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Mean versus Meaningless People

Levels of existence: Morality, Polite, Ecosnomos, Mentality, Catan and Spinbarism
Mean People: People who live beyond their means. Meaningless People: People who allow mean people to live beyond their means.


  1. Moral: Based on the morality of more time, mean people are immoral, that is, they waste more time than they create. One is moral only when one creates, saves or frees time.
  2. Care: Mean people are careless. They don't care.
  3. Responding: Mean people are not responsible , for they will not respond to their problems.
  4. Religions: The world's religions are populated by masses who fight and die to prove that their religion is the only religion.
  5. Global Dying: Mean people are guilty of living beyond their means.
  1. Moral: Like mean people, meaningless people are immoral because they allow mean people to waste time which shows up in higher costs of living (inflation, taxes, insurance and crime)..
  2. Care: If your values do not include benchmarks beyond which you can no longer meaningfully care then you are a cancer unto yourself and your loved wants, for you will continue to care when you cannot afford to care, you will live beyond your means, living a meaningless life in which you drain the means from those who are trying to live within their means. (see Care Carefully)
  3. Responding: If you don't require self-responsiblity of others then you are requiring yourself to respond to others' problems.
  4. Religions: Theocracies Fail because they all end up being temporal, secular wolves parading as shepards that encourage masses to live beyond their financial, intellectual and emotional means: Insanta Claus , Illogical Aliens , Funny Mentalists , Doodoo Digesters and Evilutionists. Theocracies shape time terribly.
  5. Global Dying: Meaningless people are more guilty than mean people in destroying life on earth.


  1. The Big Queasy: Example of people living beyond means. New Orleans, the money spent on the superdome could have built a superdike. Sadly, New Orleans will build the superdome before a superdike.
  2. Deficit Spending: Mean people want to live beyond their means with welfare from deficit spending.
  3. Ignorance Tax: Shakespearance was only half true when he said that ignorance is bliss for ignored problems will blitz your life by taxing and wasting your time. Mean don't solve their problems.
  4. Money Colonialism: Mean people don't care.
  1. No death tax means middle-class workers and retirees payout more for missing richman taxes and for richman coflation.
  2. Deficit Spending: Meaningless people want to live beyond their means with saltwater policies from deficit spending.
  3. Ignorance Tax: Meaningless people who allow others to ignore solving problems are ignoring how the cost of others' unsolved problems are an ignorance tax from taxes, inflation, insurance and crime.
  4. Monetary Colonialism: The US is becoming a mean nation on the world stage because it lived beyond its means. Important to keep in mind are the meaningless foreign politicians and businessmen who were co-enablers and co-conspirators in the monetary colonizing of their nations


  1. Parents: Economics originated in home management, the literal Greek origin. Parents are a nation's primary and initial economists. Mean parents let their mean families live beyond their means--see Parental Meaning .
  2. Coflation: A person who lives beyond their means is spending money they did not earn by solving a problem and creating more time. This unearned money is an instance of more money chasing the same or fewer goods and services is form of inflation. This unearned competition inflaiton can be called coflation .
  3. Bastard Stock Options: Automatic 401ks force workers to give money to corporate insiders who can then live beyond their means. Stock options legally transfer retirement wealth from wage-earners to wage-stealers.
  4. Profit-Sharing : Mean people take when they live beyond their means so mean people do not share anything including profits. The phrase profit-taking is an example of semantic slippage. One can morally create or share profits or immorally take another's profit, but their is no moral profit-taking.
  5. Wage Wasters: People who work more than the optimal workweek length are mean--see ??
  6. Energy Devils: Mean people overheat, overeat and overtalk.
  1. Parents: Meaningless parents think they can ignore the problems of other poor parenting. As noted, the cost of unsolved problems increases the cost of living. In particular, the increase in crime shows that moving to suburb or private schools is not the answer.
  2. Coflation: Meaningless people who help or allow others to live beyond their means are a source of coflation . They live beyond their means which can occur only if one has more buying power than is derived from solving time-wasting problems. People who help others buy houses with unearned income are living beyond their means which drives up the price of houses for all people, an example of coflation .
  3. Bastard Stock Options: Workers who allow corporate insiders to raid their retirement for personal M&Ms that don't create jobs are and will be meaningless as they have less and less means.
  4. Profit-Sharing: The time, wealth or pro esse created by solving a problem should be shared 50/50 between the solver(s) and the sufferer(s)--the Golden Means between the extremes. If either partner takes more than 50% then they are living beyond their means. Instead of profit-sharing one has misfit-meaness.
  5. Wage Fools: People who allow others to work more than the optimal workweek length are meaningless and will have less means as the problems from work injustices.
  6. Kargo Kontainer Killers index America's living beyond its means


  1. Cancer To Others: No one can be a cancer to themselves without being a cancer to others, for no dynamic system can exist beyond the means or energy that it produces without consuming the energy of peers or superiors (coflation or supraflation). Cancers cannot exist without support systems whether biological, social, political or familiar.
  2. Job Haters: People who hate their jobs are living beyond their emotional means, people who are always meaner than those like their jobs.
  3. Conversation: Talking beyond means yields mean conversation
  4. Humanity:  One who lives beyond one's means is a mean person with a low level of humanity.
  5. Emotional Meanness: How many priceless virtues have been purchased with emotional checks drawn on empty accounts. Who issues these worthless promissory notes devoid of any time value? Cockhounds and sluts.
  6. Love All and Friend to All: One does not have the time to be a friend to all or to have time love all. One who so professes is living beyond the means of a moral mortal.
  7. Job Haters: "I hate my job, pay me more" epitomizes how a person wants to live beyond means because of mental problems.
  8. You know what I mean! A sign of a person living beyond their means.
    1. What does this mean? I don't know what I mean well enough to express it, that is, I have an emotional, cloudy gut-reaction which I want to share with you and which I want you to figure out. If you are wrong in understanding me then it is you are a failure.
    2. What I think as I cut the conversation short and move on to find more meaningful people: Failure on your part to get an education does not constitute a responsibility on my part to think for you.
  1. Something for nothing ...Complainers, talkers not walkers.
  2. NextGens, a demographic group, want to be meaningful without means. They are a generational more than any that think they are what they think they are. They were raised on the pablum of
    1. I'm ok, you're ok.
    2. People who need people are the luckiest people
    3. I am somebody
    4. Oprah, phido phil
    5. Truthyisms ...doodoo digesters
  3. Cheap phones let people live beyond their means. also internet.
  4. Puritans and Victorians on Sunday Morning


  1. Obesity: Higher healthcare prices because fat people drive up prices.
  1. Ibid


  1. When people say we can't restrict CO2 because we must not harm our economy. they are saying that we need more CO2 to pay our bills, that is, we are have lived beyond our means.
  1. Mother earth cannot afford people who help others live beyond their means: Heat, fat, bankrupt, wage-takers.

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