Play Rights: The Right to Play

A right is defined as an action that saves or creates time. A right may not be obvious without the calculus of morality to show that a period of lost time followed by a period of greater time creation is an overall right, e.g., declaring war on unjust people to have a just peace. Or, one needs work mixed with play.

A dynamic entity needs a rest from working to solve time-wasting problems. Examples are machinery that must be oiled or overhauled. Likewise, the human body must have sleep on a regular basis, a period of no time creation except for bodily regeneration for generating more time during the next waking period.

As the body needs rest so does the mind. A person cannot work all the time and remain a normal, happy, functional human being, to wit, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A certain amount of non-work time is needed to optimize the productivity of an individual on a weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime basis. In other words, we have the right to play, that is, play rights.

Play rights are situational. If a ship is sinking--see Cruise Ship Morality--all thought of play should be forgotten as one should focus on working to save the ship. There are times to play and times to work with the environmental demands of time-wasting problems setting the optimal balance of work/play. The want to play is trumped by the need to work--see cost of humanity. Failure to  optimize one's play is a recipe for sinking fortunes.

Play rights vary in meaningfulness. One can indebt oneself to expensive play that is beyond one's means. An example is the person who buys a boat that he cannot afford. Or, he can buy a second-hand book that costs pennies which he reads over 100 hours. One's play can be calculated as lifehours or deathhours based on whether one is playing within or beyond one's means. If you are spending money on play that you cannot afford, you are killing your life--das boot. If you are playing below your means--reading--you are enriching your life. Sadly, the morality of most people is that the more you waste in your playtime the richer you are.

Sadly, foremost in the American economy, the players have been glorified and exhaulted over the workers not only in the media but in the tax structure. Thanks, Hollywood , for distracting us to death with your plays rather than educating us to live with our work. America doesn't work anymore because everyone wants to play:

  1. games
  2. poker
  3. gamble
  4. sports
  5. videos
  6. pornography
  7. playing on beach (oil spill)

This is the play pathos as opposed to the work ethic.

In the black culture, the term was coined for the person who could subsist without working, the Player. There are many reasons why America doesn't work anymore, that is, we have become a nation obsessed with playing whereby we can ignore our problems. Consider the extended news domination of where LeBron James is going to play basketball.

Unfortunately for humanity, Mother Nature has a few rules. Ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems blitz your life. No matter how fast you can run, you cannot outrun your problems. Likewise, no matter how much you play, you cannot outplay your problems. Americans thought they could have free government without any worktime in making government better. Thus, they are learning that All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised. Or, said another way, The Price Is Right is wrong.

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  1. When it comes to freedom from problems, claiming that playing computer games increases intelligence is like saying that gang rapes increases male sensitivity. Learning to use and program computers to waste time is not solving problems and creating time. Rather, this is satisfying a want not fulfilling a need, emotional rather than rational use of computers.
  2. I'm not even going to touch how computer games supposedly increase one's ability to engage in destructive warfare via game consoles.
  3. When habitual politicians pass laws that increase play instead of work, the law is not for the public good  but for the public bad.

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