Careless Carers: Care Carefully

The road to hell is paved with help from bad values.

The Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth
trumps all other values.

As Controlled Depopulation becomes an immediate afterthought in the minds of growing numbers of people seeking to fulfill the primary moral objective, that is, saving life on earth, the quantification of those who are responsible for global dying will increase via the democratic process of brainbees. Not only will the CO2 sinning losers be assigned appropriated duties to die but so will their cheerlosers and enablers. In fact, the latter will have a higher duty to die  (D2D) than the former akin to how a family of thieves will have a parent more deserving of death than the equally guilty children.

In summary, care carefully within the context of the primary moral imperative. What is moral within a non-dying ecosystem can be immoral within a dying world, i.e., cruiseship morality. Igknowance of the laws, that is, Mother Nature's laws, will be no mistake. If your cares are different than how Mother Nature cares, you are out of step with reality. Advocate carefully. Don't speak the worst hate speech of all, that is, championing the death of life on earth. Don't imitate a celebrity cheerloser .

In fact, igknowance will be a flag that the igknowant individual will probably be deadweight or worse in the created lifeboats to save life on earth. As the igknowant people die off in the early phases of the inevitable ManHeaven Project, the clarity of D2D will become increasingly obvious. If you want to live, care carefully. Whining as a defense will be a cry of "kill me first."

Moral Caring:

  1. Disaster Quarantines
  2. Sticks, not carrots.
  3. NGO: Non-Governmental Agencies are NoGood for life on earth.
  4. Doctors and Nurses: Winning battles to save lives while losing the war to save life on earth.
  5. Pro-litter

Perhaps the most moral aspect of the morality of more time (timism) is its capacity to exercise broader and deeper analysis of whether a system creates or cancerizes time on a cradle-to-grave continuum. Timism reveals the plethora of saltwater solutions wherein a person or people latches onto a course of action that has immediate benefit with long-term losses, e.g., Kodak morality of the moment versus vs the calculus of video morality.

  1. Pro-litterites are pro-death.
  2. Saving starving children increases the number of starving children as the first saved become parents of more starving children.
  3. Medical advances to save lives are killing the economies: 50% of a person's lifetime healthcare is spent in the last six-month on "heroic" lifesaving procedures.
  4. The green revolution to feed people only increased the population like building a bigger highway to handle traffic only to find more businesses locating on the larger highway to take advantage of the lower traffic congestion.
  5. Micro-loans to help poor women feed their children only led to these women having more children.
  6. No death taxes for the rich increased the living taxes on the middle-tax.
  7. No increase in public energy taxes allows the private tax increases by the oil companies.

Careless caring is based on the immorality of igknowance, bias, and greed. Truly, the road to hell is built with good intentions from bad morality.

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