: John Allan Mohammed: innocent by basis of mental incompetence ... Mother Nature does not care, especially about people who waste CO2 sinners to continue sinning because they are mentally ill.
  12. Mother Igknower: If your life choices have been, "Mother Nature be damned" then "You be damned."
  13. Nobel Prizes: Mother Nature doesn't care about human defined genius if the genius is a cancer rather than a creator of time, e.g., genius grants.
  14. Petro-players: Mother Nature doesn't care about fossil-fuel fornicators who screw up her world, e.g., oil-rig workers and coal miners. Mother Nature does not care about Fossil Fuel Fools  Deaths: Sligo, Massey, Rockies, and BP New Horizon. Petro-players get burned when they play with fire.
  15. Pregnancy: Which is a greater sin against life on earth? An unwed, uneducated teenager or a married, stable, employed and married 35-year couple?
  16. Pro-litter: Mother Nature doesn't care about human pain where peoples' religions and values are anti-Mother Nature.
  17. Suicides: Mother Nature does not care. In fact, the more the better. Mother Nature cares about the millions being spent to prevent suicide by barriers and babble which are CO2 sins.
  18. Wants and Lies: Mother Nature doesn't care about your self-lies or wants, just your CO2 sinning.

Whether you are a CO2-sinner from stupidity, naivete, igknowance or hypocrisy, Mother Nature does not care as she increasingly kills all human beings.

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